What will you Cultivate?

Hello Everyone:

As I begin to write this letter, we continue to move through and learn a lot about COVID-19 effects here, and around the world. Of course, my heart goes out to all of you and our world family. I know there has been the “hit the wall” experience. We turn to the blessing of Spirit to aid the world, as well as our self. I understand that worry exudes from the commanding authority of fear within the collective consciousness and the confusion of each day. Unusual demands on our psyche is occurring. I believe in the tremendous power of healing and recovery that we are, and will, experience. I am also honored to be a part of all of you and your strength, healing, and healer qualities. I am amazed at how individuals dig in and move forward. Spiritual groups all around the world are doing what they can to support the need to calm the collective consciousness with meditations, toning, prayer circles, and all forms of healing methods. Awen! When a need is known, we respond.

We can recognize that long-given messages regarding the end of the Evolution of Separation are recognizable as patterns of life, as we know it, break down. At the same time, the experience of cultivating the awareness of the Evolution of Oneness is more urgently being tested in our personal consciousness. The Realm of Spiritual Consciousness has been preparing us for massive changes, and not all as positive. Yes, we are in the “not positive” field as we humans experience these changes right now. We are to remain in our center, know the spiritual being we are, and realize that chaos and transformation are going on through significant levels of consciousness. It all holds a greater reality in the mysteries of the Universe that we may not personally understand. I know this does not soothe the pain of the loss of life, jobs, income, motivation, and all we are encountering. As readers, students, and those of you who communicate with me and the guardian, Malachi, you also know that the power of Pluto/Plutonia is occurring to help us alleviate old patterns, transmute, and metamorphose to new states in our evolution of consciousness. It is up to each one of us to enter the realm of compassion for all and do what we can in honor of union. The truth is, all of this is beyond Plutonia/Pluto, yet a major factor is recognizable. As there is the correspondence to the Number 20 (related to Pluto/Plutonia/Judgment), we have been walking right into this blast of dark changes. Yet, the promise is always that, “there is the Light in the Darkness.” This month, there is a gift awareness as we work with Light and Dark through the field of Willow and Reed. Of course, there is more for us to do to cultivate our own inner garden for the year…and to remember that we are cultivating for our earth family, too: Because we are One.

Do read the Cosmic notes, listen to the prayer/meditation for the month, which is more in the alignment of continual healing with one of the Cryptograms from the 72 Names of God, and view the video for the Willow New Moon. There is a Celtic Ritual this month. It is Beltane, and it will occur, as a quarter festival, at 6:55 pm May 4th. As usual, all are available on the website by New Moon.

My prayer for everyone is that we may cultivate continued healing of this pandemic as we understand this new disease, the medicines to stop it from continued growth and infections, and the wisdom to honor the value of healthful practices. As we do, we support the union that urges the reality that both allopathic and homeopathic methods are holistic, and that we do need one another. No one is to be set aside no matter what each persons practice is for healing and aiding the renewing processes. Science and Spiritual-science are both a gift. Malachi has shared that this pandemic has caused human beings, particularly medical scientists, to open into a search for knowledge beyond what we know. These scientists have rendered, passed through veils of consciousness, and entered the realms of Divine Mind. Also passing through this state are many other researchers in all avenues of human reality (from all types of scientists, alternative sciences, and mystics), and we will see the results aiding the furtherance of our transition in all areas of our lives. Knowing that we are renting the veils of consciousness is a constant reminder that when we seek to learn what we do not know, we tear the fabric separating us from different levels of consciousness, and we open our minds to more wisdom.

Willow: Active Conscious – Power of the Law of Life Mastery

We are most certainly at a point in our human endeavor to understand how to Master our lives. We can recognize it in our daily routine as we deal with taking care of maintaining health for ourselves and others. Health is not just about the body. It is discovering the true value of self and resources. It is about the way we work with our money (a Willow reality), and more. It is about how we interact with each other in business (anyone missing your visits to family gatherings, restaurants, hairdressers, dentists, gymnasiums, parks, recreation facilities, schools, group gatherings of all sorts, etc.?). We are continually learning that earthly existence is not merely a path we are living alone. We need each other for our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. We are an earth family. We are to care of everyone, and that does include Earth herself, which is the air we breathe, the animals that roam and carry health or disease to us, the plant, and organic/mineral realms who do the same. Does it really take a huge challenges like a pandemic to create the greater change of Oneness? We are in this together, and it is conscionable to take action to reveal this, or unconscionable to ignore it, or besmirch the reality of it. How does Willow show this to us?

Let me begin by Willow’s unity with the Hebrew letter Vav. It means “nail,” and ultimately, “to connect.” It reveals there is a joining with the Divine and the Individual. On the Tree of Life, the Path of Vav connects to two main spheres of light. First, the Sphere of Chokmah (Wisdom- Grey) from the realm of the Holy Triad, and then, the Sphere of Chesed (Mercy- Blue) from the realm of the Ethical Triad (also known as the Triad of the Higher Self/Soul Self of Humanity). From the Sphere of wisdom, all love exudes, creative chaos is fully expressive, as is the wisdom to use it. As Vav connects to the Sphere of Mercy, we have another piece of wisdom to realize. In the knowledge of this Sphere, the Divine Intention presents to each individuated quality of ITself (souls) everything of ITs nature, and thus everyone has everything (and is everyone).

While exploring the reality of Earth, and the expression of individuality, Source, as the “We,” reveals, we are connected to, and have, everything. We are nailed to every single person, every single event, and everything that is going on. We are all. We are One.

Willow provides the wisdom of another quality we always consider within us: “our soul consciousness and voice.” It is the very strength and foundation of our creative self. Through the lunar cycle of Willow, the blossoming of life is seen all around us. Spiritually and symbolically we see the blossoms of soul releasing. It is a time when we feel the vibrations of our soul merging to our thoughts and inner ears as though we hear its voice. Now is the time to master our ability to listen to our soul and cultivate its messages. It may be telling us where our “Pot of Gold” is. What is a pot of gold? Well, of course, it is the dream of our riches. What are your riches? Health? Wealth? Creative flow on multiple levels? Vav carries the mystery of being a pot of gold and Willow carries the mysteries of Vav. Why? Because Vav/Willow connects soul to everything (Mercy) and all creative power (Wisdom).

One of the blessings within the Sphere of Wisdom is the ultimate Law of the Universe, which is love. Love is the glue that holds us all together and allows Mastery to express in each individual being, also allowing the gift of receiving everything we may need or desire. The secret in the realm of Mercy to obtain what we want is the power to work for it, or “earn” it. How do we earn it? By being connected through love. We also earn it with the wisdom to understand and be willing to cultivate (a Willow quality) selfless actions to care and have concern for all. It is our diligence to take care of the pieces and parts of OUR SELF (Everyone) so we may put our belief of separation away and truly enter into the pattern of Oneness awareness. We must be a Vav personality, connected to everyone else with a loving and cultivating nature that honors the worthiness of all. As such, we bring to fruition (another Willow reality) our dream, desire, and creative process. It is our Mastery.

Willow, with her association to the multiplicity of Earthly symbols, provides a plethora of healing messages: animals, fish, plants, minerals, people, water, the labyrinth, and so forth. All offer us great wisdom of healing. Animals, plants, minerals, and water certainly aid in sustaining our human bodies. The crane, seen in the card, is a symbol of the medicine bag of the Celtic Shaman. Its skin makes medicine bags to carry the “medicines” used in healing ceremonies. We carry our own medicine. As we recognize the people in the picture we see the symbol of all ages and stages of life. We need each other for love, care, sharing talents and wisdom, and healing.

The labyrinth reminds us of several things: 1) Seek the higher nature of Source within us and return with the wisdom to share with others. 2) Take a long walk and help our body regenerate. 3) Know that a walk also aids in releasing concerns and opens the mind to inspiration, thus heals disturbed emotions.

Law of Life Mastery

The Conscious Mind and the Subconscious mind work together and function in harmony. This harmony empowers the individual and creates the ability to express skill and proficiency in one or more areas of life. Life Mastery is the process of becoming harmonious, skillful and proficient in all areas of Life. The aim of the soul, through the human form, is to Master its 3rd dimension reality.

Life Mastery occurs when you create a functioning harmony between your conscious mind and your subconscious mind. This opens to the power to develop individual levels of proficiency and skillfulness used to navigate your life. In so doing, your human form is able to Master its 3rd dimensional reality and learn more of your multi-dimensional existence.

You can Activate this Law with conscious focus:

  • Know that you and every individual has something to master
  • Choose to Master the following areas of your life
  • Body
  • Mind
  • Emotions
  • Interpersonal relationships
  • Soul Purpose
  • Spiritual Intent
  • Explain how you are working through each of these areas and forming a Mastery.

Willow is also representative of the Astrological Sign of Taurus, the Bull. The bull reminds us of several things. To be steady, sturdy, and stubbornly continue to be resourceful, recognize our self worth, and know what our values are in life. We must be aware of when we are being “head- strong” and inflexible as it stifles the flow. However, with the Taurean nature, we can be steadfast and determined to stay on the path. Willow/Taurus honors planting, growing, and plentifulness. We simply have to cultivate it…it is part of our “earning it” noted in the nature of Mercy.

We cannot forget that Willow carries the underlying torture of illusion. We are creators and can create such a state of illusion in our surface desires that we absolutely believe we are in: the right soul path, the right relationship (personal, work related, or any other form), going into the right direction to “get what we want,” etc. Yet, truth is, as clear as it may seem, it is not. If we cannot figure out our illusion, we will hit the wall at some point (hopefully not too long in weeks, months, or years) and realize we really are still stuck in the same life-patterns. The shift of turning around is to clear our minds and stay intentionally aware of what is going on. The greatest gift we can give our self is to realize that whatever we are involved in, we have created it…after all, we are the Creator. As the Creator, we can always change our reality. What do we need to do it? Determination to realize our illusion and change it, because we know we can. We need to have willingness not to blame another, the circumstances, and as of right now, the world at large. (Oh, not so easy to do.)

Here is one of my “blocks.” I am writing a book. I have had many levels of inspiration and excitement to write it. Suddenly the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world. In truth, my days are 98% the same. I have very little changes except for now I cannot get out and about for groceries (except a drive-thru), a haircut, and talking to neighbors. I did have to cancel the May class in Thousand Oaks. However, really? I hit a wall! All of a sudden I found myself drifting into utter boredom and loss of creative inspiration. I began to dismiss everything I wrote. Yuk! I blamed the collective unconscious. I had to have a good talk with my lower self. “Really Katherine? You know your are the Divine Embodied. You are in the flow of great changes of Light and Dark. This is the cauldron of creation, are you going to waste the energy with the doldrums of pity, judgment, and trite attitudes?”

Well, the kick in the rear took charge. I knew I could either “earn” this Mercy, know I am connected, and begin again, or wail and continue to be separated. Nope…not on the watch of this lifetime. I, you, we are in this together, and if we hold our heads up and take charge, we can move this bullheaded attitude of separation and victim-hood and know “we are learning something through this event and will accomplish much for the good of all.” We will prevail in the Mastery of Life. Let’s do it and use the gifts and blessings of the Active Partners of Venus and the Earth, as well as the Inside Builder, Reed! We can be slow (Willow- Bull – Cultivate), focused, and clear headed as we hone the wisdom of the Oneness. We can choose not to fall into false beliefs that keep us bound in limited thinking. It is our option to be aware we are in the field of esoteric knowledge known by Mystics of Now and of the Ages that reminds us we are leaving the realm of beliefs that our humanness is an illusion and unholy as well as the illusion that we are separate. All EXISTS AND ARE THE ESSENCE OF ONENESS, THE HOLY ONE. WE ARE MANY AND WE ARE ONE. We do not have to die to be with The Holy One. The sooner we realize this truth, the greater will Oneness Awareness be lived. Keep alert, the veils have been torn for everyone and we have the blessing of connecting to our Divine State of Consciousness.

Activator of Willow, The Outer Partner – Venus – Law of Creative Imagination and Law of Attraction

Have you ever spent time imagining yourself as something else, living in another time, country, or environment of people? Consider this:

In the beginning, the One Mind imaged ITs self in multiplicity. The image became many parts and figures, filled with light, sound, and waves of color. The moment the One Mind created the image, the Law of Cause and Effect was born (as were all Universal Laws). In the hidden secrets of Venus, the Laws of Creative Imagination and the Law of Attraction are sealed, along with the blessings of Cause and Effect, bringing the field of Oneness into its powerful symbol as many. The images were then sent into the Divine Womb to develop into individuated states before becoming the Spirit of Soul, and Soul as Matter. All images were waves of the Ideal Self weaving through the elements of fire water, air, and substance, known as galaxies. A galaxy is made of clouds of dust and gas called nebula, stars, comets, meteors, asteroids, and planets (such as Earth), which also became animals, plants, minerals, and human beings to our knowing. All images are woven in spirit and formed in mass occupying space as the magnetic field activates. The power of attraction reacts to images in the mind of Oneness and manifests in the realm of matter.

The action of Venus causes each of us to use the power of imagination. We are called to Image Oneness and Multiplicity. Venus also reveals another reality for she creates a “feeling field” as well. She carries the vibration of love as soul opens the doorway of the image(s) created. This provides all souls the ability to imagine and feel through the essence of love, and thus attract all into the realm of matter. Again, contemplate that Love for All is a key to manifesting what we hold as a desire. Without love and compassion for all, we carry other feelings into the field of what we are cultivating and often find limitations manifested in our life.

Venus is like the garden shovel that is used to constantly turn the soil of creativity, stir the fertilizing powers of the imagining consciousness, and bring forth the fruit of its toil. As we journey through this earthly challenge of the pandemic, we are all using our garden shovel, turning our inner soil, and cultivating a new image of our life. May we use it will the awareness of how important we are to each other in the accomplishment of our imaging of what we desire.

It is the requirement of each individual to learn and use the gift of the active quality of Venus in order to manifest dreams and desires and guide them to reach a full bloom. Are you tilling the garden of your life right now? What are your cultivating in the garden of your mind and emotions from the images you bring forth each day? Are you in a tug of war with yourself, others, or the world perhaps? If you move backwards with fear, illusions, and separation, you will fall into nothing (old garbage of the inner saboteur). If you hold to your higher truth, you move forward into the riches of life, the oneness with all, the wisdom of the Tree of Life (the Source of our Oneness), and you can bring the collective field forward with ease because you know, and respect, We are All One. Fear will lead you in one directions or the other. Which direction will you choose?

Pictures obtained through 123rtf.com

The Law of Creative Imagination/Law of Attraction.

The law of creative imagination states: The Universe was built through the Eye of God/Goddess and the vision of What Is, Was, and is Yet To Be. This is a power of Creative Imagination. All souls are encoded with the power of Creative Imagination and the ability to build their experiences through vision/imaging that stirs the power of creation. Humanity uses this law to create just as the Divine Mind does. It is humanities most powerful force to use and instigate new constructions in the mind and emotions to transform old patterns and establish new ones, therefore constantly creating new realities of one’s existence.

This Law would have us know that Source Created the Galaxies and all inhabit these states of Being through the creative imagination of Source. The Divine Mind focused and continues to focus a vision of unique and individual qualities of Itself. So it is! Manifestation occurs from the vision.

This is a very popular law in the world of Metaphysics. It is used to create the positive outcomes of what one desires in their life. What can you do to depict the power of Creative Visualization? How have you used this in the past and are you using it in the present?

Again, the awareness that you must maintain a constant and cohesive alignment with vision and feelings, thought and emotions, can be strongly noted here. If either of these levels of your being are incongruent with the other, no manifestation will occur. The vision cannot be held clearly. The emotions will dwindle into “other things to do” and cause the thoughts to trickle into the “to do list.”

Realize that while you are using the power of creative imagination you are activating the second law…the Law of Attraction. This Law states that Like attracts Like. What you vision, think and feel creates a vibration radiating through the Network of the Universe. Your intentions held in a positive reality will draw your perfect vision to you and manifest in your material world. Of course, if you are visualizing your desire, but feeling doubt, thinking thoughts of impossibility and acting in anxiousness, you attract the vibrations of failure, partial possibilities or negative challenges to be lived through. You may distort or abort the manifestation.

The Law of Attraction most certainly reveals the power of “getting what you give, or, reaping what you sew” It is most important that you know what you are doing at the sublevels of your mind and emotions, beliefs and trust. Maintain an awareness of the “inner saboteur,” or the “confident creator.” Both powers are within you.

Activator of Willow, The Outer Partner – Earth – Law of Completion

Yes, we have two activators to honor this lunar cycle. I so recall the Divine Feminine (WomanSpirit) telling me that Earth was to be honored as a ruler of Willow (Taurus) in Astrology. I saw it as a modern-day message and began to include it in Astrological Chart readings. I remember how Malachi would chuckle when others, or even myself, would ask about planets in our galaxy as though they were sacred places and our Earth was not. He would say, “Earth is a planet in your galaxy.” Yes, Earth is a Sacred Planet that offers so much more in alignment with the wisdom of Oneness. She is the divinely given blessing within of the action of Oneness revealing ITs imaging in multiplicity. The Law of Completion lets us know, “It is accomplished and good.” Everything is in the place of matter and actively living as the mirror of the Holy One and the glory of the Great Image.

It is the activator within each individual to follow through and complete whatever we are attempting to cultivate, personally and collectively. It is very important for each of us to take time to review all of our projects, mental and physical, and ask “what am I now to complete?” Is there anything you are hanging on to that needs to be culled from your garden of life. It may be something you “wish” would occur, but realize you simply won’t do it. It may be something you know it is time to finish and are ready to take the action to do so; do it. Anything we need to complete and clear from our garden provides the spirit of the space to be filled with the matter of new images.

Let me laugh with myself. If I finish my writing project(s), I open to new inspiration for yet another book! Yep, complete and allow…there is always something new to come forward. However, stunted growth or no growth will occur if we do not complete what is to be done and culled to allow the cycling of new images to be manifest.

As I contemplate the power of the pandemic working its way across Mother Earth, I know we all realize within the Covid-19, a major change is being cultivated. Within every human being is the power to find our mastery, foster the growth of the wisdom stirring, and complete this horrific cycle with a great world-wide healing to manifest on many levels. IMAGE THE HEALING! As we give honor to the power of Oneness, the power of Love and Compassion, and the wisdom to cultivate and propagate this throughout our world, we will earn the right to manifest all we need.

Mother Earth’s environment is singing, the air is clearing, the plants and animals are flourishing. Humanity is moving toward the greater transition. May the souls who are transitioning know it has not been in vain. May the medical, first responders, healers, families, and those recovering, all know it has not been in vain. We are One. Awen!

Law of Completion.

The intent of Source carries the power of moving through cycles of existence. From spiritual to physical, from physical to spiritual, and around again. Every act of creation is an act of spiritual intent manifesting spirit in matter. From matter, the consciousness of Earth moves back to the ethereal realm of spirit. All completes itself.

Completion is a necessary quality of life for regeneration of energy. Whenever completion does not take place, exhaustion exits. You begin to “cheat your fate.” You experience an inability to think and feel– your “brain is tired.” You discover there is no creative emotional “charge” to boost your intentions. Physically, your body is tired, misfiring, cells degenerating and having difficulty regenerating. Dis-eases occur.

It is very important that you complete all projects, ideas, and intentions. When you do, you honor the Law of Completion and more energy surges through you, thus causing the cycle of creation to continue, and the Joy of Being to be explored. You will discover that you are able to complete with ease and rewards are frequent. Self-satisfaction, confidence and abundance are the result of honoring the Law of Completion.

Reed the Opposer of Willow – the Inside Builder – The Law of Transformation

The opposer carries a message of challenge. Yet, as the inside builder it carries a message of positive reward. Reed is well known to be a challenger, and her secretive self reveals recompense.

Reed is the foundation of transformation. She is also the call to complete all that we have been doing in order to turn the soil to the rich fertilization for something new.

Her very essence is the hall of darkness that we walk many times in our life just before we create a major change. We walk the path of emotional and mental anguish. We see our physical world of apparent abundance (garden of Willow) turn upside down through a variety of loses (jobs, relationships, health, the creatures of death, etc.) We become humbled and yet, we discover something more. We discover the core of our visceral soul-strength, the ability to endure adversity, and the courage to change. We discover the fertile ground of our creative minds that help us cultivate a way to survive and thrive. Within us now this power is setting the foundation and stirring the wisdom of preservation. Reed provides us the ability to know we are very fertile and will refine and reproduce within this universal field of prolific energy.

The Law of Transformation.

This law expresses the potential to surrender that which is completed and trigger the movement of energy toward a higher state of existence.

This law indicates Source is releasing the Individual Soul, knowing Source’s Great Work can only be completed by the individual state of consciousness. Therefore, Source Transforms Itself through the individuated self. This law indicates that a birth occurs at a new vibratory alignment with each soul, and that which has been hidden becomes revealed. That which has been the dream becomes the manifest. However, before the manifest can come, the dream has to be surrendered to trigger the movement of energy toward the next higher state of existence. Source is surrendering Itself into Matter and instigating the power of Evolving into Higher Expressions of Itself!

No matter how we look at it, transformation is a constant reality in the ebb and flow of the Universe. Each day is a transforming day. We have an internal mechanism that calls us to transform, especially when the potential of one level has completed its cycle and must expand to new levels of expression. Only our fears and avoidances rebuke the new states and appear to create static living. Nothing is static, so we are only living in the aches and pains of the avoidance (false perceptions, frustrations, angers, judgment and false justification).

In the challenging state we may think there is no change, but there is change going on nonetheless, as nothing can remain the same (one day to the next, one hour to the next, even one minute to the next). We can surrender to the change or struggle with false beliefs held within our subconscious and conscious state of illusions.

Venus the inside activator for Reed

Do recall the garden shovel of Venus, “. that is used to constantly turn the soil of creativity…etc.” What might she be stirring?

Using the message of the “inside activator,” she is actively stirring the energy of Reed, the transformer. If we allow (and it is easy to do during this pandemic) we arouse fear and the belief that we cannot change the reality we are in. We enter the dark hall and do not realize we are seeking the light of the creative field that reveals our “connections” to all creative ideas, the power to image different outcomes, and attract the greater wisdom from with our Divine Knowing. We stop in our tracks and keep creating what we do not want by the imaging within our mental and emotional concoction of fear. We blame the “something” in the dark hall that we cannot comprehend, thus we judge, besmirch, and forget the creative and prolific power within us. We separate.

If we enter the dark hall with the calm knowing of our sacred intent, we guide the shovel with the motivation to stir the soil of creativity. Our Source nature provides the essence of love and compassion, as well as the wisdom to image the next phase of our “goodness.” We seek the greater good for all and know the greater good for self occurs. We mirror the Face of the Divine in our self. We mirror the creative power in our personal reality, and we mirror the gifts we manifest to our collective world. What one individual does all are doing and all are reaping. We create, we attract, and we effect, for everything is causal.

  1. Take time to contemplate this power. It is a paradox. It reveals the empowered state of you being a higher state of existence of Source. How do you see this occurring?

Earth the inside activator for Reed

Earth activates the fertile soil of manifestation to be ready to bring to fruition all that is in the womb of consciousness. She stirs this energy into action within Reed. The field of life mastery is readied to be cultivated and all images recognized.

Earth Mather activates the dark halls with the agitation of birth as the contractions of her soil present the crevices of light. The beauty of revitalization allows that which is of spirit to be recognized in matter. Images are readied to be solid in the realm of individual states of the Holy One. Earth is ready to complete all that has been visualized, felt, and affirmed. Each person needs to recognize if feelings and affirmations are positive or negative. Yes, when we are inclined to be in negative feelings and statements, we are affirming an outcome. May we all be inclined to visualize with our Source capabilities presenting the harmony, wholeness, love and compassion that materializes in the good for all.

May the blessings of Willow grace you as you cultivate your garden of desires for the wholeness of your being and all others (who are you in Oneness).

New Moon Love and Blessings,

Rev. Katherine Bell, PhD, DD

~Lunar Phases of Willow~
New Moon – April 22
Crescent Moon – April 25
First Quarter Moon – April 29
Gibbous Moon – May 3
Full Moon – May 7
Disseminating Moon – May 10
Last Quarter – May 14
Balsamic Moon – May 18
New Moon of Hawthorn – May 21
Please know these are not exact dates, but very close.