Stellar Awareness- Cosmic InfluenceNEW MOON/SOLAR ECLIPSE

Whew!  What a journey.  The days leading to the New Moon have been power packed.  The energy of the Uranus-Pluto squaring has been quite intense as this last square has shaped and became exact on March 16th.  As their separation is occurring, what might we feel?  Are we truly at the end of their influence?  We are not.  It will take quite a while before they have fully pulled away from each other.  However, as we made the intense squaring, more stress and strain could be felt with computers, smart phones, tablets and more.  Uranus does influence technology.  So, we also have heard of technological advances in the world of these machines; and we have also heard of medical advances (such as a new medicine for cholesterol), and government stress as Uranus connects with Pluto in Capricorn.  On the day that I am writing this note, the voting in Israel has ended with the incumbent remaining.  No surprising changes there.  Our own governmental system is still in disarray as the houses of the Senate and Congress battle each other as well as the president of our country.

The secret behind all of this may be the reality that what the squaring has instigated, the results now must formulate and solidify and that can be as slow as these two slow moving planets.  Yet, since the beginning of the square (circa 2012), changes have been made.  A call to attention has occurred.  People are more awake (even if they may hesitate in believing they make a difference).  Technology, medicine and governments have revealed their deepest shadow as human beings have been searching for more light, more equality, and more union on a peaceful level.  Remember, it does take the individual to bring about the global change.  Change inside ourselves calls for the collective change.  And though some may argue with me, I believe that change is moving forward.

This squaring called for more awareness of our soul intention by Pluto (who is aligned with the Law of Soul Evolution) and the Love of our self as well as the new world we are developing.  Uranus- Law of Love in Aries – Law of Worldly Development.  But Pluto keeps calling on us to develop that world through the multidimensional reality (Capricorn – Law of Living) that through the love of self we will find Source and create from that level of Higher Love, Peace and the Harmony for the world.  Let’s watch it unfold

Just as the squaring ends, we flow into the balsamic qualities of the lunar cycle and enter into a New Moon that is also a Total Solar Eclipse.  The place in the world where the Total Eclipse will be seen is in Norway.  Of course, a Total Solar Eclipse does mean that the Moon blocks the Sunlight from the Earth…..esoterically we say, the Light of our Higher Self or Source is blocked from our sight.  We can also note that at the moment of the eclipse an inner effect is happening.  Energy of sacred wisdom (Pisces/Ash), is imprinting a vibration of the Universe within our Cellular Memory that won’t be seen or understood by us for perhaps a year.  The Sabian Message at this degree/minute states, “A Great Stone Face.”  Though this may be a stern face, it is nonetheless a note that this imprint is a continuous and long-surviving message (power of the Stone).  It reminds us that no matter how long it takes to bring the message of the Divine to the surface of our consciousness, we will  hold-strong, endure our passages, and succeed in all that we do by holding fast to our true nature and character.  In this symbolism there is a double message:   1)  to not bluff our way through the process (be stone faced), but release the genius of creative power that resides within our corporeal temple of Source; and, 2) with the Stone Face, like a gambler, do not reveal your plan before the moment necessary for the manifest; as you may disturb the plan before it is ready to birth.  Since the New Moon  is adjunct to the Solar Eclipse, it is fitting to remember that the sacred imprint is worth each one of us holding fast to our intentions to allow the unfoldment of great wisdom while we travel several months into our plans for 2015. 

The Moon at the Sun are conjunct at New Moon (of course).  They are jostling the Earth, Jupiter, and Saturn through their arching lights.  Through the Earth (29 degrees 27 minutes of Virgo) to remember what this journey of the last lunar cycle has encouraged.  Self healing and world healing are part of the messages that were received.  They are asking all of humanity to seek the healing and wholeness in order to continue to graduate from separation into Union.  The all on Jupiter in Leo (retrograde) to help us all review our benevolent nature and reveal our commitment to heal, find joy and pleasure in life, and create from the depth of our soul urges.  They are asking Saturn to remind us to discover our commitment with a disciplined consciousness to advance in our benevolent activities without fear of being overcome by foreign policy or governments.

While Uranus squares Pluto, it trines Jupiter and thus feels the Grace of new ideas and the  benevolence to take the risk and make the changes that call us all to more creative and encouraging release of new ideas and ideals.    Uranus does ask us to seek the difference, enjoy the uniqueness of changes, and calls on the true wishes and dreams of the soul to come to Light.

Pluto is receiving positive input from the sextile of Mercury reminding all to take on the impulse of opportunities and seize the wisdom held in the Ocean of Consciousness (Pisces).  Neptune is feeling the conjunct with Mercury and continues to impulse the world into a collective action to focus on the change with the wisdom of Oneness.  Pluto leans up against Chiron with a sextile, encouraging the opportunities of world-wide healing and the wisdom to know how to set the course of courage and consistency to fulfill our destiny as a human family.

Mars is racing through Aries with the call to keep going for the goal of developing our world in a new way while we purify the old intentions and set the path for new ones.  Venus has traveled away from Aries and now sits in the sign she rules, Taurus.  She calls for the sweetness of love, the power of resourcefulness to be cultivated, and the wisdom to know how to relate to each other with gentle, encouragement and move beyond jealousies.  Venus calls us to use our creative imagination to stir the attraction of our soul purpose and retrieve the guiding voice of our soul as we honor the changes that are being felt as the tower of change that the Uranus – Pluto relationship gives way to its final square and the Solar Eclipse imprints new levels of universal wisdom that, perhaps, we are ready to take on and use to transform our Earthly endeavors into a more unified experience.