Changing Attitudes Living Light
It takes a moment to slip in consciousness and forget our higher standards we agreed to live that will keep us on the road of our sacred intentions. When we loose our higher standards, we sink into the lower living qualities for days. We are judgmental, unrelenting in criticism of our self and others.
It requires six minutes of meditation, a compassionate heart, and alignment with our higher wisdom to regain sacred intentions. Yet, as we discover, this takes a constant and alert state to maintain this reality. We must align in this awareness every day.
A moment to slip; six minutes to meditate. Is it worth six minutes? Ask every true mystic and they will say, “Yes.” Six minutes, ten, or thirty minutes of meditation improve moments of life.
The meditation needed is the surrender to the Divine. It is not the meditation we call out what we want, need or to clear what we have conjured up on our negative trail.
I suggest a visualization that guides us into a sacred temple filled with the Light of the Divine. Music in the background that stirs sacred harmony adds to the experience of activating our highest intentions. The visualization can include seeing our self entering the temple, finding a place to sit, view a sacred altar, and a humble feeling that allows a Divine experience. Then, surrender to this loving nature of our higher self. Be the sacred moment.
Remaining in this point of surrender within the Light creates incredible readjustments through our mind, emotions, ego and physical reality. There are no thoughts, questions or pleading to consider. It is six minutes (or more) of yielding to the higher vibrations of sacred harmony with no expectations.
In this state of meditation we experience the moment of peace. This peace will call us to cognitive awareness and the urge to go about our day. Our cells vibrate with light. Our mind vibrates with clarity. Emotions calm, provide a gateway for intuitive wisdom. Our ego carries the desire to get on with the day without comparisons to consider. We are the Light and the Love the emanates from us, goes before us and prepares the way for ease and grace. It allows us to move through the day of activity, interaction with others, and the right movement of our intelligence without a negative attitude.
When one moment challenges you, take six minutes to enter the temple of higher consciousness and surrender to Light, Love and Peace.
Love and blessings,