Thanks Giving!
Thanksgiving is a focus time for gratitude and extending that attitude to family, friends and strangers. It is a “feel good time.” It is a time when our hearts and pockets open to share and create blessings for others.
This is a time we focus on gratitude to Gods and Goddesses, our particular religious or spiritual sanctuary, and those who walk the same walk we explore in our path to discover the Divine. We take time to pray and meditate. We seek the secret place of peace.
We all know Thanksgiving is not the only time to live in gratitude. Gratitude experienced every day of our life changes our attitude in our home and family environment. It transforms our workplace, the way we travel around our town, and the way we interact in all areas of our daily experiences.
We make a note to thank everyone we care about and love. What about our challengers? Honoring our challengers is a gift given that they are a challenge and a reward. It provides us the release of egotistical pride. It provides us an awareness that challengers are important in our life and moves us beyond our stuck -in-the-mud inability to change and propels us to new levels. To all challengers, ‘THANK YOU.”
When we move into gratitude, we also travel through states of consciousness that can be recognizable in mystical ways. Through the letters of this word we recognize what we initiate through the power of gratitude:
G – The Law of Wisdom. We travel through states of emotions, internal and external wisdom, and a greater awareness that guides us through stages of living in unity.
R – The Law of regeneration. We regenerate our heart-mind and become conscious of our life and how we create a multitude of effects that are challenging and rewarding guiding self and others into realms of peace and harmony.
A – Law of Love. We become open to the loving field of acceptance of all. We free ourselves and celebrate living.
T – Law of Universality. As we recognize that we are all one and we have a purpose of being who we are in our own life. We understand that we need everyone as much as they need us; for together we are the Divine and can reflect that truth as we honor each other.
I – Law of Wholeness. Our gratitude attitude provides a depth of feeling whole and complete. We know we are living in the hand of the Divine and what we are receiving and giving is a continuous flow of bountiful realities.
T – Law of Universality. Once again we recognize we are One with all. As we look upon the individuality of the Divine, we celebrate with joy and see the colorful uniqueness of the Divine in every person and event in our life.
U – Law of Life Mastery. We master life through our gratitude attitude. We connect to all and know everyone is a cog in the wheel of wholeness. Our cog, well oiled and moving forward in the circle of life, helps everyone. Gratitude for all oils our cog.
D – Law of Creative Imagination and Law of Attraction. Gratitude attitudes stir creative desires within us. Our imagination flourishes and we attract life’s joy, delight, and river of goodness.
E – Law of Worldly Development. Gratitude attitudes develop our world through the lens of Divine sight and intentions that are good for all.
Our Gratitude Attitude is a source of wonderful events. We make our self and others feel great. We spark light in the heart-mind of others and that strikes loving joy in our heart.
Enjoy examining what happens to you as you share your gratitude attitude! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and for all of you, please know you have touched my heart. Many of you have been on the road of life with me for 32 years. Wow! I am very grateful because your light of loving gratitude has sparked the light of my soul into action in many directions that have stirred the intentions of a higher purpose for living. THANK YOU!
…Until Next Time:
From My Heart to Your Heart
Love and Blessings,
Rev. Katherine Bell, Ph.D.,D.D.