Somber Realities

This past week I have been privileged to assist families and friends as they honor loved ones who have passed away. A grandmother succumbed to pneumonia. A sister let go to a ravaging cancer. A child passed away after dealing with a long term illness. Sadness filling hearts. Life continuing seems strange as they say goodbye to their loved ones.

This reminded me of the loss of my grandmother in the 1960’s. Her death was the first I encountered. I could not believe the birds were singing when I went outside to lament to God. Cars continued to pass on the streets. Neighbors radios could be heard. My Grandmother had just died….shouldn’t it be silent? I wept; a deep grief overcame my heart.

Since my grandmother’s passing I have experienced the transitions of my father and my mother, aunts and uncles, in-laws, and friends. I have wept beside my husband, Al, as he let go to pancreatic cancer, just seven years ago.

Today, another friend has reported the death of a friend. I weep in prayer and know the blessings of her journey, yet honor a celebration of life for her friend.

Each year, during November and December, I find an increase in prayer requests for loved ones crossing into the heaven and meeting with the Divine. Somber realities for those left behind. Blessings for the souls who travel on.

Transitions are a continuing reality in all ways of our life. As we come through holidays, sometimes in grief, we also come to the end of a year. Life, Death and Rebirth show up in so many ways. How to handle these transitions? Grieve until you are ready to move on.

During the holiday of Christmas we recognize a birth; the birth of Jesus. This Master came forth to guide us through the transitions of religious and social beliefs. In history, we follow his birth, life, death and rebirth.

We celebrate another renewing awareness through Hanukkah, a Jewish tradition of Light. We learn how they were able to rededicate their temple after enemies had destroyed it. They found but enough sacred oil for one night of light. Yet a miracle occurred and the oil lasted for eight days (long enough for them to create more oil). Thus, began a renewal; a rebirth of their intended honor of Gd in their holy temple.

How might we use these two stories to ignite a new light within ourselves when grief might have gripped our hearts? Perhaps by a rededication. We have 19 days until Christmas Eve and the first night of Hanukkah. I offer 19 days of candles to light and honor the transition of endings to beginnings. What has ended in your life? Are you ready to release the Light within You? If so, perhaps following these days of dedication will help.

Day 1 – Light a candle with prayer and honor of your connection with the All Knowing Source of Life. Pray that your heart and mind will find peace in this union. Pray for loved ones who are passing from your life to use this light as well. May it light their path and remind them they are in union with the Divine.

Day 2 – Light a candle with a prayer that your inner conscious directs you to the harmony of Heaven and Earth. Pray that the Heart of the Divine is whole within your heart and peace prevails within you. In this peace, know your loved ones experience this in their souls as well.

Day 3 – Light a candle with a prayer that you can feel the nourishing love of the Divine Mother embrace you. May the transitions you experience be soothed by Her tender care and loving embrace.

Day 4 – Light a candle with a prayer that you know that there is a greater plan to be experienced. Honor the greater plan for your loved ones. Honor a greater plan for yourself.

Day 5 – Light a candle with a prayer that you know those who have passed from your life are never lost from your heart. Know that each one has left a seed of encouragement for your continued growth. Allow yourself the connection to them to form something new in your life. Allow yourself the connection with the Divine that will guide your seeds of new intentions to be cultivated.

Day 6 – Light a candle with a prayer that allows you to feel the Union of Source within you and your loved ones who have passed on to their greater purpose. In your prayers remember the power to choose the light of encouragement, the blessings of change, and the wisdom to be guided by Divine Intervention and Divine Intention.

Day 7 – Light a candle with a prayer that the wheels of life guide you into the pathway of your soul intentions. Feel the blessing of peace as you stabilize from your loss.

Day 8 – Light a candle with a prayer that you are able to balance loss with the power of healing and the gift of a new normal. Speak to the Divine of the Love you feel, the blessings you are ready to receive and the willingness to flow into inspiration for a new year of Graces.

Day 9 – Light a candle with a prayer that you are ready to move to help others; for in your loss you have learned. In your loss you have compassion. In your loss you have a knowing of what can assist another through deep understanding of their losses.

Day 10 – Light a candle with a prayer that you are given the strength to turn the wheel of your life and bring joy, love and benevolence through you and to others. In this candle see the light of renewing faith, renewing emotions, renewing energy, knowing you serve the Divine, the love one lost, and yourself.

Day 11 – Light a candle with a prayer that honors you are returning to the place of balance in mind, emotions and your physical endeavors. Honor that you are ready to create realities that are harmonious.

Day 12 – Light a candle with a prayer that you are ready to reverse the challenges to the light of new experiences. Acknowledge that you are ready to reflect in your personal reality the Divine Intention and purpose as you steady yourself and reveal the Face of the Divine in your face.

Day 13 – Light a candle with a prayer that honors the transitions of loved ones as you let go with blessings for their journey and allow blessings of your life-renewal to occur.

Day 15 – Light a candle with a prayer and honor the loving support you have with family, friends, and the Angelic realm of the Holy Spirit.

Day 16 – Light a candle with a prayer and behold the I AM. Feel how the Divine has created a purified state within your mind and emotions. Feel how the Divine is guiding the redirection of your life. Be at peace.

Day 17 – Light a candle with a prayer honoring the Light Within–the Christed essence in you ready to create in new ways.

Day 18 – Light a candle with a prayer honoring your transitions from life, death and a new birth of yourself. It quite a journey in the changes you experience when one passes from your world. Healing your heart and mind opens for the new birth, new opportunities, and a new normal.

Day 19- Light a candle with a prayer that you recognize the brilliant light of the Divine regenerating the very essence of you. Let your Light Shine. Let the Sun (Son) of creation reveal the heavenly Light guiding you always.

May you all be blessed in a renewing way as you make prayers each day.