Within the Tree of Life mysteries are held. We unlock the mysteries to enhance our awareness of the Divine as well as augment our personal reality. One of the Pathways on the Tree of Life, Tzaddi, is translated as “Fish Hook.” Tzaddi calls for us to fish into the realms of the Universal Consciousness and capture the wisdom that can be used to gain insights for our spiritual and personal awareness.
Tzaddi’s pathway leads us to soul wisdom as well as connects us to soul desires. It calls upon us to Illuminate the Light Within so it may be a luminary in our personal reality. May you discover this power within you. This pathway is also quite a strong vibration as we enter the New Moon, partnered with the Sun in the Zodiac sign of Aquarius. Within the Aquarian vibration are the blessings, light and wisdom of Tzaddi.

Affirmation: I hook into love and open the door to my wholeness. From the Depth of my soul my Master Essence is revealed. Archangel Cambriel is a light supporting my quest.