The Sun is at zero degrees, zero Minutes of Cancer at 10:30 am PDT….the moment of Summer Solstice. We are at the Peak Power of the Sun. We are at the moments of Fulfillment and the honoring of all we have accomplished so far this year.

Summer Solstice is a power-house time. We can choose to use the power to creatively express our full potentials with humbleness. We can choose to dance with delight and raise the light of our Higher Self. We can choose to simply enjoy the Summer power of play, love, harmony, nurturing and yep, with that Cancer trait, cook for the neighborhood.

The Sun and Mercury in Cancer do oppose Pluto in Capricorn. We may see personal challenges with this opposition or worldly challenges (keep your mind open, feeling alert and note what happens for you). In this personal arena childhood challenges of authority may arise or pride in your home life surfaces (we, of course want the latter). We may discover that we become obsessive with our own ideas and relentlessly try to impress someone else with our profound wisdom (oooh, no, not that).

If in the world, then we might see challenges coming to America from other Countries now showing off their leadership qualities. We most certainly may call forth major change from our government, our laws and our regulations…but we have to stand up and call out that change.

The Moon rides alongside Chiron and Neptune in Pisces, creating an influx of emotions, a ride through the past, delving into old knowledge (or old wounds), and we can take the time to become the spiritual warrior and make decisions to change the old and get on with the new as Mars has just entered Gemini and is strongly squaring off with Neptune. The creative opportunities are there…but don’t get drugged by illusion.

Jupiter is in a Divine Design of a Grand Trine and a Kite allowing for the Grace of the Divine to Flow through and help our soul sour into action. Jupiter is in Taurus, connecting with Pluto in the Grand Trine and then off to the Ascendent to complete the sacred geometry. This will influence us on the West coast for a few hours, so best catch the flow of the Earth Grand Trine and anchor the blessings of the Divine as it helps us enthusiastically move through the major changes in our life as well as discover the benevolence of change. The constant and persistent desire to search for Truth at the higher level is being urged by Jupiter in Taurus. It also calls us to look generously at our worthiness, expand our earning power, live with joviality and not loose our wit when challenges occur.

With the Soaring part of the Grand Trine moving to the Kite, both Jupiter and Pluto meet up Chiron in Pisces and call for positive determination to continue clearing the ancient memory (past lives, past of this life, and aeons of false beliefs of separation). In fact, we are and will continue to connect with the most ancient of ancient memories…..Source Consciousness and the power of Oneness.

Though relationship issues continue to call us to attention, they are easing off as Saturn is now moving forward and Venus is in a positive alignment (while visiting Gemini). Open communication can occur and help ease the way. Saturn in Libra is forming another opposition with Uranus in Aries, which continues the struggle of how to make a relationship harmonious in caring and sharing while maintaining individualism and a measure of independence. Both are necessary to form a truly successful relationship.

Presently in the heavens we have two planets and one asteroid in retrograde. Pluto and Neptune, as well as Chiron are all continuing the retrograde process. Each in their own right calls for deep inner search for transformation, transmutation, release of the old, search for truth, clearing of spiritual imperfections, and forming new spiritual foundations. Chiron is teaching how to review empathic processes and balance them so the pain of another isn’t taken on.

There is much going on with this Summer Solstice chart. However, it is time to remember to uncover your true power, live with joy, and shine with happiness. be sure to check out the Summer Solstice Ritual at Enjoy setting the vortex of this celebration.