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Once again it is time to listen in on Saturday Morning to the SPICA – Way of Light Show at 8:00 a.m. on 7th Wave station. I will be interviewing Dr. Bernard Bail. See his bio below.
We will be talking about two books he has written:
The Mother’s Signature: A Journal of Dreams
Irmgard’s Flute
Dr. Bail has graciously offered a 15% discount on his books from December 10 through December 31, so please go to his website to obtain one or both of these books:
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Bernard W. Bail

Dr. Bernard W. Bail is a physician, a psychoanalyst and a training analyst who lives and practices in Beverly Hills, CA. He is a member of the International Psychoanalytical Association and the American Psychoanalytic Association where he chairs the ongoing discussion group “Infant Mental Life and the Dream in Psychoanalysis”. Through his intensive work in the unconscious via the dream, Dr. Bail developed a new paradigm for psychoanalysis centered at the beginning of human life, which he describes in his book, “The Mother’s Signature: A Journal of Dreams”. He has also published over 70 essays on his website, “”. For his military service during World War II, Dr. Bail received the Distinguished Service Cross, three Distinguished Flying Crosses, five Air Medals, five Battle Stars in the European Theater of Operations, a Purple Heart, and a Prisoner of War Medal. In addition, the French government awarded Dr. Bail the French Legion of Honor, the highest military honor bestowed in France. Dr. Bail has also written Irmgard’s Flute a memoir centered on his experience as a World War II Air Force officer shot down over Nazi Germany and taken prisoner of war. The improbable love of Irmgard, a young German nurse at the prison hospital—as well as the very miracle of his survival—awakened his spirit and put him on the journey he continue to this day.

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