Just the word “Tapestry” brings visions of color, and thick threads designing beautiful scenes. I see people traversing streets and stores of markets overflowing with veggies and fruits of many colors, and children playing. It always causes me to think of the tapestry that we all create.

We are great weavers. We weave with our thoughts, emotions and all of life’s experiences. From our pre-birth, birthing into the Earth Plane, joining forces with family, extended family, friends, lovers and peers we meet along the way, we create from raw material. We weave with the colors of the experiences and enhance the weave with our memories.

Orange, Yellow and Green!

We have oranges, yellows and greens creating playfulness, intelligence and releasing ingenious forces within us. We learn to interact with others and our first encounters come from, doctors, nurses, midwives, parents, grandparents, great grandparents, aunts, uncles, siblings, and cousins. We can’t forget teachers, ministers, and the neighbors. We learn to understand if what we are thinking and feeling is creating actions and re-actions. We observe those reactions from others and add them to our tapestry. They help mold our awareness of life. They encourage the growth of our intelligence and the manner in which we perceive who we are.

Red, Blue, Purple, Turquoise!

We increase our colors with reds, blue hues, purples, and delightful turquoise. They give us the power to act on our desires, deepen our feelings, live in the power of compassion and delight in things beyond our human awareness. They also fill us with challenges, hurt feelings, and loss of worthiness. Our lives are filled with color schemes forming with a mixture of all of these colors.

We learn to be emotional with love and anger, joy and judgment, delight and fear, excitement and frustration, freedom and victim-hood, and so much more. We take our threads of many colors and design our fabric, so thick with experiences that we can look upon it and discover the talent we have as a human. Our minds, emotions and egos work hard at being designers.

Black, Grey, Silver, Gold

Our colors include blacks, greys, silver and gold. The black may be part of the great traumas of our life, sad experiences or times when we feel we are in a void. This turns to the call to “create” differences. The greys are the spaces of time and experiences that we feel uncertain, but wait for something to come. We sit in contemplation states, but not necessarily with urges to take action. The silver is the thread of our soul reflecting the secret power we have within and prompting the use of this power. The prompting includes fulfilling soul intentions to be explored in a given lifetime. The Gold is our Higher Self (God-Goddess Self) that encourages us to stay the course and move along the pathway of life, remembering we are creating a picture to reveal the journey of the Earth.

Without the black, grey and silver, we would not have the shadows and shades to create the “popping out” of our life experiences. They give us depth and breadth within our tapestry, allowing us to see feel and know all of the experiences we have lived through and a view that reminds us what we can experience. For when we “see,” we know we can take our threads and create the finish of our tapestry through the joy of realizing we are the Creator of our Creations for the Power of the Divine is within us and the purity of being the Designer of our Life is within the silver strands of thread that can emerge in multi-colors of our journey.

Enjoy contemplating, designing and creating oh so much more in your Life Tapestry!