Today is an opportunity to flow with a Sacred Mind, Sacred Heart and Sacred Living. I so believe that those of you who read these blogs, based on spiritual living, are seeking the power of Mastery that opens to the Sacred Mind: an ability to let your thoughts flow with higher intention, loving focus, and life appreciation. The Sacred Mind does not hold on to the past, the old hurts, or the “what ifs.” It holds potential for expressing the Divine in Matter, the future as possibilities of purpose, harmony and love. When the mind moves to such a state of focus, it opens the Sacred Heart. The Sacred Heart is filled with love, holds compassion for all life, and easily shares with everyone that steps into one’s experiences. A Sacred Heart is Source Heart fully revealed and touching others by a radiance of nonjudgment, acceptance, and delight in being together. Sacred Living is easily experienced when the Sacred Heart, Sacred Mind are in union. For the ease of living with a knowing that all experiences matter, that your gift of Being is an aspect that harmonizes the whole, and that every other person, circumstance or event is also what is harmonizing the whole. Living a Sacred Life includes being aware of what you are doing, how you are interacting with others, and how you are treating the experiences of life with a higher intention to explore events, learn from experiences, and share with others. Living a Sacred Life is one filled with laughter, harmony, light, tears, sorrow, light and dark. Living a Sacred Life is the acceptance and balancing, rebalancing, and rebirthing each and every day (if not moments). Consider your living a Sacred Life….what does it mean to you and how are you living it?