by Shannon Hamilton

On June 21st, 2022 the Sun moves into the sign of Cancer at 4:14 am CDT marking Summer Solstice!  It marks the high point, the longest and brightest day of the year when the Sun reaches its zenith and casts three rays of light on the world. Also known as Litha, Midsummer’s Day, or Alban Heruin which means “Light of the Shore”. 

It is traditionally celebrated out in the forest with picnics, games, and a large bonfire honoring the return of the light, life, fertility, and a good harvest. 

My tiny bonfire, music, potluck and Solstice celebration

Since I’m continuing my exploration of small, easy, and personal rituals this year, on Summer Solstice I plan to take a jar of salt crystals and shake them in front of my body from head to toe. This helps me clear my energy and break up any stagnation that I might be feeling and it also brings the element of music, drumming and sound into my consciousness. 

Next, I will light a candle on my altar for my “bonfire”. I will be asking myself if I have any “Burning Questions” that are emerging and then pull some cards by holding my question in my heart and asking  (1) what I need to know, (2) what I need to do and (3) what I need to allow.

I will continue to celebrate by gathering plants and healing herbs for my potluck. I will be taking a few blackberries harvested from my yard (or my local grocery store and pantry) along with a cup of healing herbs (tea) and celebrate the magic of how I am able to nourish my body with the bountiful blessings from the sun, earth, water, and air.

As I sip my tea, I will sit with the vision of expanding light. As I breathe in, I feel the light expanding just like the air fills my lungs. I notice that the inhale breath is cooler and the exhale is warmer. I envision this is from my inner light warming it. If it is sunny outside, I will sit under the sun and feel it radiating down on me. I imagine my soul opening to receive the light of Source. I’ll end my time with gratitude for the wheel of the year, knowing the magic of change is always a constant unfolding of Life.

How will you be celebrating the Summer Solstice? 

May you bring light into this world in your own creative and unique way. Wishing you peace and light this Summer Solstice!