Year of the Trio

New Moon of Willow May 4, 2019

4:45:22 p.m. Mountain Daylight Time


Hello Everyone:
Spring is still teasing us, but showing up. The interaction of the Earth Family includes humans, plants, birds, fish, bear, dear, cats, dogs, stones, crystals, jewels, and…well, you get it! We celebrate experiencing the Earth; a great place for Soul growth through interaction with all others. We are Source in Matter. Throughout this lunar month, we are called to use our mastery, create meaningfulness in life, and be magnificent creatures of the land.
During this lunar cycle, we note the grace, blessings and power of abundance. It is recognizable by the abundant glory we see as the Earth reveals her colors, the fields of vegetables and flowers shoot up for our use, the rivers flow, lakes reach a higher level, the ocean reveals its riches, and of course, the stones let us cultivate them as well and use them in healing, jewels, and support. The animals sing, holler, and reveal their gifts, blessings, and beauty. Colorful clothing emerges in the manner of dress each woman and man choose to display. Life is active after a long winter and on display. How do we use the display of abundance in our life? Ah, perhaps our three stages of consciousness will reveal a way…..

Willow – The foundation of Cognitive Consciousness: MASTERY!

Ah, yes, the power of mastery is a point we are to use through this lunar month. In fact, as many of you know, the Law of Life Mastery is embedded in the field of Willow, in the glory of a Hebrew Letter, Vav, and in the import of our Soul.
Willow is the English translation of the Celtic sacred tree called Saille. Vav, is a correspondence of Willow and its Hebrew letter translation is “Nail.” Finally, our Soul imports the wisdom of purpose through its vibrational voice we feel tumbling through our intuitive nature.
You can see within the picture of Willow the blessings of abundance. We need to master our ability to know affluence is all around us and allow it in our cognitive awareness. The “nail” represents the wisdom that we are always “connected” to the Holy One, and thus all abundance. We are required to listen to the guidance of our soul voice in order to remember we are abundant beings.
The name Saille, can mean sarcastic. We must be aware of any sarcasm we use that keeps us from our abundance. For instance, “Oh, yeah, like I can have more.” Or, “Look at what rich people do, they grab for their selves and the rest of us have to scramble.” How about this piece of sarcasm, “I will never be able to achieve great abundance.”
Ah, but, the Willow/Saille tree is filled with medicine. In fact, if you use aspirin, you have used its medicine. In the secrets of the Universe, Willow is a Healing tree of all fields of consciousness. Abundance of Health, Abundance of Right Relationships, Abundance of Joy, Abundance of Money, Abundance of Opportunities, Abundance of Creativity, Abundance of Love! You name it, Willow is a frequency to blend with and learn from to gather the power of Abundance and heal the lack of abundance.
Vav reminds us that if we realize we are connected to the Holy One all the time, then we are constantly connected to its Abundance on All Levels! It is another messenger of the Greater Truth: “we are not separated from anything.” We are always connected to the flow of the Holy One which is the Everything of Existence.
Vav is another reminder that our Soul has this connection and imports the wisdom of the Universe through us all the time. We simply have to set the foundation of Mastery. We have people of great wisdom who walked a path of holiness and taught of the great abundance of the Universe and we can use their example to live abundantly. We, of course, see this in the stories of Jesus as he revealed abundance in healing, food, and living in Oneness allowing all needs to be instantly cared for. His teaching was the power of Knowing and Aligning with the Divine and allowing the flow to occur and manifest in the moment of need. Buddha taught of abundance through “right living,” or the skills of mastery: “How to nourish seeds of a healthy life, how to grow components of a healthy life, how to stop seeds of suffering from growing, and how to cut off components of suffering.” (Sid Kemp, 2016).
We have stories of Jesus feeding a very large crowd with only 7 fish and 7 loaves of bread. We have pictures and statues of Buddha with a very fat body (though he was a thin man, according to history). His fat body was simply a symbol of abundance and it is within the holy temple of the human being.
What might we take from these men? That abundance is to be brought into one’s life, not stifled, or meant for only a few. They also teach of a great focus: 1) living according to abundance ever present through right awareness (Buddha); and, 2) living connected to the flow of Oneness (Jesus).
Thus, these men were practitioners of the Law of Life Mastery. Master your mind, emotions and beliefs. Change the power of illusion that you are less than and join in the flow of an affluent being on all levels of your human nature, soul nature, and ultimately your divine nature. Practice Mastering Abundance…our two “active” guides (Venus and Earth) will help provide you a way to think, feel, and be the practitioner and manifestor of Abundance.
Allow yourself to see all of the abundance around you. Look deeply at the Willow picture and you will see nature and humans revealing and utilizing the field of Earth as the home of manifesting pure abundance. If you like, journey within the picture and walk the labyrinth. As you begin to walk in, acknowledge your intention is to release “lack” on any level of your beliefs. When in the center of the Labyrinth, pause and be with the Holy One, feel the substance of abundance within you, know you are the sculpture of this substance and sculpt the energy of absolute abundance flowing in every way you need, desire, and want to present to your world. Walk out of the labyrinth in the knowing All Is, I Am Abundance flowing and manifesting in my human endeavors.

Activators of Cognitive State of Willow: Venus and Earth

As you have learned, Planets always activate the foundation set by the zodiac field. Venus works with both Earth and Air signs. However, our focus this lunar cycle is with the value of Earth. Venus is the ancient ruler of Taurus/Willow. She is the instigator of our search for value and the power to manifest. Through the energy of the Law of Life Mastery noted in the foundation of Taurus/Willow, she calls us to Master the wisdom that we are the masters of our reality and there are specific vibrations to use to allow the manifestation of our mastery over the realm our soul is using (Earth) right now.
First, she asks of us to love our self and recognize we are worthy. Next she asks us to know that we have the knowledge of how to master our T.E.A.M. (Thoughts, Emotions, Actions, and Manifestations). Finally, she asks of us to use the dual Universal Laws she radiates for all to wield into a manifest reality: The Laws of Creative Imagination and Attraction. (Do Recall this law is part of 2019 as we enter the #3.) What we imagine, we attract. Thus, we must be aware of what our mind and emotions are doing, for they are the instigators of attraction through our imagination. Sometimes they are so subtle we are not aware of them. Other times they are very clear. We all like the positive thinking and feeling nature of ourselves. We get “bummed” when the negative thinking and feeling drag us down. However, we are worthy of noting, how we exacerbate negative beliefs or encourage positive beliefs in the realm of remembering we are abundant beings. We constantly bring abundance to our existence. It may be the abundance of delightful experiences, or the abundance of lack.
Venus sends her vibrations to be used so we may master our minds, emotions, and actions in order to manifest in the manner we hold a desire, a soul prompting, and a power to grow and evolve in the realm of our soul’s journey through matter.
Earth is the Modern day ruler of Taurus/Willow. As we acknowledge it is a Planet in our galaxy, then we know it is an activator, especially of Earthly signs. The sacred wisdom of the Earth is that She is the Manifestation World of the Divine. She is richly abundant. She is the holder of all existence on the Earth and in the Earth, constantly aiding growth, harvest, and regrowth. Her essence teaches us how to manifest as she does. Within her being is the Law of Completion. Thus, dreams, desires, and ourselves come into complete beingness, flow within the life process of the Holy One through Earth, grow, harvest, and regrow. It takes the Master
Consciousness of Abundance to allow us to completely manifest. Thus, if we are seeing a lack of abundant health, wisdom, relationships, creativity, money, soul knowledge, etc. we need to acknowledge we are using the abundance of lack, ignorance, separation, unworthiness, and pauper consciousness. Earth will help us recognize our use of lack or our use of positive abundance…for all has been given to us from the Holy One and we are the Masters who are completing the outcome of our beliefs.
With the Law of Completion active throughout this month, I challenge anyone reading this letter to work with the energy of Life Mastery and bring forth all abundant realities you wish to see manifested in this world (Law of Completion is the power of Manifesting). Be sure you are using the Law of Creative Imagination and the Law of Attraction in the true sense of thinking, feeling, acting, and manifesting in positive manifestations of your personal and soul desires.

Hazel & Grapevine – The Foundation of our Subconscious/Unconscious


These “sister” energies of the Holy One reveal our inner nature. They hold the patterns of our Subconsciousness and our Soul Nature – the Unconsciousness. Workers in the field of Willow, and thus the Law of Life Mastery, they have much to teach. In this lunar cycle they will be teaching us of Meaningfulness and how we use it in our challenging state as well as our rewarding state of being. Both of these reveal the Law of Wholeness,
meaning we are Whole and Complete beings of the Universe. They also carry the vibration of the Hebrew Letter Yod, which means the Open hand of God/Goddess always reaching out for us to grab and receive from the Divine Energy in which we are always connected to.
Hazel reminds us to grab the hand of wisdom and contemplate how we have been using it, in this case, through our subconscious and soul conscious levels. Grapevine reminds us to grab the hand of pure substance and use it to bring forth our abundant harvests that we have created through our T.E.A.M. Grapevine also initiates the Law of Cause and Effect, calling on us to know the power of our subconscious and unconscious (soul) causal power.
When looking out our subconscious use of these sister elements, we know we can capture two qualities, 1) all memories that have guided us in awareness and positive events, or 2) all memories that have guided us in the awareness of our inabilities. Each sister-element provides distinct wisdom.
Hazel is a power of Faith or Doubt. Through her symbols, she positively reminds us we travel a life of learning so we may open the doorway to our most innocent self (our soul). As we gather the wisdom, we recognize our Wholeness, the guiding hand of the Divine, and the abundance of life we have experienced. We learn to master our earthly reality and realize we have succeeded in everything we have experienced. We learn that we have lived in the realm of gathering Knowledge and that knowledge presents us with faith.
In the challenging aspects of the subconscious, Hazel teaches us the power of our beliefs in lack. We remember our failures, nonacceptance by others, and our inability to hold to the knowledge that everything we do encounter is an experience to learn from. We lack faith in self, others, and often Divine Intervention. We think the pot of gold will never be reached, the illness of our mind, emotions, body, and soul (such as karmic challenges) have defiled us and we will never reach the true blessings of abundance we seek. In this state, we are Mastering Lack and live in the power of believing we “cannot” complete anything. In this challenging state of the subconscious, we will only create a meaningfulness of life as one of lack and Grapevine will aid us in revealing that as well.
Grapevine provides an incredible amount of symbols of abundance. The vine is full of ripe grapes, symbol of abundance. The realm of the animals, plants, elves, gnomes, and faerie are calling forth the harvest and preparing for a new harvest to be anchored in the soil of the Earth (and our Soul). The Deer with antlers reminds us we are always connected to the universe. The cows continue to remind us we have food, clothing, and tools we need. The vine itself, keeps us aware that there is a constant connection to growth, harvest, and regrowth. Abundance is everywhere. Again, with the element of Life Mastery, Grapevine reveals we are constantly in a state of mastering abundance, sufficiency, new states of experiences, and we are whole.
However, if we use the negative element of Grapevine, we never see our crops fully develop. We create tools of misinformation and unusefulness. We don’t recognize what we have created to feed us, shelter us, clothe us, and involve us with others. We believe our life is meaningless.
Significant to our subconscious levels, we can use this wisdom with positive remembrance of knowing we are the farmers, the cultivators, and the one who reaps what we have planted, thus always having enough. Or, we can choose to remember the times when we have not had enough and believe in lack. Our causal state of abundance will constantly reap abundance. A causal state of lack will reap lack. Cause and effect in the subconscious level must be tended with great awareness.

Unconscious/Soul Level:

Blessings of soul awareness are presented during this lunar cycle. In fact, through Willow, the Voice of the Soul is acknowledged. We each have the ability to “listen” to our soul, quest for answers, and then seek to understand a live from the wisdom delivered.
The soul can reveal our most sacred plan for learning how to travel through life events and gain the core wisdom of Faith (Hazel). We can learn to use the wisdom in our daily activity by recalling that our soul carries the strongest message of being connected to the Creative Abundant Flow of the Universe (Grapevine).
Our soul can and will whisper “the power of Love is the true causal energy to create the abundant effect; even when Causal Memory of lack is present.” For Love reveals healing, abundance, and new growth as an ever-existing reality within. Our soul can teach us how to use the power of Hazel and the Power of Grapevine.
Soul wisdom guides us to understanding why we walk in abundance and we walk in lack. Ultimately, the soul teaches us how to take the journey through a life time of learning, gathering, reaping and sowing. The soul voice will call us to attention when we stray from ultimate love and truth. we need only listen.

Activators of the Suconscious/Unconscious – Venus and Earth

Venus not only carries the power to love self and others, she provides us with a symbol of a mirror. Thus, she will mirror to us the reflection of our T.E.A.M. and whether or not we honor the power of Faith or the power of Doubt; the Power of Wholeness, or the power of Lack. In fact, she will mirror our memories and instigate our uses of creative imagination and attraction according to our convictions of worthiness or unworthiness through the gateway of memory.
With Venus, we know we can use the Law of Life Mastery through the gateways of Creatively imagining our positive or negative trends and thus attract to us what we hold as dear to our beliefs. May we all know that when we are living the trends of lack and unworthiness from our memory bank of influences, we can change that reality. We can realize we are the Master of Lack and Unworthiness and we can change that belief. We have the power to do that. We have the power of faith to make changes. We have the power of abundance living within the very cells of our being. We are called to Master our image of who we are as positive, creative beings and attract the energetic field of affluence through positive doorways of our emotions and our soul. Thus, we will reveal in the Mirror of our self that we are the Master of Abundance.
Earth is a Mirror of Source and we can remember through this agent of energy that our Soul carries the mirror with an intent to image abundance in all that we do. We can also realize that the Universe in its multi-aspect reality expresses through polarities: sometimes challenging and sometimes rewarding, yet all are important. We also realize that the Law of Completion asks of us to cultivate wisdom, evolve through our creative nature, and manifest with the joy of personal and soul realizations. Remember, our soul is on a mission and always in the mission is to manifest as Source does. It may be we have a mission to manifest great mindfulness.
We may have a mission to manifest the foods to feed a nation. We may have a mission to live scarcely and yet realize abundance is within the living reality of scarcity. We may have a mission to be an artist, a doctor, a writer, a leader, a student, employee, etc. Whatever our mission is, we have the ability to complete it and know it grows, provides us a harvest, and reminds us, when complete, let it turn to fodder for the next step in our evolution.
Above All – Our Unconscious Is Given the Charge to Create and Develop the Inner Wisdom That Our Existence Is Meaningful. When We Know This, Then We Are to Hone it to the Point We Will Share it with Others in the Form of “Service to Humanity.” Why? Because We Then Become the Bearer of Great News: We Are Connected to the Whole. We Are Creative Beings. We Are Capable of Abundance. We Are Able to Recognize Our Part in the Evolution of the Holy One, We are Meaningful!

Birch is the Foundation of our Supernal Consciousness in Willow MAGNIFICENCE!

Our Supernal Consciousness knows that ALL IS. IT declares within every being: “You are a distinguished being! You are impressively beautiful and excellent. You are a Manifestor creating the world of your soul in action through the vital core of human existence.”
Our Supernal Self guides us with patience, faith, and abundant knowing that we already have what we will need as we journey through time, space, and matter. All
will be revealed, manifested, and used at just the right moment. Thus, the gift of Faith in our Subconsciousness and Unconsciousness, carries the true wisdom that we reign in the Mastery, Meaningfulness, and Magnificence. In fact, our Supernal Consciousness will guide us through intuitive dreams, impulses through our soul, and arouse our creative imagination to the point of right use. Through our dreams, we will see how everything comes to fruition, thus allowing us to complete each juncture of our soul’s earthly journey.

Active Field of our Supernal Consciousness

Venus activates the opening of our Soul excursion into matter. It carries the vibrations of the Universal Laws of Creative Imagination and Attraction. She reveals the mirror reflection of our Supernal Self and draws us into the realm of the Garden of Eden—Earthly existence of the Glory of the Divine.
At the Supernal Conscious level, Venus reminds us we are loved, worthy, vital sources of abundance, and Creators Creating. She stimulates the vision of all that
we have and will use in the realm of manifestation and acknowledges it as “Good.” She stirs the voice of the Divine to be repeated in the voice of our soul and every word we speak from the realm of the Supernal Consciousness is the messenger of All Abundance.
From the field of Supernal Consciousness, Earth activates the All Knowing power of Manifesting in the world. Revealing that All already Is, Earth begins the cultivated expression of matter before the Spirit of a Manifest occurs in time, space, and materialized form. For in this great state of existence the Earth Declares: I AM THAT and reveals, That Which is Above is That Which is Below; and That Which is Below is That Which is Above.
May you use all the tools of these states of awareness to cultivate the garden of your intentions for 2019. May you also look into your gardens and see the Elves and Faeries at work. The glow of the plant world will reveal there activities. This is one of their strongest times of the year to
be seen. Look through the lense of your higher consciousness to see them. The gnomes will be underground making sure the roots are stable and soaking up nourishment.
Do leave these awesome beings a bit of milk, crumbles of cookies or bread, and a mirror to see their reflection. Look for their home in your world.
Love, Light, and Pure Wisdom,
Rev. Katherine Bell, PhD, DD

~Lunar Phases of Willow~

New Moon – May 5, 2019
Crescent Moon – May 8
First Quarter Moon – May 11
Gibbous Moon – May 15
Full Moon – May 18
Disseminating Moon -May 22
Last Quarter – May 29
Balsamic Moon – May 31
New Moon of Hawthorn – June 3
Please note these are not exact dates, but very close.

©2019 Rev. Katherine Bell, PhD, DD