Hi Everyone:
We are back on regular schedule for our Radio Program tomorrow! We begin at 8:00 a.m. Pacific Time! Connect with us on http://www.voiceamerica.com/channel/250/voiceamerica-7th-wave.
I will have Rev. Celeste Mulvihill on the show and we will have a great time…call in and help us work with Tibetan Numerology….: 1-866-472-5795
Warm Blessings,

Celeste Mulvihill

Rev. Celeste Mulvihill, B.A., B. MSc. is the Vice President of SPICA – Way of Light, and Vice President of Student Affairs and Faculty member of SPICA – Way of Light University of Divinity. She is a spiritual counselor and has been providing guidance to others for more than a decade. Her expertise in the metaphysical sciences of symbology and correspondences is exceptional. Rev. Mulvihill is also a graduate of the Daughters of the Moon, a mystical wisdom study of the Divine Feminine. Rev. Mulvihill begins quarterly classes on the Tree of Life at the Humming Bird and Honey Bee bookshop and healing center in Thousand Oaks, CA starting February 10-12, 2012. If you desire to have more information about this class, please sign up at humminghoney@yahoo.com, (805) 495-5824.

Rev. Katherine Torres, Ph.D., D.D.
President, SPICA – Way of Light