Who is God?
     There are many philosophies that lead us to wisdom pathways. The goal: to reach Divine Consciousness, and thus know God.
     But what is that Divine Consciousness? What does it offer? How do we reach it? How did It create us? Oh the many questions to ask.
     May I start with a way to indulge our curiosity; yet reach the Goal of living the Presence of the Divine? Let me share what I do. If it works for you, blessings. If not, blessings.
     I first contemplate the three states of Divine Essence that are the Undivided, Unadulterated, Isness and revealed through the philosophy of the Tree of Life–the Ever Living Divine. The search involves a way that reveals the concealed and yet does not reveal…for we begin in the realm of Spirit without definition. It is the field of energy without energy; light without light; sound without sound; life without life. A huge paradox to contemplate. Yet in this field exists the moment of Union we all strive to experience.
     In the mystical wisdom of the Tree of Life there is a a peaceful place called “Ain,” the “No Thing”. It is the first stage I review. It is The Sea of Life: still, peaceful, thought-less, emotional-less love, and yet none of this. Within Ain the experience reveals life is eternal for one cannot detect a beginning or an end. The No Thing, which is everything, is boundryless. It is the nameless field, the unidentified field; yet the field of Allness. It reveals no action; no statement, no expression other than our personal experience within it: Bliss, Love, Nothing, Peace. Its Vibration is Emptiness, Infinite Nothingness. When my consciousness detects this field, I am no longer in this state of consciousness; yet the knowing of it is long lasting peace.
     Ain is the Law of Emptiness. This Law reveals that in the center of our own self and the center of the Universe is No Thing; and yet, Everything. It allows us to know that we are unmoving and still. We are unadulterated, whole and holy….as the Universe is, so are we. This is the Divine that is neither positive nor negative, masculine nor feminine, light nor dark. It simply IS. Everything comes from this Isness and passes to it again; and never passes from or to…for it is the Isness of all existence. We are and we are not. It is a power to contemplate and a reality that helps us realize we worry too much about who we are, what we are, what we are to become and what we may leave as a legacy. Nothing and Everything. It truly calls us to be free to empty ourselves so we may welcome the true knowing of our ISness. From this Isness state is the purest state of being to align within our personal essence for the rare and refined creation of all existence.
     The Universal Emptiness reveals a field of Infinity as currents within the great depth of the Cosmic Ocean silently stir awareness of eternity. This field is called “Ain Soph” which translates as: No Limit. The element of vibration is initiated and stimulated. The No Thing now activates “something,” yet still undefinable. This energy is boundless cells building in this never ending essence of creativity. It is fluidic, disturbed equilibrium. Vibrations aroused. Yet undefined, it is the fluid of emergent qualities yet to be quantified. It is the Law of Vibration. This law reveals that everything is the infinite essence of Source vibrating in the purest form of energy. This energy resonates in wholeness and resonates in quantum units of specific frequencies. It radiates and corresponds to a single photon or transition of an atom between energy states, and ultimately offers the vibrational frequency of a “something.” This is a field of boundless energy. I contemplate that this field agitates the field of Nothingness and releases Source into expression of multiplicity.
     The third area of Source, veiled in our personal knowing, is that of Ain Soph Ur: “No End To Light.” The brilliance of Divine Consciousness, Love and Expression, still veiled yet activating a purpose. It is the vibration of the Law of Pure Potential: This vibrational law is the quality of Boundless Light and reveals that from this light vibration comes the emanation of the Divine in individuated forms. The No Thing becomes everything. The energy is boundless creative force and form. The polarity and duality of existence emerges. The blessings of the Womb of the Divine is birthed. All carries the purest expression: IT lives, grows, dies and rebirths. In our personal reality It calls us to know that we have the ability to use the essence of pure potential, create within the Divine Design, and manifest in our personal reality, for we are IT. We become the Living Nothing and Everything. We vibrate in the matrix of the desired outcome. Like the Great Creator, we manifest our creation.
     These three levels of consciousness are the Divine Unknowable and yet knowable if we seek through the dimensions of our heart-mind consciousness. In the waves that stir the sea of life, movement begins the essence of creation. The energy of the ocean meets fire. From there a great stirring of consciousness curves, moves and is revealed. The everything of the universe is seeable. The development of Itself as stars planets, galaxies and other universes is now individuated qualities. On the Tree of Life, this is the Crown; and we can call it the Crowning Glory. At the very moment of awareness of the everything, the Divine expresses (perhaps in a surprise of Itself): I AM! I AM THAT! The Universe begins to see IT’s individuated qualities. I Am that galaxy. I Am that mountain. I Am that Sun, I Am that Moon I Am that Earth, I Am, I Am That. The Holy Spirit Breathes Life into movement of Its individuated aspects.
     Upon that moment, the Beginning of individuation is now expressed. Holy Spirit first expresses as love and creative chaos. IT creates by light and sound. IT is divided and yet unified and IT’s polarities: Yang and Yin, masculine and feminine, positive and negative, become the fields of consciousness and energy that is the creative power unifying matter with non-matter. Spirit and Earth, spirit and mountains, spirit and sea, spirit and human, spirit and galaxy. Everything now seen.
     I Am That. The expression of a dominant energy begins to express Itself in many forms. The function of these expressions become creative powers of Cause and Effect. As independent individuated qualities burst, new states of expression of the Holy Spirit exist and can be seen. Humanity, existing in the realm of matter, carry the Golden Light of the Divine. Within the soul of every human, IS the Allness.
      The search to Create and See all qualities of the Holy Spirit takes many evolutions of life, death, and rebirth. In the first incarnations of the Earth, humans had a conscious knowing that they were the experience and the experiment of the Great Creator. All knew the Human essence was on a search to explore it’s own Divinity in action of creating. These beings, who were the forerunners of all humans, established the playground of creation in the realm of matter, not only Earth, but explored the living power of stars, planets, universes, ether, fire, water, air, and matter. The first beings of individuation revealed humanity as the perfect sons and daughters of the expression of Oneness. They were the journalists, if you will: the reporters, reflecting back to the Pure Consciousness of the I Am, the ideal expressions of It’s ultimate architecture for building worlds upon worlds, eons, epics and eras and all that exists within it.
These journalists revealed that the State of Divine Consciousness did indeed remain in the state of individuated realities. They reported that the goal of the Divine I Am would indeed sustain Its purity in the states of individuation. The further exploration of the Divine Plan thus began with an evolutionary process of the Spirit Self moving through ether, gasses, fire, water, air and matter. Its own individuated components exploring from their own state of nothingness to the greatness of remembering they are an Infinite Being. All souls were then given the gift of exploring matter in individuated form and with their own Free Will and creative abilities. The power to choose they way they create, understand and live.
     Thus began the story of the fall of mankind. As the story developed, the human essence believed in its nothingness; forgetting its Allness. It fell into such states of belief in separation, that it believed it was unworthy. The human consciousness began to fill it’s automatic mind with the belief of being less than the very core of its essence, the Divine.
    In such a state, humanity began another story, the story of God. In the story, this God was noted as loving as well as a punishing God. It punished souls for leaving the place of bliss (Eden). As humanity developed their own story through their creative powers, the power of separation developed. Humans created deep loneliness in this story of God that they had to create another story. Collectively, storytellers began to emerge and reveal only certain people carry the connection to this God of Great power and punishment. Each individual began to turn their power of creative existence over to anyone whom they felt knew more.
     True masters did recover the great power of the Divine Within. These masters began to tell the story of the Great Mystery, the great secret: which is that every human being, in fact every existence, is The Divine. Indeed, every human being and every existence, is the Creator Creating.
     However, as humanity implanted the belief of separation, and sealed it into the collective unconscious, individuals forgot their True Self. They did indeed, believe that there were masters, who held a holy existence with the Divine. However the multitude did not accept this reality for their own self. They had to turn to other plans and other stories that they felt could guide them to the Graces of the Divine. Even in this guidance, they held that others were the masters, and they were not. Yet, many masters appeared over the centuries and eons of Earthy life, attempting to reveal a different story-the Story of Oneness.
     One of the most popular in our present state of collective psyche, is that man, Jesus Ben Josef. Though not all of the human race believe in Jesus, the world knows of this being. A miracle worker. A human who performed magic. A human who spoke differently of the Divine. A human that displayed the power to heal, brought forth a message of abundance, raised people from the dead, and spoke to all who would listen and revealed what we can do. He asked of humanity to follow his way. He told them “if you will do what I do you too will enter the Kingdom of Heaven.”  He acknowledged his self as God; and said “Who I Am You Are.”
   Human beings who could hear him, realized he was telling them how they could take up and live the wisdom he shared and would find themselves in the state of union with God Consciousness (Kingdom of Heaven); they would know that Who God is They are. The Divine sent Itself into a soul expression to carry the message of “You, humans, are Me and carry all that I AM within you.”
     The I AM reported to each human “I AM THAT (you)”, through the image of Itself called Jesus.   Humans had dropped into the depth of separation and the belief in being “less than the Holy Spirit they are,” and the most Divine aspect of them created a messenger to reveal otherwise through the individuated components.
  Humans still believing in their unworthiness presented their selves with another message that contradicted the message of the I AM. That message: They were sinners and Jesus Christ would save them. Jesus would make their life Holy. They believed that the story teller, Jesus, was telling them that only he would get them into the blessed place of heaven.
     However, Jesus was truly telling them there’s a path to awareness to your Holiness, here’s a form of awareness, here’s the practice to perform that will allow your human consciousness to recognize and remember your Divine Consciousness that is within you. Humanity believed in and a story that told them they had fallen from the Grace of God. They believed in a story that they were forever encoded with sin. They also believed that they would one day, hopefully, by dying from the human body, meet Jesus the Christ, and enter the realms of heaven. They did not realize, that Jesus displayed Heaven on Earth and called all to discover it. For in his true knowing, the Earth is a place of God; The I AM. It is the place of Creation. Earth is a playground a polarities, it is a playground of challenge and reward. Earth is an expression of Heaven. Jesus taught each soul is already the Divine.
     Yet, when the stories continue to embellish the message that there is something greater than you; a master in which you could know and not know, the All Being Creator that you are not, there remains in the unconscious, the belief of being a dense, lowly expression that cannot fulfill its own mission to reveal the God-in-matter that is each being.  SIN wins (Self Inflicted Negativity).
     We are called to remember more than that.  We are called to remember “I Am”. We are called to remember the vast ocean of no thing. We are called to remember the infinite ocean of everything. We are called to remember the infinite and glorious light and sound. It is disembodiment and yet the embodiment of all existence. It is the vibration of love, light, and the sound of the universe. It is love that has no conditions. It is love that has no judgment. In fact, it does not give a damn what you were doing that created your fear of being less than Divine. For you are doing IT’s everything. And IT’s love and power is loving everything. Have no fear, there is no hell. You are the only one judging your existence in the unconscious conscious of humanity and beyond.
     Find the core within you that is The Creator of All. Enjoy your journey, Creator, move into the Love stored in your psyche. Create the harmony you desire, the opportunities you wish to experience, the love of others, and the joy of birthing, over and over again. Enjoy the power to adjust and readjust and to create the blessings of a harmonious union with all other souls of existence.
     We can do it! We can create the Peace, Love, Joy and Harmony…let us all tell that story so the collective psyche can live it. Let our individuated state know and honor that we are The I AM.
Take a moment to view yourself, the world of your activities and say:
I Am; I Am That!
   Note how you feel:  Are you delighted, amazed, and excited?
…Until Next Time.
From My Heart to Your Heart
Love and Blessings,
Rev. Katherine Bell, Ph.D.,D.D.