Date: February 25th – 8:00 a.m. PST

Episode Title: Wonders of Color – Your Aura and Sacred Color meanings of Ages

Episode Description:  You have a Shimmering Light all around you….we call it your Aura. In the Evolution of humankind, souls enter the earth in groups of colors and a special group of souls, using crystal vibrations bridge us to new levels of consciousness. Learn about the colors, changes of consciousness, and the new Shimmering Pearl Children of our New World.

Dr. Katherine Torres will discuss the changes of color through aeons of worldly changes, group soul color and their wisdom for humanity, and today’s colors that are seen in the children who have been birthing into the Earth over the last 3 years. What Color is Your Aura…perhaps you will be able to tell by the descriptions provided. Listen in, call in, or email….the desire is to stir the wisdom of color vibration and the awareness that we are all radiating light frequencies of color.

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