In this Sunday’s message Reverend Katherine Torres guided us through a meditation that invited us to sit on our throne and find our Soul Voice.

“What is that Voice saying?” The question reminded me of a prayer I learned in grade school, The Magnificat. The first line of this prayer says, “My Soul doth magnify the Lord…” Finding and listening to the voice of the Soul will magnify the presence of God/Goddess within us. The recognition of the Soul Voice strengthens our Divine connection (Vav-Willow). Our Spirit comes alive within us as we recognize our part of the Oneness.

Willow retrieves the Soul Voice and heals hurts and inflammations of our Soul by aiding us in strengthening our connection to the Oneness. It is in dwelling and living in the Oneness that all possibilities are available to us.

Thank you Reverend Torres for this Soul transforming message!