What Is The Importance Of Spiritual Writing?

     There is an inundation of spiritual books, bibles, articles and doctrines of all religions. They have been written with Sacred Intention by each writer. The desire: to provide guidance, inspiration, and a way to connect with and know the Great Creator. Most often the writer has had a personal experience with the flow of Divine Love through the corridor of their experience and thus feel the great importance to share. I must admit, that is why I write.
     I have experienced such incredible states of awareness and love well beyond explaining that I always want to share. I’ve have the sweet opportunity to share what I learn and experience through writing, counseling and teaching. Yet, I always fear that the limitations of writing and speaking don’t truly give the individual or group the depth of wisdom that guides them to the peace, bliss, and gifts for changing challenging realities to lessons learned without scars.
     When I have come through challenges (large or small), with the wisdom of my spiritual path, I always come out of the shadow with gratitude. First gratitude is that I made it through dark corridors. Secondly, I give thanks for karmic understanding that I have personally learned. I give thanks that I can come out of troubled waters quickly and a deeper understanding that I did it because I turned to the Divine for a higher guidance and removed myself from fear, hurt, anger , lack, or whatever led me to the emotional flood of multiples feelings and negative trends. The ultimate gratitude is the bliss of being connected with the Divine in such an incredible oneness that the love just continues to flood me with grace.
     I do it. I make this happen. Not what I’ve read, but what I know from the greater lessons I have learned by turning myself over to the path of prayer, meditation and movement into the Divine flow of love. Don’t get me wrong, I have experienced many philosophies from psychology to mysticism. All have inspired my journey to know how to Soul Journey to achieve a true healing. But the key of this inspirational article is that I had to do something. I had to make the travels of consciousness. I had to know what I had read or been taught were effective tools and I had to use them. The results are deep feelings of knowing, honor and living in a vibration of Oneness with the Source of Allness.
     If I can inspire the deeper truth in my writings, counseling and teaching, may it be this: Only You Can Make The Positive Change Happen! Only you.
   Find your way. Yes, use the inspirational writings and teachings of all who offer. Know the writings, teachings, and counseling programs are only doorways. Find your key(s) to unlock the door(s) into the corridors of consciousness that will truly lead you to deep understanding of the Divine within you that heals all. Then be the active partner of your Soul Journey that turns your human sojourn into the creative adventures of opulence beyond expectation; A love of Oneness beyond explanation. Joy, peace and harmony become your experience.
…Until Next Time.
From My Heart to Your Heart
Love and Blessings,
Rev. Katherine Bell, Ph.D.,D.D.
©2017 Katherine Bell