Hello Everyone:

Yep, we have another Internet Radio show this Saturday.  Hope you are enjoying the programs and will find this one delightful to listen to.
 Date: March 3, 8:00 a.m. PST

Episode Title: Practical Wisdom with Mystical Origins

Episode Description: Ancient systems of esoteric philosophy, in their original transmission, can seem foreign or distant from our daily lives. Through the use of technologies and current perspectives these same transmissions are being described and applied in practical ways. On this show, we’ll introduce a particular synthesis that weaves multiple esoteric systems together in a logical and visual tool that provides a glimpse into our own DNA. This hidden potential awaits our awareness and maturation. Once recognized and activated, it releases the creative genius within.
Guest Bio Information: Cyndi Silva is the founder of Metaphysical Wisdom, an online community that supports and promotes up and coming teachers, authors and creators of progressive thought fields that bridge ancient wisdom with modern science. Cyndi’s specific gifts allow her to glean intuitive insights from our individual and collective, untapped potential. She articulates this gift in practical terms that liberate and inspire those she activates through her Genetic Alchemy sessions.

Please check into her programs and gifts of wisdom at www.metaphysicalwisdom.com


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