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Mystical Wisdom Education

MYSTICAL WISDOM EDUCATION  DAUGHTER’S OF THE MOON AND THE CLAN OF THE WHISPERING GRANDMOTHERS - TRIBE OF THE SOUL® DAUGHTER'S OF THE MOON Three Levels of Study The Initiate Priestess High Priestess This unique program provides a passageway to Universal Mysteries. The...

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Timeless Cryptograms of Healing® Certification Program

Certification as a Codes of Healing Sound Practitioner – Master Cryptographer Level 1 – Apprentice – Two Full Weekends (taught 3 months apart) As an Apprentice, you learn the basics of this modality of healing, practice occurs in-class. With your Master...

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“It is a time for me to come into an even deeper Union with Source.” 

All of your workshops are deeply transformative, loving and beautiful. It is a time for me to come into an even deeper Union with Source. Awen!   - S. Hamilton

“I leave feeling loved, whole and able to return unconditional love.” 

Each workshop seems to combine incredible learning with the blessing of deep, meaningful connections to each of the participants.  In this magical blend, I release inhibitions and expectations and therefore learn on deeper levels than I ever imagined.  I leave feeling...

“Thank you, Katherine for your holy work!” 

I have attended Katherine’s yearly workshops for the last 20 years.  They have formed the foundation of personal transformation.  I could not imagine what life would be like without the special graces that are received during these powerful times.  The most recent...

“Katherine comes from her Heart in everything she does”

I have to share that Katherine has been an incredible teacher/mentor/counselor/friend to me from the moment I first met her and began working with her!!  I really don’t know where I would be in my life and spiritual journey if I had not been connected to her by Judy...

I love just opening it and “flowing” with the affirmation/thought that is presented

"I received the book. THANK YOU. IT IS FABULOUS!!!! I love just opening it and “flowing” with the affirmation/thought that is presented. All the pictures are wonderful and seem to illustrate the thoughts magically. Wow, James is a great photographer!" Barbara H. - on...

It is so inspirational and so beautifully written

EVERY WORD COUNTS, An Alphabet of Life Affirming Thoughts!: It is so inspirational and so beautifully written, and the photography is absolutely awesome. I can hardly wait until the actual book arrives. Thank you for sharing your gift with so many. It is a real...

The images are breathtaking and the words are divine.

The images are breathtaking and the words are divine. - Susan, review of Every Word Counts! - an Alphabet of Life Affirming Thoughts eBook

"You are one of the humblest teachers I know. You gave me much more than I expected."

I want to honor what I learned from you. Your spiritual counseling guided me to know my foibles as well as inner strength. Malachi guided me to know even more of who I am. I now use the gifts of my intuition by helping others. And, by the way, I use your deck of...

"I am so appreciative of the support and the sacred cryptograms."

"Earning my instrument certification allows me to fly in the clouds. After the 1st oral exam failure with a terrible examiner, I opened my precious Healing Codes book and knew it would open to the perfect page for me. It did! ! Shield of light . I felt very blessed to...

"I did feel better"

"The 72 Names of God by Katherine Bell is a compilation of "cryptograms," divined by the author and each consisting of three Hebrew letters derived from the 216-Letter Name of God. Each cryptogram is a triangle embedded in an octagon, reflecting the colors associated...

Previous Classes

A Call from the Clan of Grandmothers – October 12-16, 2018

DO YOU HEAR THE CALL? The mystery of this clan will be brought to attendees. Those who are called will have an option to be initiated into their clan and follow paths of healers, seers, great thinkers, and transformers. Join Us October 12-16, 2018 Workshop in Cañon...

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Our Coat of Many Colors – October 13-17, 2017

October 13-17, 2017 Our Coat of Many Colors Workshop in Cañon City, CO It is never too late to set your plans for a spiritual workshop in 2017.  This year we will meet in Cañon City, CO.  We will review the power of color in our aura.  We will look at how many colors...

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Train in this healing modality


Timeless Cryptograms of Healing® Certification
Quarterly classes taught by Katherine Bell, Ph.D., D.D., Master Cryptographer Healer-Teacher

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