March 10, 2012

Episode Title: The Alchemy of Delight – New Thinking in Ageless Wisdom

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Episode Description: Are you ready for laughter? The Joy of Living? A magical blend of personal charisma, humor, and pragmatic enthusiasm, will be brought to this radio program. Igniting Wisdom is not always a series of serious dialogues. Today, the wild, wonderful joy of pure spirit is brought through the Ageless Fool Child.

Guest Bio Information: James Wanless, James Wanless is a pioneer of new thinking recognized for weaving ageless wisdom into modern life with intuitive tools and symbolic systems.

A Ph.D. in Political Science from Columbia University, Dr. Wanless was a distinguished university professor in the Middle East when he experienced a life-threatening disease which led to a spiritual transformation. He relinquished his academic career and began to share his new found wisdom and inspiration by teaching groups and creating his best-selling,”modern classic” Voyager Tarot Intuition Cards for the 21st Century. (250,000 sold to date – Fair Winds Press).Go to his website:

Dr. Wanless has most recently authored a new Deck of insight and inspiration cards for self-sustainability. It’s titled Sustain Yourself Cards, 101 eco-principles for living well and living long. ( is the publishers). Go to for more information.