What is the Formula for Career?

Career. What is it? There is a difference between job and career. A job is simply our method for achieving financial security. A career is our way of not only securing our finances, but expressing our talents and creatively offering our wisdom to the world. A career brings out our professionalism. It calls forth our mastery of skills and the ability to demonstrate our innovative qualities. It places us in a psychological experience of confidence and joyful expression. It provides us the spiritual sense of contentment. It grants us an equal place in the circle of life as Wyse Women – Wise Men contributing to our society. It fulfills us emotionally and challenges our creative intelligence.

A Career is truly the expression of yourself fulfilling your inner dreams and desires. It is ultimately the source of enacting the work you love. Before doing the ritual, it will be very important for you to ask yourself what you would really love to be doing that would fulfill you? What skill do you or would you like to bring to the world to reveal your inner knowing, talent and creative abilities? What would allow you to feel love flowing through you while working? For in career fulfillment, love flows.

If you are unable to answer these questions at this time, then your magickal focus needs to be a letting the knowledge rise from within you. Let your magickal formula be directed toward guidance from your soul and the wisdom of the Goddess to allow you to know the talents, dreams and desires you have that can create a career.

If in your realizations you discover that the dream career and the status in your life have a gap of education, then seek the magickal formula to gather the education you need. Do not fool yourself into the illusion that you will simply be placed in the career position of your life without the foundation of the world to support it. Know that the Goddess will direct your path, inspire your dream, and gift you with the bigger picture. You, as Her partner, need to do the footwork of your present reality. She will open the doorways for you and with you. Your day or night of magick will align you with all the possibilities that can unfold quickly, easily, and with the drive and purpose within you to fulfill the potential.

Spirit of Purpose

The Magic of Career

  • Establish your Spirit of Purpose for focus on your career (i.e., move into a career position; changing direction all together–may need further education; recognition in the career you are already pursuing, etc.)
  • Establish date and time (career work is best done on the waning moon, and between the 14th to 17th day after new moon – 7th – 10th of April 2020).
  • Gather specific components for your career spell (colors of candles are orange, yellow, green or brown); plants Oranges, Lemons, Basil and Sunflowers; oils of citrus, orange, lemons, cloves or frankincense; stones such as citrine, agate, carnelian, tiger eye, and even gold; bring all other altar pieces of your desire that enhance your feeling and ideal desires for your career.
  • Daily, until your ceremony, place your seed desire into the Heart of the Great Mother, the Heart of the Moon, and Your Heart for the ultimate desire of your career.
  • Three days before the full moon begin your conscious practice: (Three is used from the Law of Three–that which you put out is that which returns three fold. Honoring the Divine Action (mind, body and spirit in one center of focus), Receiving (energy of the Universe seeping into your cells) and Manifesting (the final result revealed in your personal awareness and activities of your life because you and the universal energies are one).
    • Use aroma in your home and every where you go.
    • Begin an affirmation process (repeat this every day until your ritual)
      • My career forms before me
      • I give conscious effort to manifest my career
      • My career easily manifests in my life now
  •  Two days before the ceremony carve the word “career” into your candle. When you have completed your carving, anoint your candle with oil, aligning yourself with a deep feeling of fulfillment. Keep a mindful attitude of what you are doing. When done put your candle with your altar items.
    • From the day of your ritual acknowledge with affirmation: “My career is ever present. I am fulfilled in my career.”
  • One day before, gather all the elements and tools for your altar, (include plants, stones, etc. that you have chosen for your Spirit of Career). Place them in a bag or covered with your altar cloth. Choose to maintain a sacred attitude about what you are doing. On the day of your ceremony uncover them and place them on your altar.
    • Create an incantation that will be used in your ceremony. It is best done with your own words and written in your own hand.
    • An example career incantation: Career, power of the talents of the Goddess expressing through me, I invoke your presence in this circle now. Career, power of expressing my talents, be one in my heart, mind and knowing. I invoke your presence fully in me. Career, fulfillment of my creative expression as (name your desired career), live fully in this world of mine now.
    • Write out your complete ceremony that you wish to follow (as suggested in the Magickal Formula).
  • An hour or so before your ceremony begin by preparing yourself and placing all items on your altar.
  • Self Purification – (bath/shower, sage or other cleansing incense/elixir)
  • Cleanse the place where ritual will occur (sage or other incense to clear the area, elixir for room clearing, symbolic sweeping with a broom)
  • Set an altar with a cloth to place your items for symbols of fire (candle with specific color), water (in cup or shell), air (incense or double edged knife) and earth (a stone or pentacle symbol) as well as sacred items that align your heart and mind with the Spirit of Purpose.
  • Clear your mind of other thoughts and activities. Center your mind and emotions into the purpose of your magickal alignment. (Very important component.)
  • Create a sacred vortex (a conduit for energy to be mixed and aligned with God/Goddess, the Spirit of Career, yourself and the most sacred vibration of your manifested desire). Mind and emotions must maintain the focus of purpose.
  • Align with the 4-quarters. Sanctify the circle by honoring the elements/elementals. Call in the Goddess, deities and the Spirit of Purpose in the manner that is most comfortable f or you, but always with clarity and deliberate focus of purpose.
  • Speak out your incantation for what you desire. Raise energy (feeling and sensing a rise of energy from your womb, begin to visualize it forming a ball of light (i.e., for career it would be orange, yellow, green or brown), hold tight your sphincter muscle and let the energy rise to your heart, then with a large exhale, direct the energy ball of light from your heart into the circle, knowing that it forms the spirit of your purpose).
  • Meditate in the energy you have created. Visualize the manifest complete and utilize the powers of knowing that it is so: Feel it, put a smell to it, a taste, sound, and see it so. When you feel it deep within, end your meditation.
  • Give gratitude to the Goddess, deities, elements and elemental beings, the 4-quarters and conduit alignment above and below. Acknowledge that all is within you now.
  • Close your circle by snuffing out your candle (or letting it burn until completely out), and walking in the opposite direction that you set your circle to gather all energy unto yourself.
  • Say Awen (So it is, So Mote it Be, It is complete).

The following may provide you information for setting your circle after you have cleansed the area and set your items on the altar (cleanse them as well).

Draw a circle by standing in the center of your space, face North (the initiating place for the flow of Career), allow yourself to draw in white light from the heart of WomanSpirit to your heart. Feel it well up inside like a ball of light, release this light into your right index finger, and circle clock-wise, releasing the light as you complete one full turn around the circle.
Then, walk the circle like a spiral from the perimeter to the center. On your first pass say,
“Spirit of Career, Angel of Talent, I call you down from lofty dreams.”
As you walk the circle/spiral and return to the initiating place again, call out, “Spirit of Career, Angel of Creativity, be my guest and stay this hour.”
Then make the third spiral pass into the center and say,
“Spirit of Career, Angel of Purpose, Enter here and enter now.”
As your return to the initiating place, begin giving honor to the 4-quarters and calling in the elements as well. At your altar light the candle for fire, initiating purpose, touch your water and acknowledge the Spirit of Water that allows you to flow with the essence of purpose and sprinkle water from your cup to honor the blessings of water , touch your stone and affirm the power to manifest your career, light the incense for air and acknowledge the life force that brings career into your world. Then begin your opening:

Face the North:

WomanSpirit, I ask to align with the light of the North I ask that this door be open

I ask to align with the enchantment of Earth (Touch the stone).

I ask that the angels and goddesses of Career assist me in manifesting its fulness now.

I become one with the plan and manifested reality of my career.

Face the East:

WomanSpirit I ask to align with the light of the east I ask that this door be open

I ask to align with the enchantment of air (let the incense waft around you)

I ask that the angels and goddess of vision assist me that I may see clearly the path of my career.

I become one with the vision of my career.

Facing the South:

WomanSpirit, I ask to align with the light of the south I ask that this door be open

I align with the enchantment of fire

I ask that the angels and goddesses of Career align with me in this circle. I become one with the purpose of my career.

Face the West:

WomanSpirit, I ask to align with the light of the west I ask that this door be open

I align with the enchantment of the water (touch the water)

I ask that the angels and goddesses of career align with me in this circle. I become one with the flow and ever opening doors of my career.

The invocation to the Goddess and Deity of Career. Stand with arms raised and legs separated revealing the stance of a five pointed star that honors the Goddess and say:

WomanSpirit. I stand before you and call forth your presence, your love, your light and your sacred purpose into the Spirit of the Place, the Spirit of the Hour and the Spirit of this circle.

Great Goddess, WomanSpirit

May I be blessed by our union and the sacred powers within me. May I hear Your voice and Your direction that I will honor.

Great Mother, penetrate through this moment your Divine Energy and commence Your loving gaze and the blessings of my destiny through this ritual for my career

Inspiration has begun

From your loving heart the sacred voice from within the point of Enlightenment is heard.

Create a symbol of Anu (five pointed star within a circle) and Light the Candle of Brighid, create a prayer from your heart and say:

Brighid, Goddess of Great Wisdom

Reveal to me the power of my inner truth to create the perfect career. Reveal to me the perfect talent that I carry that builds on the quality of my career. Reveal to me the path that I must follow to manifest the perfect outcome of my career.

Be the ever present guide to assist me in forming the right union with Those who will assist me in expressing my career.

Proceed to the incantation: (yours or the suggested one)

    • Career, power of the talents of the Goddess expressing through me, I invoke your presence in this circle now.
    • Career, power of expressing my talents, be one in my heart, mind and knowing. I invoke your presence fully in me.
    • Career, fulfillment of my creative expression as (name your desired career), live fully in this world of mine now.

Raise the energy and continue to follow the rest of the magickal formula.

Awen – It is so!

Download the PDF file of this Ritual here: Career2020