This week I’ve asked for guidance to share through the Faces of WomanSpirit. Praying in alignment with the Divine Feminine, I asked, what will help each person? The wonderful Face that She revealed is “Rowan – Luis.”

She Said, “Shine Your Light.”

Ah, this is awesome and can be an action done by everyone. For those who study with me, counsel with me or receive coaching, your minds must already be tracking this message. Rowan – Luis is a powerful message for being able to focus on creating the soul urges from within us. However, to do that, we are called to “check in” through our Chakra centers and flow with each of the 7 personal Chakra’s to make sure they are open and receptive to Divine Guidance and Soul Guidance. So I call each and every person who is reading this (and do share it with others) to take action to Shine your Inner Lights and open your Channel for clear and precise energy to allow your soul urges and Divine guidance to manifest in your life.

Take one day per each Chakra. Begin with a meditation. Align with the Holy Spirit and flow with your mind into each chakra (the first day begin with your Root Chakra, the second day your 2nd Chakra, and ascend each day until the 7th day when you connect with your Crown Chakra). As your mind and senses connect with each Chakra, pay attention to your thoughts, emotions, visions and inner knowing. Follow the flow. Is it in an easy spiral of energy or does it bump up to a block? Sit with the intention to know what this means within you and note if there is anything you need to do to take charge of releasing and opening the power from within.

Imprinted in each Chakra matrix are energies of positive or challenging expressions. What do you find in your inner being? Ready to change the frequencies that block you? You can—make the choice to be alert and transform those messages to the empowered truth within you now.

#1 Root Chakra

★ Physical Security/Financial
★ Physical Health
★ Sexual
★ Grounding to Earth Matrix
★ Past Life Karma

#2 Sacral Chakra

★ Creativity
★ Femininity
★ Women
★ Financial
★ Sensual
★ Inner Child
★ Loss and Longing

#3 – Solar Plexis Chakra

★ Self Esteem
★ Expression in the World
★ Masculinity
★ Men
★ Ego

#4 – Heart Chakra

★ Giving and Receiving Love
★ Love of Self
★ Sorrow
★ Grieving
★ Honoring Higher Self

#5 – Throat Chakra

★ Communication
★ Ears, Nose Throat
★ Speaking Truth
★ Expressing Self
★ Memory/Past Life

#6 – Brow Chakra

★ Intelligence
★ Hemisphere Balancing
★ Intuitive/Psychic
★ Pituitary Gland (balance/imbalance)

#7 – Crown Chakra

★ Spirituality
★ Alignment with God/Goddess
★ Expanded Consciousness
★ Pineal Gland (balance/Imbalance


1/3rd – 2/3rd Theory Model

In Metaphysics it is recognized that cellular memory can be cleared and releases life changes that are dynamically positive. All of our life experiences contained in our cellular memory take up more than 2/3rds of cellular consciousness. The philosophy of meta-energy dictates that at least 2/3rds of our cellular memory must vibrate as the same thought, experience and desire to effect a change.

Most of us are living at more than 2/3rds vibration of challenging memories. It is important to shift the memory to align with our Soul Desire: To be Whole. In our desires we may have 1/3rd of the cells vibrating with our new desire. However, unless we have 2/3rds vibrating at the new thought, we only see partial results of our positive dream. The repetition of the old patterns keep showing up because 2/3rds of our memory cells are connected to the old thoughts and old vibrations of toxic memory.

Good Blessings as you allow this process to guide you through your states of realignment and soul empowering awareness. Clear the channel. Shine Your Light!


I do offer Chakra Therapy Session using a Tibetan Chakra therapy technique of sound and inner awareness. This can be done over the phone or via Skype.

A series of 7-10 sessions are scheduled. Each sessions is dedicated to one Chakra center. Specific sounding methods for each Chakra are used to discover the level of influx/outflow or blockage that is held in the vortex, and finally, the clearing of the Chakra center. Work is continued at home, allowing you to assist the “breakthrough” that is necessary to clear out the memory cells and open you to new patterns of expression through your conscious intent. Ten sessions are suggested as one or more centers may need additional attention. Each session consists of 60-minutes of work. Katherine will flow into the energy vortices with you and assist you through intuitive processes, discovering the block, memory held and/or karma that is effecting the flow of energy.

Katherine has been using this technique of healing since 1987. It has proven to help people discover their inner power as well as their inner challenges. It has helped them balance their priorities. Many have changed their lives and are living their dreams. All have discovered the tool that helps them help their self and move beyond victimization. Often psychic awareness is sharpened and their spiritual quest opens to a higher level.

Call 719-345-3444 to set up appointments
Katherine Bell, Ph.D., D.D