Certification as a Codes of Healing Sound Practitioner – Master Cryptographer

Level 1 – Apprentice – Two Full Weekends (taught 3 months apart)
As an Apprentice, you learn the basics of this modality of healing, practice occurs in-class. With your Master Healer-Teacher, you experience the Orchestra of Sound via tuning forks. The Codes are sacred symbols, sounds and colors that offer modalities of healing for a range of spiritual, psychological and physiological needs. The aim is to help you understand energy frequencies of sound, color, symbols, and energy exchanges, through this modality using your intuitive qualities.
Level 2 – Practitioner Level – Three Weekends (3 months apart)
Level 2 is further guidance and awareness of the healing practices in the Shamanic Levels and working with specific dimensions within the Sacred Codes. This furthers your spiritual qualities as a healer for others. It presents the “tests” of your intuitive/psychic abilities through the agency of sound, symbols, and colors. It is intended to increase your abilities to be in the Oneness vibration with Source and the individual quality of one you serve as you realize what is occurring.
Level 3 – Master Healer – Code Reader – Four Quarterly Weekends
Level 3 opens the door for you to Master the ability to further your inner Master Healer Nature. It is a time when you will more deeply connect with the Sacred Codes, read their in-depth wisdom, and become a cryptographer by developing Codes to aid others.
Level 4 – Master Teacher of Timeless Codes of Healing – Four Quarterly Weekends
After a year of working as a Master Healer – Code reader, you can apply for training as a teacher. The depth of knowledge is both from a practical teaching as well as the Spiritual Connection with the Holy Spirit. Request an application via email: kbellwmnsprt@gmail.com.
Contact: Katherine Bell, Ph.D., D.D., Master Cryptographer Healer-Teacher:  kbellwmnsprt@gmail.com. Classes are taught quarterly from Friday night though Sunday evening.
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