How are You Using Your Senses?
Hello everyone:
Ah, pardon me for being so behind on my weekly messages.  I have an excuse.  I’ve been in the sanctuary of completing the book, THE 72 NAMES OF G0D, Healing Codes for Sacred Living.  Writing and  rewriting through the editing process,has had me immersed in a timeless field of energy.
    The blessings of Dream Messages inspired  this article today.  I did not want to let it pass without sharing the insights.
    In a lucid dream I was shown by a Grandmother how I have used Seven Senses of consciousness during the entire process of gathering wisdom from the Divine and writing the messages.  As she taught, I was aware of the importance of her messages and I bring them to you today for your contemplation.
Living on Earth presents more than the faculty of external stimuli.  We are aware of our ability to see, smell, hear, taste and touch.  Today our greater Earth family commonly discusses the sixth sense, intuition, that is beyond external stimuli.  We are aware and use our intuition; or ignore it.  Whether we are the psychic healer, intuitive counselor, scientist, or worker in all fields of life, there is a greater use of intuition.  The “gut knowing” is what many people call their sixth sense.
The Grandmother was revealing how we are extending our sensitivity to the greater whole and using our most sacred sense: Pure Consciousness of Holy Spirit.  As I listened, I knew what she was speaking of and how this Sense was the guiding energy of the Timeless Cryptograms of Healing®, and so much more I have had the privilege to share.  It is our mystical connection with the whole; often indescribable.
The Grandmother encouraged me to be aware of living in mindfulness of these seven senses: Sight, Smell, Hearing, Taste, Touch, Intuition, and Pure Consciousness of Holy Spirit.  She revealed the importance of every aspect.  Without mindfulness in one, others are not fully used either.  I took in her wisdom and realized how she was speaking of how we keep our senses in infantile positions rather than fully developed.  When maturing the senses, our Divine Intelligence emerges and the outcomes of our lives become more harmonious, purposeful and prosperous in all ways.
Challenge and Potential of our Seven Senses
We have something very precious, our sight.  Anyone who has lost their sight, or partially lost it will share the grief the experience in not being able to read, see only through hazy sight or not see at all.  This blessing of living in a human body provides us so much for living in Earthly experiences.  We see the cities in which we live.  Teaming colors of people.  Brilliant colors of clothing.  Delightful colors of buildings, the plant and animal world and so on.  We see the gorgeousness of a blue sky or stormy sky.  We see the graciousness of a starry sky.  We are now such a technical world that we also see the wonders of computers, smart phones, smart watches and things I cannot even name.  But I have a question: do we really see them?
Thus I begin to speak of our challenge inn the realm of the sense of sight.  Many of you may have attended classes (particularly psychology classes or advertising classes) that reveal how much is not seen.  We may look across a room and miss out on 20 or thirty items.  We may open a magazine, and not see the artistry in the advertisements, sketches created to capture our attention, and words missed simply because we want to “get on” to the next page.
I have a story of my perceptive self.  Soon after my husband I were married we started talking about replacing an old toaster oven.  It was silver in color and had a black trim around the window.  It sat in a particular place in the kitchen, never moved (except for cleaning).  One day I made a mad dash into the kitchen where he was sitting.  I had something delightful to share.  He had a slight grin on his face that was not apropos my message.  He then asked me a question, “What would you like for breakfast?”  It was closer to time for lunch.  His question didn’t make sense.  He repeated it, looking toward the toaster.  I looked at the toaster.  It was empty.  What was he talking about?  Then he laughed and asked me if I liked my new toaster.  I had not even seen that it was new.  It was similar in color, but larger.  It was in the same area as the old one, but took up more space.  Even more ironic, the empty box that contained the new one was on the floor next to the cabinet that held the new one.  I bypassed it all as my eyes were set on him and my thoughts were set an expressing something to him.
In Cognitive sciences, tests are performed to call attention to our clarity while we look at objects, pictures, just outside our windows, etc.  We call it viewing, closing our eyes for a few moments, and then after opening our eyes, reporting what we saw.  Most only report 4 or 5 items when in their view may be 10 or more objects.  Have you tried this?  In truth, our eyes take up everything within sight.  We simply don’t register it in our cognitive awareness.  However, the more testing we do, the more we stretch our sight-awareness and use our mind to remember what we see.
The Grandmother was bringing this wisdom of using our sight to pay more attention so we could expand our visionary qualities, stimulate our mental qualities, and activate levels of our higher mind.  As she noted, this becomes important so we may be able to see beyond the cognitive world of our existence.  It does help our sense of sight to recognize more.  In truth, it aids the sixth sense of intuition through clairvoyance and most assuredly can assist our conscious qualities to enter the seventh sense:   Pure Consciousness of the Holy Spirit.  What we see is beyond explanation when we use our seventh sense.
Our nose knows.  Or does it?  Difficulties through diseases can cause a loss of smell.  Any of us who have had a severe cold have known the loss of smell.   Some individuals, such as my husband, lose smell over time.  In fact, scientific studies show women have a sharper smell quality than men.
Smell helps us decipher our foods, the atmosphere in our homes or outside, something pungent or something delicate, something good or something putrid.   We can decipher rain or dry air.  We can decipher Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter through our nose.  We decipher inside and outside.   I love the smell of baking food; my husband cannot smell it.  I love the sweet aroma of roses; my husband barely deciphers their aroma.  Smell releases memory for our life events (good ones or bad ones).
Smell is another quality that we can ignore, especially when we are task oriented.  An aroma may be flowing through a room or a building and we can be so busy that it is only registered subconsciously.  So subtle, we go on with our activity.   It could be wonderful or signs of danger, and we could just barely give recognition of its odor.
The Grandmother took me on a journey and guided my vision to see how people ignore smell unless it is so strong it draws them to attention.  She revealed the power of paying attention to aromas so we could gain further awareness of the realms of spirit.  In the intuitive nature of smell, we capture aromas of loved ones passed.  My father use to smoke a pipe.  When his spirit is moving toward me to bring a message, I often smell his smoking pipe tobacco.  It had a sort of apple smell to it.  Other’s have spoken of being able to smell flowers that a loved one cherished, or aromas of cooking when nothing is on the stove or in the oven.  The intuitive name for smelling into the realm of spirit, is called Clairolfactance.
Grandmother indicated that our attention given to sharpening our smell also guides us to the seventh sense of Pure Consciousness of the Holy Spirit.  There are times when the Holy Spirit releases aromas to gather our attention and guides us to come into the realm of sacred silence and connect with the higher guidance well beyond intuition.  At times, the Holy Spirit emits aromas of flowers (i.e., roses) or sweet energy undescribable through our human odors.
To hear is another gift of Earthly living.  Again, all of us know people who are born deaf, or lost hearing through accidents or diseases, and surely those who loose hearing through aging.  As my husband shares, he only hears hums or chaotic sounds (even with hearing aids).  Hearing provides us the gift of clear communication with one another; the joy of listening to our children from babyhood to adulthood as they distinguish their self.  We listen to music to soothe our soul, express our delight, enliven our emotions or allow our grief.  We listen to teachers, news, storytellers, and so forth.  Those who have lost normal hearing, listen through feeling and the vibrations of floors, walls, cars, etc.
The Grandmother took me on further adventure of the power of Hearing as she revealed how we, once again, temper the power of hearing by not paying attention.  We don’t fully register what another is saying (often because we are trying to decide what to say in return).  We may “shut out another” and listen to every-other word; guessing what may be an important response to them.  We focus on something else and not pay attention to other sounds; at times missing something very important like an invitation that may create joy, or more learning and advancement of our awareness.
Again, she revealed the blessing of sharpening our hearing to guide us into more of our senses through intuition and the Pure Consciousness of the Holy Spirit.  These are gifts of listening and hearing “beyond” our human endeavors.  Like a blind person who hears more sharply, we can hear the energy of another, feel vibrations as a note of happiness, sadness, anger, fear, love, joy, color, etc.  When we sharpen our hearing intuitively, it is called Clairaudience.  We hear the variety of sounds of loved ones who have passed.  When my husband Al passed away, I heard him shuffling down the hallway as he use to do when coming to bed.  It startled me and I asked that he try something less invasive to my emotions.  Forty-five minutes later I heard him “clear his throat.”  I did laugh at his gift and welcomed him into a communication and gratitude that he was fulfilling his promise to make connection with me from the realm of spirit.  Spirit beings do “talk” to us: Loved ones, guardians, masters, etc.   We have to sharpen our personal hearing consciousness in order to hear beyond the normal.
Grandmother also shared that the maturing of our hearing can lead to hearing the sounds within the Pure Consciousness of Holy Spirit.  We can tap into tones, such as the hum of creation: Ohm.  We may hear the electrical currents of Universal Light.  We may hear the winds of universal waves impressing our collective consciousness or our individual soul expressions.  We may hear the flow of the River of Life feeding and nurturing our evolution.   Sharpen our hearing and we will hear the plane of the Pure Consciousness of the Holy Spirit that carries the sound of Love.
How strong is your tasting capabilities?  We taste our foods and taste our kisses.  Taste presents us with qualities of sweetness, pungent, salty, sour, bitter and even umami (a substance within beer).  Do we pay attention to what we are eating and taste its fullness?  Often, not really.  We mostly eat unconsciously.  We might pause if there is a particularly sweetly flavorful food or drink; or if it is quite bitter, pungent.  But stuffing our mouths and eating to get going onto something else is quite common.
Grandmother took me on a journey of my tasting process.  Yes, I am one who eats quickly and with intention to move on to something else, except for dinner….my end-of-day time is my relax “into” time.  At times I do practice slow and attentive eating with prayerfulness.  Yet, my daily eating process begin with creating a meal.  I do this with prayer and Grandmother showed me how that enlivens the energy of the food.  Then breakfast and lunch, while eating, is usually quickly done (I know its healthy because I prepared it, but I don’t pay attention to is gift of flavor and nurturing when eating).  I am wanting to get on to the things I will do during the day.  She revealed the prayers were enhancing and then I am not taking in the gift of Spirit because I don’t pause and taste the blessings.  She revealed the difference when I eat my dinners. My energy zings with the pleasure and enjoyment of the food.  I am able to taste the different flavors (bitter or sweet, sour or salty, etc.).  I saw how different parts of my body responded to the flavors; whereas lunch or breakfast was simply digested without the whole body responding in the moment of conscious tasting.  She revealed I still get the value of the foods when I am quickly eating; but my body zings with more delight and vitality when I eat with the joy and focus on each bite.
Of course, she went on to share the power of conscious intention to notice flavors and how our use of it enhances intuition and can bring us into the flavors of the Pure Consciousness of Holy Spirit.  Through intuition, we can taste before it comes to the taste buds and decipher how the energy will be used by the body.  We can recognize when a food may be unhealthy for our specific needs (allergens, cellular or organ disruptions).  We can also learn to taste the plant world for poisons before they enter our bodies.  We can learn to experience the taste of plants and animals with guardians as they teach us how to work with the spirit world for healing intentions.  In the psychic realm of taste, it is called Clairgustance.  A gift of tasting what our ancestors tasted, or simply tasting a food before bringing it to our tongues takes conscious and intuitive awareness.
Tasting also stimulates memory of our childhood or other events of our life.  They may be very pleasant events or very negative events.  We can loose our sense of taste just like we loose our sense of smell.  These two senses work in tandem within our sensate reality.
In the realm of Pure Spirit Consciousness, we can taste the sweetness of love, the vitality of light, and the beauty of harmony.
Touch is given a wide range in our sensory reality as well.  Of course, touching each other, touching an item, touching water, nature of all types, all fall under the sense of touch.  Unless your nerve cells are damaged, you feel what you touch.  Touching is also an emotional quality.
Increasing our touching capabilities provides us with a greater awareness of our environment and beyond.  As with our other senses, we can touch without awareness.  How often have you walked by a piece of furniture and ran your fingers across it, without even being aware of what you are feeling (and for that matter, not even aware of what you are doing).  Perhaps you have run your fingers across rough wood and only when you get a sliver in your fingers or hand do you become aware of what you have touched.  Perhaps you touch a chair and don’t feel the material…you don’t know if it is silky smooth or bumpy and rough.
Do you touch with a pat to your family and not truly feel their responses or the vibration of care or unconcern you are presenting?  We all do.  Hugging with a pat often is not a presentation of our deeper care, concern or love…it is simply what we perceive as a noninvasive touch and hope the other person feels cared for.
When we truly touch something, we feel its essence.  From furniture to animals, plants, nature, and humans, we can feel the intrinsic nature of what we are touching.  When we touch with consciousness, we experience the essential, most vital aspects of something or someone.
As Grandmother continued to direct the sense of touch, she shared how touching brings forward the honor of another, love shared, and care given, when we are conscious.  When we touch unconsciously, we actually do harm.  We are sending feelings of unimportance to others, to plants, to animals, to nature at large.  In fact, we are sending a message to the Divine that we are disinterested in the Whole.
Of course, intuitively this sense allows us to feel the guardians around us, or the loved ones who are no longer in the physical realm.  Intuitively we, with our senses sharpened by our greater awareness of touch, we also recognize how we are touching the great planes of consciousness beyond matter. We feel their distinct features.   With nature, we can feel the storms, earthquakes, fires, volcanic eruptions and so on.  When we are “int touch” with the field of consciousness, we are using our Clairsentient quality.  We feel energy as it touches us.
When we advance our consciousness and move into the realm of our Pure Spirit Consciousness of the Holy Spirit, we can feel Divine Love, we can feel the ultimate waves of creative energy, we can feel the Light and Sound and how it will effect us as well as our collective worlds.  We can feel the everything and note all is important and yet unimportant.
As I have been writing about each sense, I have included intuition.  But what is intuition?  It is not our five senses of the Earth.  It is greater than each and each provide a doorway to intuition.
However, intuition is beyond these Earthly sensations.  Intuition is an instinctive knowing without the use of rational processes.  In fact, there is no conscious reasoning involved at all.  Intuition at is purest is Clairgnosis: knowing without explanation through the conditions of our human existence…it is simply knowing.  In fact, we often explain, “I don’t know why I know, but I know.”
Grandmother let me oversee our challenges in this sense.  Because we are trained to be intellectual, using our logical mind to decipher and explain everything, we most often doubt our intuitive qualities: Clairvoyance, Clairolfactance, Clairaudience, Clairgustance,  Clairsentient, and Clairgnosis (and any other Clair- value).  She let me use clairvoyance to see what is occurring when we shield ourselves from our deeper experiences of sight, smell, hear, taste, and touch.  We move into illusion and delusion that we are seeing or feeling more than our human understanding and feelings.  We remain unaware of our evolution into higher realms.  We are unaware of our soul-prompting that encourages our growth and the power to use our potential, and we remain unaware of the true quality of the Holy Spirit within, and as, our individual self.
Pure Consciousness of the Holy Spirit
This seventh sense can only be developed when we honor the first six.  Yet, we must not feel we have accomplished this state when we are using our senses of intuition.  Intuition  is only a step into the ranges of Spirit, dimensions and planes of consciousness.    In the Pure Conscious of Holy Spirit, we are beyond being “psychic.”  We are in the fields we label as mystical: unexplainable through our human language, emotions, thinking and sensing.  In this inexplicable range of consciousness we enter true peace; nothing stands in our way for we know all is expressing within the greater quality and purpose of the whole.  We are in union with the Divine.  We merge into the ocean of consciousness that is unconscious and yet conscious.  It is passive and yet active.  It is nothing and yet everything.  It is dark and it is light.  It is genderless and yet feminine and masculine.  It is no thought and yet thought.  It is feeling-less and yet the deepest feeling of love.  It is not expressive and yet fully expressive.  Ah, I can go on and on in this paradox of explanation.  The Holy Spirit is not explainable….and yet one can reach a state of consciousness that is of Pure Spirit.
Grandmother spoke of how being in this state through our individuated quality, we enhance life all around us, from the intergalactic universes, through planes of consciousness of the realm of spirit to the realm of matter, and all that is not seen and seen.  As we allow ourselves to mature and be this state of consciousness, we move into nonjudgmental living and pure understanding.  We release the vitality of true wholeness through our channel of being and give it away without forethought of who ought to get it, who needs it, etc….we simply become transmitters of the Holy Spirit.
There is much that was presented in this dreaming processes, but I hope what is written here stirs your senses and creates the gift of being conscious of your use of these blessings.  And yet, from the State of Pure Consciousness…may you take this in as you want to, use it as you want to (or don’t use it).  I pray I am simply in a state of sharing.  LOL…my personal self wants to let you know this is a fantastic field of peace, love and harmony.  But in the purest state of the Holy Spirit, you already know this.
Love and blessings,
…Until Next Time.
From My Heart to Your Heart
Love and Blessings,
Rev. Katherine Bell, Ph.D.,D.D.
Soon to be unveiled:
©2017 Katherine Bell