SPICA – Way of Light: Ignite Your Inner Wisdom

Guest Speaker:   Astrologer Anne Beversdorf

The Great Saturn Neptune Divorce

January 21, 2012

After 171 years, Neptune is finally declaring her freedom from Saturn. She doesn’t know herself as an independent energy system and neither do we. The good news is that she moves into her own sign and so THIS Neptune ingress into Pisces is a very big deal indeed. What will we learn? We may not see the cycles of planets like Neptune the way we can see the daily and seasonal cycles of the Sun, but the planets still have profound effects on us. Neptune is the principle of idealism, spiritual realms, boundaryless-ness, but her discovery connected her with Saturn, the principle of material things, rules, boundaries. Do you think this might relate to Consumerism (Idealizing Material Things)? The Saturn-Neptune Divorce will change us and will change society in many ways. Learn how to travel this new road with ease!

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