Did you know that you are the Aspiration of the Divine Creator? You are! We are!

We are the Hope of the Divine. The Inspiration within us to live life with joys and flaws, with happiness and sorrows, love and anger, peace and chaos, is all the impulses of the Divine Creator to explore and experience life in the realm of matter. The power of inspiration calls us to carry hope and ambition within every experience with the intent to evolve, and evolve, and evolve (until we return to one great awareness–We Are The Creator–The Creator is Us).

The Divine Hope is that through our evolution of experiences, we will see all that is created, can be created and realize we are not only a part of the Evolution of Creation, but we are Creating with the Creator. The Divine Ambition is a desire to urge each element of Itself to respond to the strong desires to create and to achieve something great!

How many of you have spent years in the intuitive feeling spaces that seem to reveal that you are to accomplish something great?

Have you felt you are to achieve worry-less abundance? Have you felt you are to experience the gifts of your wisdom and presenting your wisdom to groups of people and/or the world at large? What is it that you have felt that you are to accomplish and it will be a great event in your life? You may feel as though it will provide you the foundation of peace for the rest of your life. Listen In and listen well; feel deeply…you are experiencing the Divine Hope and the Divine Ambition! Respond to it.

Take a deep audible breath that is the Sound of the Universe (Eeeeeh-Aaaah) and feel the Living Source within you! Take that deep audible breath and feel the power of the Holy Spirit and Your Personal Self becoming One Breath, one aspiration. Then allow yourself to feel your personal self being moved by the Union with the Divine. Take another deep audible breath (Eeeeeh-Aaaah), and affirm: “I AM.” Then dream-vision-feel the blessing of being I Am. At that moment, allow something else to occur (don’t search it, let it come to you).

Breath another audible breath and begin to whisper and define what the I AM is within you:

I AM a Woman
I AM a Man
I AM Desire
I AM Source Desire
I AM Pure Health
I AM Pure Consciousness
I AM Fully aware of Oneness
I AM Oneness
I AM an Artist
I AM a Scientist
I AM a Peace Maker
I AM a Healer
I AM ______________

Keep filling in the blank until you find one or more I AM comments jostling you into knowing and joy! Then take that deep audible breath and make those statements louder and when you finally feel the Truest Statement of your personal self speak it so loud it makes you laugh, your heart smile, and your desire so strong that you know you can achieve that I AM quality.

As you do this, know you are responding to the clarion call of the Divine jostling your memory and encouraging your personal self to respond to the wisdom within you that you can create and accomplish the holy vibrations of desires within you.

When you are in the state of union with the Aspiration and Desire of the Great Creator repeat this prayer:

Prayer of Light and Oneness

Light Within
Light Without
Glowing from my Center of Grace
Radiate Oneness in every Place
Through my Inner and Outer Essence
Release light and wisdom of
The I AM Presence — I AM