As we come up to this weekend, we stride into Halloween and The Day of the Dead. A time to honor the souls of those we no longer see in body. A time to give honor to our ancestors who walked the great path of Earth, life and death, before us.

It is a time, also, for us to give thanks for the beauty of our soul journey that we have taken over this last year. In the Celtic tradition we are ready to celebrate Samhain, the ending of one year and the beginning of another. It is a time to give space to evaluate our journey, did we do as we desired? Did we reach some of our goals? Did we listen to the voice of our soul and support our lives with sacred attitudes?

As you come through this weekend, take time to use the Ivy ability to sit back, observe, and relate to your soul. Then, on Samhain, create your ritual to honor your soul connection and the changing of one year to a time to go fallow for a while and create a sacred place for the soil of your soul to rest and be in readiness for the new wave of energy. A ceremony is created the Faces of WomanSpirit site on page: