Deep into a meditation a vision occurred. It was a grand tapestry. I could not find its edges. There was no boundary. The tapestry continued to expand and expand. Right from the heart of it, more threads were added to the tapestry. The art was of Earth, Galaxies, and Dimensions of worlds beyond our human vision. It was Gorgeous! Colors formed that are not of this Earth. Earth colors were ever-present as well.
I saw the cosmos in the tapestry. I saw sweet Spring flowers, roaming grasslands, and hills graduating to such a I could only imagine climbing them. There were ocean storms and dark clouds. There were pristine scenes that drew me into a deeper relaxing breath of peace. There were scenes of humans, animals, plants and stones quite familiar to our Earth existence. There were other scenes that were not humanistic at all. Dark and troubled scenes of destruction formed right next to the pristine scenes. Dark and Light. Yet, all felt perfect, harmonious, and quite needed.
I continued to flow over and yet within the very abstract, and yet quite solidified, tapestry. As I watched threads continue to form more and more of this Divine Artistry, I heard a voice say, “There you are.” It was pointing my attention to a simple thread. As I followed it, it created muted colors, shimmering colors, multicolors, some dark, and some light. Many colors were unrecognizable to my human knowledge. My thread was a small part of the tapestry; yet, I knew without that thread the art of the Divine would be incomplete.
So it is with all of us. We are a piece of the ongoing artistry of the Divine. Our thread is important. It gives vibrancy, light and shadow, and pictures of the journey of every soul expressing Divine Presence. It reveals the weaving that moves from Divine Intelligence into a picture of Its Allness. It reveals the weaving is created by the movement and evolution of every soul. It makes visible the Mastery of every soul that is the aspect of the Divine who weaves Itself into these multi-colors, multi-beings, multi-places of the Grand Universe that has no beginning and no end.
After meditation, I could not stop thinking of the vastness, the union, and the individuation of everything. It further confirmed the messages of Holiness that repeats that each soul, each thread is important. It does not matter the darkness we have explored or the delight in the light we live. All matters. All is a part of this grand Tapestry of Life.
What is your thread showing us now? It surely reveals that your thread is quite necessary in this Tapestry woven by the Divine. Without your thread, the tapestry would be incomplete!