In meditation I asked for a message that could be a guidance for our world.  I asked the Goddess to direct Her answer through the divination deck, FACES OF WOMANSPIRIT, A Celtic Oracle of Avalon.  What I received was the Face of Ash (Celtic word for Ash is Nion).  At first glance I was not surprised, in truth.  For the Face reminds us all that we are One Family…the Divine Family.  We are not just a human family, we are the family of the Creator/Creatrix.
Simply put, this messenger brings the wisdom of living compassionately with each other.  Compassion is the deeper emotional feeling of mercifulness, caring and sharing an understanding with all others.
Beyond the simple, Ash reveals the wisdom of moving beyond illusions and flow in truth, higher wisdom and harmony.  At times I feel our world is in Illusion.  Masters of spiritual knowledge tell us the Earth is an illusion, thus all we do is illusionary.    Yet our illusions get in the way through fears, phobias, anger and resentment.
The true reality of illusion is our belief that here on Earth is all we have, all we get.  Yet Ash is the vibration of the Greater reality.  We are a cog in the wheel of wholeness.  We are a drop of water in the great ocean.  We are a string in the network of the Universe.  We are what the Universe is!
Ash calls us to know the Oneness, the greater unit we all are for each other.  Ash reminds us to hold sacred all our experiences of life.  From brushing our teeth to living in a vast and busy day of activities.  It is a call to know that our small moments of action and are larger interaction with the world carry the same weight-everything is important, sacred, and of the Great Ocean of Consciousness.
Ash would ask of us not to make enemies with our inner mind, but to heal the psychological wounds of the ages, the mass consciousness, and our individual corners of living.  “Make friends with the challenges so we can create a balance,” is one of her messages.
Balance and harmony with our more sacred self is an important message.  How do we do that?  Ash encourages rituals.  Solemn ceremonies that aid our psyche to recall our Spirit, awaken to a greater truth, and live empowered by this holy wisdom.   Create your ritual.  Perhaps it is the way you awaken and say, “Thank You!” to the Divine.  Daily meditation is a sacred ritual.  Prayers, repeated until we feel them in mind, emotions and body that lift our spirit into loving action.  And most assuredly, setting a sacred circle and following a prescribed ritual.  All encourage your consciously to blend with the Holy Spirit of all.
Make holy your heart-centered living.  Live as if all life matters.  Love without condition.  Remember you are a Sacred Light revealing the Holy Spirit.  Live your light and keep it bright by maintaining your balance, being guided by your higher direction, and knowing that All Is.  Within the isness, All is what you yet cannot see as yet.  Live Heart-Centered and all that is to be and  will be revealed as the Isness of the moment.  The illusion is that it is not already created.  Lift into the flow and you will know the Isness that fulfills every desire, ever need, and every act of creativity.
…Until Next Time.
From My Heart to Your Heart
Love and Blessings,
Rev. Katherine Bell, Ph.D.,D.D.
soon to be unveiled:
©2017 Katherine Bell