From the Heavens Above to the Earth Below, the Universe presents:  The Tree of Life and the Triads of Perfection
As a student and practitioner of the Tree of Life, I continue to discover the Universal Truth that unfolds for all of us to use.  In the philosophy of the Tree of Life there is a flow of consciousness that provides all that we are, all that we need to know, and all that we need to do.
The wisdom within the Tree of Life philosophy shares that as the stirring of the Divine evolves from a state of the Nameless Allness/No Thing, through the vibration of No Limit, and the flow of No Limit to Light, the Holy One activates 10 Stations of Consciousness through Four Triads of existence, and twenty two paths of expression.
The first Triad is termed the Supernal Triad:   The Holy Trinity, the Expression of Light, Love and Action into the activation of individuated soul expression.  The Triad offers the power of the I AM releasing Its Creative Chaos and Wisdom into the field of containment and individuation.  As this flow releases each soul into active living into time, space and matter, the blessings of Holy One provides the field of energy of the next three triads for the individual soul to active and use the Great Power of the One.  These Triads are Called:  The Higher Self Triad with the focal spheres of light being Mercy, Severity, and Beauty; the Triad of the Soul with the focal spheres of Victory, Splendor, and Foundation; and the Vehicular Triad (materialization) with the focal spheres of Victory, Splendor and Kingdom.
Unto the Holy One all is Perfect and Whole.  Everything within the wisdom of the Tree of Life is the knowledge that all exists, all is one, and all is whole.  Within the wholeness are qualities to be used to manifest individuated experiences, creative powers, and life opportunities to explore.
Following the Spheres for individuated consciousness, our individual Being,  we are embedded with Seven Qualities, Seven emotional states, and Seven opportunities to live empowered:
Chesed – Mercy:   We enter and carry on the power of the Divine by emoting kindness, love, mercy, forgiveness and gratefulness.  We are presented with everything we will need to develop our world of matter into the expression of positive experiences.
Geburah – Severity:  We enter and carry on the power of the Divine to develop creative ideals, the blessings of restraint (the ability to take a look at multilevels of self before taking inappropriate or adverse action), and refinement.  We are given the gift of tearing down what no longer serves the evolution of life and call forth the healing power to refine and redevelop.
Tiphareth – Beauty:  We enter and carry on the Divine gift of compassion, ability to experience and create harmony, and to empathize.  We are empowered by creating beauty and pleasure, and the right use of all that is given from the purest essence of consciousness.  We are encoded with the quality of the Master; the I AM nature flowing through individuation.
Netzach – Victory:  We enter and carry on the Divine gift of drive and determination to fulfill ambitions, endure challenges, and release the creative intentions our soul has to fulfill.  We become masters of our heart-mind and create and cultivate through the power of our worthiness.
Hod – Splendor:   We enter and carry on the Divine quality of flexibility through humility, discernment, and higher vision.  We master the mind-heart.  We live with the vision of what is to be, how to share with others, and how to maintain a devotion for a higher purpose for all.
Yesod – Foundation:   We enter and carry on the Divine quality of bonding and connecting to soul intentions, life experiences, nature, and people.  We have the gift to move through many states of consciousness to remember the highest state of our being.  From this blessing we co-create and birth all that is to be brought into our daily living.
Malkuth – Kingdom:   We enter and carry on the Divine quality of majesty, dignity, and nobility-as we are the Divine Embodied, and thus Masters and Caretakers in the Earthly state of sovereignty.  We honor out  ability to govern ourselves at the highest level of our being.  We embellish our Earthy dwelling place with light, color, interdependency, and manifesting our inner qualities, desires, and wishes in the realm of matter.  We interact and share this with each sovereign expression of Source-each other.
As you contemplate the elements of these seven states of consciousness within you, what do you see you can do to honor and empower yourself?  How do you honor your loving kindness and gratitude for all you are, have and will experience with all others? What can you cull and refine from the realm of Geburah/Severity.  How will you bring Beauty into your world through your nature of compassion and harmony?  Do your recognize your worth and ability to live with ambition, endure challenges and release the creative intentions of your soul?  What is the meaning of humility to you?  How do you honor the power of your flexibility, discernment and devotion?  Do you bond with others, your soul intention, and all life experiences?  As a Master, how are you caring for the dignity of life within you, the power to self govern, and the quality of being a Master Manifesting in the realm of your life?  What more do you see in these seven qualities that you share with all people, circumstances and events of your personal reality?
May you be blessed to continue the uncovering of the mysteries of the Tree of Life.
BE THE LIVING TREE, From Roots to Fruit You Are Divine
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Rev. Katherine Bell, Ph.D.,D.D.
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