Hi Everyone:
This Sunday is a SPICA – Way of Light mini-class: “How Your Heart Grows” by Cathy Patrick.
View this flyer and we be with us at 10:00 a.m. at Myztic Isle Bookstore.  http://facesofwomanspirit.com/pdf/Cathy%20-%20How%20Your%20Heart%20Grows%20-%202011.pdf
 Please be sure to come and bring a friend. Email for directions.
Cathy is a graduate of the Daughters of the Moon, presently a student in SPICA – Way of Light University of Divinity, and has volunteered at SPICA – Way of Light since we opened our doors. Her present volunteer position is serving the children and recently she has put together a volunteer program for the children creating blankets for a community of children in need. I will attach a flyer for that work as well.
While I’m away teaching in TX, I know you will be here enjoying the inspiration Cathy presents.
Warm blessings,