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Date: March 17 – 8:00 a.m. PDT on 7th Wave program

Episode Title: Three Levels of Consciousness….how are you synthesizing them?

Episode Description: We coordinate at least three levels of Consciousness and today we will exam the states of:

Cognitive Conscious: We are awake. We reason. We use our logical thinking to deduce and understand. We focus our thinking on the task at hand. We direct our thinking to resolve problems and use wisdom to create new ideas into form and meaningful use. Mental action is used to acquire knowledge through thought, research, experiences and deduction through our senses.

Subconscious: This begins the Alpha state of brain activity and unfolds through the Theta and Delta states of brain-waves. It is the beginning of the inner planes of awareness. It is here that we store memory, emotions, and all we have learned over our lifetime (and other lifetimes as well). This is called the place of the “automatic consciousness.”

Higher Consciousness: This is also known as Supernal Consciousness, Super Consciousness, Source Consciousness, Buddha Consciousness, Christ Consciousness, mystical consciousness, etc. Within ourselves, we reach beyond the Theta and Delta Level of consciousness and are in pure spirit of our beingness. It is energy beyond our personal mental qualities. It supersedes our subconscious and is and defines our Universal-Holographic existence.

—-excerpts from SPICA – Way of Light University of Divinity, Class 107

Dr. Katherine Torres will discuss the power of our mind and our ability to work with our higher mind. How do we do that? Listen in…the suggestions will help you reach the higher dimensions of Being!

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