Cosmic Notes of the new Moon in Grapevine – September 14, 2023, 8:39:34 pm CDT

By Carrie Gane

We will experience a new Moon in Grapevine on September 14, 2023 at 8:39:34 pm CDT. For those of you unfamiliar with Grapevine, she is the additional Moon Mother of the Celtic calendar. Although in traditional calendars we see 12 zodiac signs (based on the Sun’s zodiac placement each month), the Celtic calendar goes by moon cycles (based on the Moon’s zodiac placement each month). Since some calendar years have 12 moons and some have 13 moons, the Celtics used 13 moons to stay in alignment with the calendar. Grapevine is a lunar energy field which resides between the signs of Virgo and Libra.

Readers unfamiliar with Grapevine will simply know this time as a continuation of Virgo’s energy. By the time we reach the full moon on September 29, 2003, we will have crossed over into Libra’s energy and a full Moon in Libra will occur.

What gift does Grapevine’s Moon bring us? Grapevine allows us to bring all 3 levels of our consciousness into an alignment to reach our heart’s desire. Grapevine allows us to plant seeds for a new cycle and way of being. This is a celebratory moon of sorts, a time when we can enjoy abundance and give gratitude for our soul’s journey. It is a harvest time. We can stop and enjoy the fruits of our labor, including the symbolic grapes we have harvested.

At this new Moon, we have the blessing of two energy patterns appearing. First, we will experience a Grand Earth trine between the new Moon in Grapevine/ Sun in Virgo, Uranus in Taurus and Pluto in Capricorn. A grand trine brings an graceful, flowing energy between the 3 planets involved. With all 3 planets in the element of Earth, they bring us the energy of being grounded, practical and stable. The increase our success in manifesting in the world.

Secondly, we will experience an energetic kite pattern. Kites have a release point at the bottom of the kite pattern, where the energy contained in the kite pattern is released to materialize into form. This month’s kite has the release point of the new Moon in Grapevine and the Sun in Virgo. This is a call to know our abundance, give gratitude and recognize our wholeness. We can honor the wisdom that we have been receiving through the last 12 months of our Earthly and spiritual journey. Virgo’s time is known as a completion time, having journeyed for the past 12 months. It is now a time to be in faith. Faith that we hold the wisdom and knowledge within for any answers we may have. 

How can we use the energy patterns of the grand trine and kite to our benefit?

Let’s look at the Sabian symbols first.

The Sabian symbol for the new Moon and Sun at 21 degrees and 58 minutes in Grapevine/Virgo is “A royal coat of arms”. A traditional coat of arms represents emblems of tradition, family lineage and our position in society/ what privilege that affords us. The bearer of the coat of arms is announcing management and ‘stewardess of a trail that has been blazed’. Because it is a royal coat, there is an understood position of privilege here. The wearer is a leader, taking on the responsibly to be a guiding light for others.

What coat of arms do you wear now? Not from your birth family but from your lineage to the Divine. Where have you been a stewardess for humanity, accepting the responsible management for blazing a trail back into your higher nature? Do you know that you wear a “Divine coat of arms”? With this coat of arms, you do benefit from a position of privilege, for you are attuned to your higher nature and communicating directly with the Divine. Through your own stewardess, you are able to peak behind the curtain of 3D living and understand more of the inner mechanics of the Spirit world and how to interact with those of the Spirit world, be it angels, archangels, spirit guides, animal spirits, nature spirits, Mother Nature or the Holy Spirit.

The Sabian symbol for the Earth at 21 degrees and 58 minutes in Pisces is “A man bringing down the new law from Mount Sinai”. This symbol speaks to our ability to hold ourselves in such a state of higher vibrational frequencies that we are receiving direct communication from the Divine. We reach beyond our own limited human understanding and open ourselves to the guidance or teaching from higher, Divine realms. This Sabian symbol touches on Moses, who ascended Mount Sinai and received instruction from the Divine for a more enlightened way of being and living. 

For those in Katherine Bell’s current class, I thought you would find it interesting that the Sabian symbol for Earth this month is tied to Moses’ act of bringing down the new laws, seen as “The Ark of the Covenant”. This Ark was seen as a visual reminder of the covenant the Divine had made with the Israelites. It is said that the construction of the covenant was described before any other sacred object was described. We can see this month with the Earth in Pisces, a covenant can stand as a symbol of the presence of the Divine in the midst of those working with it. 

These two Sabian symbols show us the blessings we receive when we reach for connection, guidance and direction from the Divine. From the Divine that lives within us, not outside of ourselves. There are jewels we receive from this path that embellish our coat of arms. We are to remain humble to these blessings so our soul and inner Divinity may continue to guide us.

How can we do this?

We have been walking our spiritual path through these changes and now we wear the coat of wisdom we have gathered. We have been receiving instruction – through outward signs, inner prompts, Universal sound frequencies and Divine Light frequencies that have been changing and transforming us. Now we can let the old, outdated ways of being fall away, so that the inner core of us continues to sprout up and blossom, creating a solid foundation in this Earthly realm to experience our Grapevine harvest.

To revisit our kite pattern for a moment, it is very relevant that Pluto and Uranus form the upper crossbeam of the kite. Both Pluto and Uranus are known as planets that disrupt, upend and bring changes. Uranus works very quickly, out of the blue, in bringing changes to bear. Pluto works very slowly, bringing deep transformation underneath the surface of ourselves and our lives. 

I am seeing Urania and Pluto acting as filters this month, continuing to cleanse our inner selves through their energy fields of transformation and transfiguration. As these two planets continue to filter our inner natures, they allow us to reach into the depth of our soul treasures (Neptune). Urania and Pluto are clearing our ‘inner waters’ so we are clear and clean within, allowing the waves and sound currents of the Divine to flow from Neptune in Pisces straight down the spine of the kite and into its tail- where the new Moon in Grapevine and the Sun in Virgo are waiting to release their energy. Virgo releases its energy of wholeness. Grapevine gives us the opportunity to complete old ways and celebrate the wisdom and growth our soul’s journey has brought us. And yet there is more. This is the chance for our “Soul to SOAR”, as Katherine Bell mentions in her monthly letter. 

We also have a trine between the new Moon and Sun in Virgo and Jupiter in Taurus. This new Moon and Sun will ask us to expand into new cycles of living, being and abundance. This is a very fertile connection. 

Venus has completed its retrograde journey and now is moving direct. Venus in Leo is tightly squaring Jupiter in Taurus. To expand in positive ways, we must keep self-dominion over our thoughts, emotions and actions. We must also be committed. Venus in Leo is also sextiling Mars in Libra, giving us an opportunity to have the playfulness and committed energy of Leo in loving ourselves and loving others, while at the same time taking action (Mars) to balance ourselves and take action in harmonious and unhurried ways.

Mercury in Virgo is opposite Saturn in Pisces. Mercury moves out of retrograde and into direct movement on September 15, 2023. With Venus and Mercury now direct (or about to be direct), we have some forward energy with us on a personal level. However, all the planets that effect us on more social levels (Jupiter and Saturn) and the planets that effect us collectively (Uranus, Neptune and Pluto) are still retrograde. With so many retrograde planets, this is a time of year when we, as a collective human consciousness, are prompted to review and reevaluation who we are and where we stand in participating with others at social and global levels. We are also beginning our turn into fall and we will experience the Fall equinox this month. The Fall equinox is another marker that prompts us to begin turning inward for the more inward-focused months this fall and winter. 

Pluto in Capricorn is squaring the North Node in Aries and the South Node in Libra at the new Moon. We can continue to let old structures break down and fall away so that we can create and build our world anew, based on who we are now. 

With our kite pattern at new Moon time, Neptune in Pisces is guiding us home. Our inner, intuitive connection to the Divine within is being cleared and filtered through Uranus and Pluto, returning us to a clean, clear Ocean of Oneness within. From deep within our great Ocean, there is a shaft of Light that pierces through this water, rising to the surface. This is the Light of Neptune and the Earth in Pisces, arcing their Light rays towards the new Moon in Grapevine and the Sun in Virgo. Let’s all celebrate who we have become through our spiritual journey this past year. However our outer lives look at this moment, we have all successfully complete another year of soul journeying, the capturing of spiritual wisdom and the experience of the Divine’s sound waves and light waves transforming us. Let us celebrate ourselves! We are the harvest! We are the Spiritual Ones, walking out of the Ocean of Consciousness, coming onto the land again with our Divine Light intact.