New Moon in Leo – August 16, 2023 at 4:37 am CST

By Carrie Gane

On August 16, 2023 at 4:37 am, the new Moon in Leo takes place. Although this is the month of Virgo’s moon, again we will begin the new month in Leo’s energy and then cross the bridge into Virgo energy the next day on August 17, 2023. 

The new Moon and Sun at 23 degrees 17 minutes in Leo are holding hands (conjunct) with Venus in Leo. Venus is currently retrograde. When Venus retrogrades, it affects our relationships, our finances and what we value and find beauty in. These are the outer conditions that Venus affects, places where we see Venus reflected outside of us. Yet, there is more. Venus in Leo represents self-dominion of our inner selves- our thoughts, emotions, intentions and actions. 

What is our relationship to Venus on the inside? That can be a question we are being prompted to notice with this new Moon. How do we love and value ourselves? Where do we see our inner beauty? Do we feel pride in who we have become through our spiritual and Earthly journeys?

This question will feed into our contemplation on the Sabian symbols for the month. The New Moon and Sun in the 24th degree of Leo represents the Sabian symbol of “An untidy and unkempt man”. With this symbol, we see a person such as a surfer, whipped and tossed around by outward forces- unruly hair, sunburned, barely clothed and unpretentious. Yet, this person is a master of blending with larger forces, such as the ocean. The surfer’s intentional focus on being in balance and harmony brings that mindset to their actions, which allows them to master riding the waves of Life and the waves of Light. As much as Leo wants us to find beauty in our unique, individual qualities and talents, we can not judge ourselves by our outside cover alone. No matter our outer appearance at the moment, we can find beauty and value in the inner pages of our soul’s journey.

The Earth in the 24th degree of Aquarius represents the Sabian symbol of “A man turning his back on his passions and teaching from his experience”. This symbol speaks to having the inner strength and flexibility of our spine to hold us steady in challenging times. This man (person) is not tossed around and ravaged by overpowering or turbulent emotions. Using self-dominion, this person holds themselves erect and teaches through embodying their inner wisdom and leaning towards higher understanding of their circumstances.

This pair of Sabian symbols represent a square, an irritating quality between the two symbols that present a challenge. Their shared motifs speak to being a ‘master of one’s own vessel’, finding the strength to be in one’s own mastery, even in untimely and inconvenient times. These symbols also speak to not being overwhelmed by personal emotions or the ego’s desires for certainty, social agreement or adhering to others’ opinions. This degree pair asks us to be true to ourselves without trying to fit in. We are practicing riding the crest of the waves of Life like a master surfer.

Let’s return to Venus again. We see that Venus is squaring both Jupiter and Uranus in Taurus. What does this mean to us? Well, it is one of the most prominent aspects forming at this new Moon. A new Moon brings “newness”, a fresh start. The Moon represents our emotions and feelings. The Moon also represents our intuition and our intuitive wisdom. It holds our feminine essence, regardless of our gender. So a new Moon allows us to create a new beginning with regard to how our emotions and our intuition guide us. 

With Jupiter and Uranus still holding hands in Taurus, they are working together to move us towards the voice of our soul. They are also helping us to move into a new cycle of knowing our worthiness. They help us cultivate our inner garden so it is bursting with new, lush life that blooms outwardly.

Because of the squaring action between Venus and Jupiter/Uranus, sudden changes or moves from one cycle to another may be taking place. We may need to be like the untidy/ unkempt man, shifting and changing through the energy of love so that we become more and more of our authentic, Holy self. This process may look messy, unkempt and not holding to social conventions. No worries. Each one of us has a Divine inner Light. When our inner Light shines true, its pureness reaches out to others and touches their heart. These inner Light connections between people move us forward, often without our conscious awareness of the gift we are transmitting. So don’t worry this month if we appear to be untidy and “not keeping up with the Jones.” Our inner Light is guiding us into the freedom of dancing with our Soul-Spirit. We are creating new cycles of being unique Light Humans-Being.

Now, let’s look at our planet. The Earth in Aquarius is also squaring Uranus in Taurus. The Earth in Aquarius is a true humanitarian energy. Earth in Aquarius is providing a template for a greater, cohesive good for all. Each time one of us chooses to love unconditionally, to embrace our collective humanity, to freely express our true selves (not our ego selves), we become the Light Bearer. Many people think that Aquarius is a water sign. It is in fact an air sign. Aquarius brings the sudden insight, the ah-ha moment, the epiphany. Every time we move with our soul into self-worthiness and self-dominion, we bring Light into our world. Each of us are aiding in the creation of Heaven on Earth as we ground the Aquarius energy into our Earthly home.

Next, let’s look at the new Moon and Sun reaching out to the North Node and Chiron. The North Node and Chiron are both in Aries, holding hands with each other (conjunct). They are receiving supportive, graceful energy from the new Moon and Sun. There is the sense that as we embrace Leo’s regenerative energy, especially at our heart center, we can feel more love for who we see in the mirror. But what is beyond the image we see looking back at us? When we stare deeply into our own eyes, what do they reveal? What if we glimpse a sense of ourselves that we’ve never seen before? A glimpse of who we have always been deep within ourselves, in our soul. Do we marvel at seeing this pure essence of ourselves? 

The North Node in Aries helps us be independent, active and motivated to move forward without hesitation. With Chiron holding hands with the North Node, we may revisit the sting of being ourselves and yet being rejected or unaccepted. Chiron aids us in continuing to let these hurts heal. 

Venus is in a very tight trine with Chiron at new Moon time, blessing us with another layer of healing. A commitment to love ourselves just as we are helps us. Yet, we should also allow some time to go within regarding these matters. With Venus, the North Node and Chiron all retrograde, we must come within to see our next steps forward. With the retrogrades, the next steps may not be taken right away. This is a time for the R’s- reflection, review, revise, rework, release, renew. 

Two other aspects that are helping balance this push towards our own inner enlightenment is the South Node in Libra at 28 degrees and Pluto in Capricorn at 28 degrees. Both of these energies are also in retrograde so some inner contemplation and listening are asked for. The South Node in Libra will aid us in moving out of disharmony, imbalance, seeking outer peace first or seeking balance through others. Pluto is Capricorn continues to break down old inner structures that inhibit growth. We also see these old structures continuing to break down in our world. Returning to an inner balance and calm help us now. Inner balance allows us to create new inner foundations that support us through these challenging times of human transformation and evolution.

To note, we also have Neptune and Saturn in retrograde right now in Pisces. Going within and connecting to our sense of Oneness help us to intuit the wisdom they are gifting us. 

Finally, we have Mercury and Mars in Virgo, holding hands (conjunct). They are leading the way into the month of Virgo’s energy and forming the first bridge of that energy. How does Mercury in Virgo function? First of all, Virgo feels right at home here, as Mercury is Virgo’s natural ruler. Virgo knows its inner wholeness. Do we know our inner wholeness? Do we still feel or believe we are incomplete in some capacity? 

Mars in Virgo is completing a yearly journey, having gathered the wisdom from lessons learned. Know that Mars in Virgo asks us to combine the wisdom and knowledge we have gathered over the past year. Our journeys have provided answers. Now we must apply our faith and knowing. We do not need to struggle or do more work to discover our next answer. We can now enter a time of gathering, completing and resting in the faith that we are whole within. We can honor the wisdom we have captured over the past year. It has aided our current journey. It will inform our future journeys. With Mercury in Virgo, we can speak about the wisdom garnered now. Mercury in Virgo knows how to separate the wheat from the shaft, keeping what is most integral. 

From August 18-19, the Moon will be in Virgo and conjunct Mercury in Virgo and then Mars in Virgo. Take some time to see where your inner intuition and deeper feelings are guiding you. Where are you guided to turn your head towards the new paradigm, to speak to Life as if you were in a relationship with it? Because you are. Expect Life to respond to you the same way you talk to it. Let your speech and your movements reflect to Life that you know you are whole and Holy. Let your actions  demonstrate your faith in yourself and the Divine. Allow the past year’s inner cycle to complete and rest in the wisdom that you have captured from August 2022 until today. You are now a master and a teacher of these experiences.