For more than three years I have utilized cryptograms in healing sessions. In each case the cryptograms greatly enhance the healing modality.
One client suffered from both physical and emotional dis-ease. In addition to psoriatic arthritis, she experienced general anxiety and stress following the death of her husband. I asked for assistance in the form of a Timeless Cryptogram. I used the code one time in person with the client. I left with her a color copy of the cryptogram that she placed on her bedside table. I did not see her for the next few months as the summer passed. However, when we met again, she happily reported that she felt much better. She said she spent the summer laughing, and could not remember a time so carefree and enjoyable.
In May of 2016, my father had a semi-annual appointment with his skin doctor. Since living in the desert, he regularly experiences abnormal growths that usually consist of pre-cancerous cells. At times, these lesions include basal cell cancer. When they become more serious, removal includes more invasive surgery called a Mohs procedure. That visit resulted in many removals, including two quite substantial Mohs procedures. I again requested assistance in the form of a Timeless Cryptogram of Healing. During the summer, I used the code in healing sessions. In addition, I printed color copies to remain where visibly accessible. May 2017 found him with almost no spots to treat. After a long, hot summer, he did develop a couple small spots, one serious enough to require a Mohs procedure. Instead of taking the expected 4 to 6 hours, he finished in less than 90 minutes.
The final example consists of a qualitative difference in my feelings while using a Name of God Code. I typically start each day with a meditation followed by use of one of the Name of God Codes. I begin with the first and continue to the 72nd code playing each one for three days. Each use consists of gazing at the cryptogram, reading the affirmation, playing the code using tuning forks and repeating the affirmation. With the completion of the book The 72 Names of God Healing Codes for Sacred Living, I read the accompanying explanation before working with the code as usual. The explanatory words drew me into a deep meditation that pulled me into the flow of the energy initiated by the Code, helping me to perceive color and movement in addition to the sound produced by the tuning forks. As a result, I felt guided to use the forks in a different manner, while I ‘saw’ color swirling off the ends of the forks and moving through and around me.
In June I helped proof the draft of the book The 72 Names of God Healing Codes for Sacred Living. During the work, I became aware of the deep impact of the accompanying information. Each one comprises a meditation that brought me fully into the energy of the code, an experience that I cannot express in words. However, I recognized at the time that something magical occurred when reading the words and gazing at the codes. After completing this project, I encountered a bear that attacked me in the woods. I believe that the healing and wisdom imparted by the codes allowed me to remain calm, aware and connected to spirit during this event. Instead of descending into terror or panic, I felt calm and aware of the safest way to behave to minimize the threat I represented to the mother bear while summoning help.
The Timeless Cryptograms of Healing and specifically The 72 Names of God initiate the flow of healing energy at a much deeper level than any other modality I have encountered. They open the conscious, subconscious and supernal conscious to allow the frequencies to integrate into the entire being: Spiritual, Emotional, Mental, Physical, Ego and Soul wise.
-Gina M.