What is the Power of 40?

It is not an age in the life of an individual. Although turning 40 can be quite a time of realizing your empowered self. Forty is a message of Sacrifice, Devotion, Discipline, Dedication and Determination. It is a message of how we can Let Go to the Divine and assist a change in Collective Conscious ways of our world. It surely is a message of how we can change our own consciousness and create new realities of our higher self in our personal life. It is a New World Messenger.

The number of 40 has many messages, and the two numbers hold qualities and correspondences to look at these unseen messengers: The 4 carries the vibration of the Law of Worldly Development; it honors the Eye of the Divine; it increases the power of pioneering and leading the path of energy into newly developing attitudes, pathways of our life, and the power to remember we are the reflection of “I AM,” living in a human body. The 0 carries the vibration of the Law of Love; the ability to forge ahead and cultivate a new reality; and the willingness to bring in new, raw energy to aid in the development of a world cultivating unseasoned soil of growth. Both numbers call us to risk changes so we can open to the opportunities of a dauntless world of fresh ways of living.

But, we have to realize the what it takes from us to create the changes necessary to risk the changes for a fresh new way to live in an advanced, “Light of the Holy Spirit” consciousness. We have examples of the power of 40 from the Hebrew/Buddhist/Christian experiences. Forty Days and Forty nights of prayer and challenges came to represent a new direction and/or a new state of consciousness. Each, individual(s) involved had to honor Sacrifice, Devotion, Discipline, Dedication and Determination.

Let’s begin with Noah – who is noted to be born 216 yrs after Adam. Adam we see as a new state of consciousness revealing Spirit in Matter. Noah is a great messenger of a Change of Consciousness-a New World for humanity. He is also a teacher of willingness to “hear” the higher direction and follow it to the ” ‘nth degree.” It did not matter to Noah how many made fun of him, did not believe him, and went about living their life as though “a higher consciousness; God” did not matter. But Noah believed and for 7 days worked on the Ark that would carry all species of life into the next evolution of consciousness. The power of the Yin/Yan; Passive/Active; Proliferating Beings (Male/Female) are seen in his call to change. The Polarities force-field are honored in the 2×2 of all living species. The Universe intended matter to continue growth; but on a new level, and Noah heard this message, built the Ark, and remained in faith for 40 days and 40 nights before the Dove brought the Olive branch to signal Life and the beginning of a new era of consciousness!

Noah displayed the power of Sacrifice…he sacrificed what was and the friendship of those who stood away from the direction he suggested they become a part of and experience the message of Source. He was Devoted to the Divine. He was dedicated to the task and remained disciplined, not only to build the Ark, but to remain in faith as time passed. He was devoted to the New World Consciousness. He also revealed that something had to be cleared away to gain this new state of being.

Moses is another member of humanity who honored the power of 40. He went to Mount Sinai and stayed for 40 days and 40 nights. He prayed for direction for a New Reality. He is another symbol of a great change of consciousness. He received the blessing of knowing he was talking to the Divine as he questioned, “Who are you?” The answer came simple and yet fully understood by Moses, “Ehyeh asher ehyeh,” “I AM Who I AM.” Moses also received the Ten Commandments-a way to instruct how to live on this Earth with justice, honor and love for all. He was directed to send his people to the next stage of consciousness (cross the Red Sea); and thus to a New World Consciousness. He was not to go with them. Nonetheless, he used the power of Sacrifice (40 days on the Mountain, and an inability to go to the next level with his people); Devotion to the Divine allowed him to receive the messages given. Dedication to bring the message to his people and disciplined enough to direct without furtherance of his own transition into the New World Consciousness was honored. There was a clearing of the old and the initiating of the new that occurred.

Guatama Buddha reveals another discipline to discover the meaning of Truth. He is noted as meditating for 40 days and 40 nights under a Bodhi Tree. That, again, a great power of Devotion. He is known to have experienced Enlightenment (Oneness). He sacrificed quite a lot in his life to discover the meaning of this Great Universe. He left his well-to-do protective family, went through many disciplines of suffering and limitations until he discovered that the true well-being is moderation from extremes of self-indulgence and self-mortification. He was not only Devoted to the gift of enlightenment, but devoted I his teachings, disciplined in awareness, and determined to live and reveal the greater power of inner harmony that takes one off the wheel of life and death; off the wheel of karma, and off the wheel of the evolution of separation.

Ah, of course, we are all familiar with Jesus praying in the Garden for 40 days and 40 nights. It was also 40 days from his resurrection until his ascension. We learn often of the Sacrifice he made and the revelations he presented as he gave way to Sacrifice, Devotion, Dedication and Discipline. Through this Brother of Humanity, Master of Life, we learn the power of yet another Conscious Change for Humanity. He brought us to the New Age known as Christianity, the Age of Love and the Age of Mastery (“What I do you do; Who I AM you are”). Jesus revealed a life Devoted to the Higher Wisdom of the Divine. He was Dedicated to know and reveal the wisdom he knew of the Divine. He was Disciplined to carry out his life, even through challenges and struggles to be heard and to live. He lived with the wisdom and acceptance of the power of Source. He revealed in his healing, knowledge, and sharing how one can access this power within their own self. He continued and continues to call everyone into cycles of Love, Powers of Healing, Expressions of Being the Divine.

With these apparent Wise-Ones, what do you learn for yourself and your assistance for humanity? To make conscious changes of any sort, we must learn the power of 40 (as noted above). We need to honor what we need to Sacrifice (let go of while honoring all experiences have been and are Sacred). We need to take 40 days to assess, devote our selves to thinking, feeling and living in the manner that we desire for a balanced life in union with the Divine Within. We must be dedicated to the Inner Truth and disciplined enough to live it at all levels of our personal experiences.

Are you ready to create a change that leaves you Enlightened, removed from the karmic challenges of right and wrong, and always in the greater power of Living your Mastery? Choose to honor the Living Master Attention for 40 days and 40 nights. May the Dove bring you the Olive Branch for you to know the Holy Spirit (Dove) is always You in Matter (Olive Branch) and thus the Life you Live is Holy! Remember, live with such devotion that it does not matter what others think of your Higher Intentions of Source when it does not seem to fit the norm. Be willing to Hear the Word of Source and follow through. Be willing to know how to work from the state of balance-the Middle Path. Let Love lead the way into your Mastery. Know how to master the gift of discipline, devotion, dedication and determination with the agency to sacrifice what does not honor the true path of Enlightenment and Harmony through Love.
WHAT IS IN YOUR AURA? 2017 – Annual Workshop

Our Coat of Many Colors. The Study of Rays of Light Vibrating Within Our Aura.

It is never to soon to set your plans for a spiritual workshop!

I am in the midst of preparing the workshop to be held in Canon City, CO. It will be held October 13 – 17. We will review the power of Color in our Aura. How many colors exist? What do they mean and provide? Striations of color exists with meaning, messages, empowerment and challenges. Come and learn of the Light Rays you may be using throughout this incarnation! Perhaps your intuitive power of “seeing” color will arise or expand.


Please check out this flyer! http://facesofwomanspirit.com/pdf/Flyer%20-%20Oct%202017.pdf