Sacred Contemplation Prayer:

Sunrise:        I arise out of darkness. Freshened by Rest I reveal the Divine Dreams and Divine Intentions. I am encouraged to live the day with Sacred Attitudes for all that I do and all whom I meet. Awen.

9:00 a.m.    I move with ease into the duties before me. I incorporate Divine Intention into my actions. I place the ingredients of Divine Focus, Compassion, Creativity, and Responsibility into my Cauldron of Intent. I accept that I am responsible for the outcome of today and I focus on the outcome of Love, Compassion, Harmony and Sacred alignment with all. Awen.

Noon:    I take time to enter the place of nourishment of my body, mind, emotions and intentions. I desire to fill myself with a renewed spirit in the midst of intensity and commitments in the service of my work. I am aware of my human reality and base it on living sacredly in the business of my day. I call in the Noon Sun to remind me of the Light of Source–My Higher Self. Awen.

3:00 p.m.    I seek the Strength of My Divine Self as the day tends to wane. I look about and consider what must be done to complete my days work and I allow myself to do this without worry or stress…simply remembering that all I do I do for the sake of wholeness and the vibration of expressing holiness in all that I do. All that is yet before me I present with blessings of Divine Light. Awen.

6:00 p.m.     I relax into the end of day and enter the evening within my personal environment. I honor the evening tide and the entrance into the gray shades of night. I create the harmony of my evening and set the course for peaceful inter-change with loved ones. I express Divine Intention in my relationships. Awen.

9:00 p.m.     I reflect on the day I have completed. I honor the blessings of lessons learned, the wisdom gained and the greatness of living a Holy Day. I pledge to do this again as I set the tone of my dreamtime and enter into the darkness of night. I am honored by the Divine Presence of all that I have experienced and review once more every instance of my day, experiences and events as opportunities to recognize the Divine Presence in Its individual forms. What a day….filled with blessings seen and unseen. I set the stage of peaceful sleep as I honor and release my day. Awen.