From Template To Conscious Living We are the Consort within the Living Tree

From the realm of Ailm/Fir, and the guidance of Druantia, to the Light of Rowan and the initiating Action of Urania, we enter the New Moon!

Triskelion with three fold spirals symbol –


January 12, 2021

10:00 p.m. Mountain Standard Time



Again we start the New Moon through the corridors of a bridge of energy aiding us to flow from one state of consciousness to another. Welcome to 2021 as it brings an unusual structure and sacred wisdom infolding within and around us to stir our awareness of partnership. Did you know that Plutonia (the number 20) corresponds to relationships? Ah it is not often talked about, but it is. Deep, sensual, a sustained elation of spirit and matter, is the ecstatic union Plutonia provides. It calls for unabashed sharing of every aspect of ones self with another. Saturnea (21) offers us the structure and it is an unusual structure as Saturnea/Saturn has entered the field of Rowan/Aquarius and will ride through this field for approximately two+ years. It is free to be the structure of a new, exciting, and innovative union. It forms the nexus that holds two as one.


The year 2021 does have unexpected new orders to explore. How will you be putting your life into a new order? Will you be open, free and create new structures? Or, will you be rigid and self demanding? Let go to your Spirit-Soul and allow new inspiration to flow. Offer a structure as you aid the inner dream to form a manifest reality.


As we begin this New Moon we are bridging from one field to another again. We connect with the consciousness of the Celtic Tree, Ailm. The English translation is: Silver Fir or Conifer (any pine that has pinecones). This tree presents the healing power of one’s soul as it provides the energy to progress. It stimulates consciousness to rise above afflictions that cause us to weaken in our resolve of life. To do so, we enter the realm of awareness that provides a new perspective of the journey before us.


The Ailm is also the “A” in the Celtic Ogham (alphabet). Ailm is perfectly in alignment with Urania which is also associated to the “A” in the Hebrew Alphabet as Aleph. Aleph is also connected to soul light in a very special manner of the Holy One. More on that reality later in the letter.


The Ailm has several Celtic Goddesses associated with it. However, one goddess spoke to me most specifically. That is the White Goddess, Mother Goddess, or the Queen of the Druids, known as Druantia. She is the Eternal Mother Goddess and the picture on page 1 presents the best depiction I could find to honor this Goddess. (Please know that all or most pictures within this letter are from


Druantia is to be seen in the boughs of evergreen trees. She is the protector of Trees. Trees symbolize the Ever-Knowing presence of the Tree of Life existing in all. Druantia also provides the power of Passion, Creativity, Fertility, and Sexuality. She is called on to bring forth Rain; something much needed across our continents and especially our United States suffering from drought. Rain, of course, stimulates growth and fruition.


As the Queen of the Druids, we also recognize the power of the Druid’s most sacred tree within her name, Dru = the Oak Tree. As we continue to pass through the energy of Capricorn at New Moon, January 12th, we find the Sun and Moon at 23 Degrees 13 minutes of Capricorn/Birch. Capricorn’s/Birch’s opposite or complimentary energy is Cancer/Duir…the Oak Tree.


Druantia and the Great Ailm are aiding our consciousness across the flowing arc of one state of awareness to another (Birch-to-Rowan). In fact, one of the trees associated to Birch is the Pine. The Moon will enter the sign of Aquarius/Rowan on January 13th. The Sun will enter Aquarius/Rowan on January 19th. The Full Moon will give us the glory of Rowan/Aquarius (Sun) and her partner Holly/Leo (Moon), on February 28th. Their union represent the Ultimate Axis of Love: Love of All (Aquarius) through the inner knowing and honoring the Love of Self (Leo).


During the time we journey with Ailm and Druantia take some time to enjoy nature. If you have the opportunity to be where a Fir tree is, pause and speak with this Grand Tree and the Great Mother-Protector of the Tree of Life, Druantia. Recall we are all on a mission to move from using the Template of the Tree of Life to Consciously Living in Full Awareness that we are the Living Tree and are called to exist knowing we are the Consort. We are the Sacred Partner: The Body of Light. Ask for insight and guidance to continue to be aware that you/we are the Consort of the Holy One.


This Grand Partnership requires us to live our part of this union with awareness, intention, and a Love greater than we ever have expressed and experienced before. We are called to look out from our Human Eyes and see the Universe in All People, all things, and love this reality with a passion. In fact, we are to reveal a deep desire to honor, and present to our Consort, the HOLY ONE this unabashed love. How? Through loving the elements of ITSELF that we see as other humans and everything else we observe around this great place called Earth and our incredible galaxy.


What I’ve learned by doing this is the powerful energy that Druantia is noted for: Passion, Creativity, and Fertility that blooms in all that I do beyond any personal expectations I have ever had. It has no explanation within my human language other than to say, “It is an incredible field of energetic love, wisdom, and manifestations that bring healing, harmony, and a mystifying joy!” IT leaves me in a field of immense gratitude and in a state of glory. I experience ultimate fulfillment. May you as well.


This is also the time for the first Celtic Festival – Imbolc. It is the celebration of the melting snows, the give away of winter. It is the time when the earth mirrors her face once again. It is a Quarter Festival, which means it is best done when the Sun is 15 Degrees 0 Minutes of Aquarius.

It will occur at 8:08 a.m. on February 3rd. You will find the ritual on the website: Enjoy and be blessed.

The Spheres and Branches of the Tree of life are the template of our lives. We use the template unconsciously. Let’s use it consciously! Let’s Be It!

Rowan is the Foundation of Our Spiritual Heart-Mind


This Face of the Divine is our Face as well. It stirs within us the memory of Focus, Truth, Whimsicalness, and the use of Accessible Knowledge. It is the Light that clears darkness as it purifies the lost mind existing in fears, separation and wondering: Where am I? Who am I?  What am I? What am I to do?


Rowan is the Power of the Soul of Humanity as well as the Individualized Soul. Synthesizing sacred ceremony with love and wisdom, knowledge is no longer lost in the realm of the abstract universe, but perceived through our very human senses. Universal vibrations become solid and useful in this realm of matter. We recognize they are one in the same and nothing to search for because we are latched into the nonmatter and matter of Divinity all the time.


How do we aid our human self in knowing and remaining in this latched state of Oneness? Ah, there is so much we can truly do and the Spiritual Heart-Mind is our connector. Using the power of focus and truth that Rowan provides us, we can begin with self examination. Rowan calls on us to know where are mind is traveling and what are heart is feeling. What gateway of focus are we traveling through? Great questions to ask ourselves are, “Where am I?” “How do I feel?”


Notice if your focus is across the nation, next door, focused on someone else, your fears, phobias, and concerns of all types. Are you centered on everything else but your Spirit-Soul? Are you filled with no answers and too many questions about life, your future, or still your past? Are your emotions taking you far away from harmony? If so, you have traveled away from your Spirit Heart-Mind and are living in the realm of rejections and false perceptions. Rowan and partner, Urania, are “in the moment” states of being. Be in the moment.


Use the question, “Where Am I?” to direct you back to the moment. Feel your mind dip into your sacred heart and unify with your higher self as Spirit-Soul in action. Feel your Spirit-Soul be the director of your thoughts, feelings, and knowledge that directs your moment and your future as it desires to unfold and manifest in matter. Spirit-Soul is always in the moment flowing with the liquid light of knowing and presenting inspiration, insight, and energy to take action…not wondering where, when, how, or if.


What are the Qualities the Foundation of Rowan offers?

  1. Looking at the first vibration of Rowan we step into the frequency of a branch on the Tree of Life. That branch/pathway is Tzaddi. It is seen as a violet path in the Soul Triad. It radiates between the Green Sphere of Netzach/Victory and Yesod/Foundation. It is the Divine Mind unifying with the Soul of Humanity and the Individuated Soul that will be named by parentage.
  2. Tzaddi translates as “Fish Hook” and reveals each soul is always fishing and hooking into the memory of its Divine Self. The Celts find Fish to mean “All Knowledge.” Christians find Fish to mean IXTHUS, “Jesus Christ is God’s Son, the Savior .” To the Jewish people Fish means fertility, good luck, and protection from the Evil Eye (freed from malevolent experiences). We hook into these attributes when in our Tzaddi consciousness.
  3. As the last word or letter in a sentence, Tzaddi is known as Tzaddi-Sofit. This final state presents a sacred wisdom known as the Universal Soul. Tzaddi is also Tzaddik: The Righteous One. This is particularly seen through the essence of Tzaddi-Sofit. An individual who reveals the Tzaddik quality is humble, giving to all, seen, yet not seen, as they live in unpretentious attitudes within the wisdom that All are the Divine; all are equal. They do not live seeking great recognition for who they are and what they do. They are not living for human recognition but in honor of the Divine in All. Why? Because they are living their Spirit-Soul Consciousness and All is Perfect because they know they are always hooked into to Divine Self and it is that Self that flows, creates, and manifests in thought, word, and actions. How does a person of this regard reach this level of consciousness? S/he enters the deeper regions of the Abyss/All Knowledge to uncover the concealed Holy One. It is within this pattern of existence the seeker is sure to hit emotional rock bottom first, and, if intentful in virtuous living, returns with messiah qualities revealed in their nature. The path of the Master is evident in their living expression when they return from the state of the abyss. The seeker serves and lives the Divine Self. At this point of living, rather than the lost self struggling in the abyss of concealment, the True Self is fully expressed.


Affirmation: I hook into love and open the door to my wholeness. From the Depth of my soul my Master Essence is revealed.

4. Tzaddi corresponds with the zodiac pattern of Aquarius. It is important to recognize this nature is noted within all of us rather than just an individual born under this sign. When we do, we can also realize that this field of energy, particularly in this new year, is offering us the opportunity to raise group consciousness to an exalted state of Oneness. Who I Am–We Are. Self consciousness turns from self-neediness to the awakened state of focus on the need to care for All. Thus, we honor the humanitarian aspect of Aquarius. Aquarius is also a sign of the great researcher, the scientific mind. Will it be the Nature of Science that leads us to new qualities of human living necessary in the healing fields, communications fields, astronomical fields, and more? Will it be the Nature of Science that leads us to greater knowledge of the Science of the Divine? Both, I greatly suspect. Ever more scientist are remarking on their awareness of a greater consciousness – the God Seed/God Particle.

Aquarius/Tzaddi/Rowan also calls us into the realm of our Higher Mind-Heart and detachment from lower elements of emotions that block us from evolving. The need for independence that Aquarius presents is more of a separation from neediness in the realm of hoping someone else will fill us with love, acknowledgment, and fulfillment, rather than freedom from restrictions of society. When we let this neediness of others to fulfill us be released, we become interdependent, interactive, and intertwine our ideas, joy, and lovingly embellish the Good for All. It makes us Truly Happy because we feel the absolute energy of Oneness. We care. We share. We are One. We recognize this within the Chords of Light that are the subtle interplay of Divine Heart-Mind individualized in the Heart-Mind of each Divine Human. In fact, we are aware of the Nadis (trillions+ of light frequencies of the Universal Essence) interplaying in the field of our individuated Chakras. It is no longer a subtle energy. It is the known energy of the Universe.


5. Tzaddi/Rowan is also noted as the Star Card in Tarot. This card is not about making ourselves the Star in our World of activities. It is about our personal light being lit: our Chakras. It is about opening the channel from our root to our crown that allows a vibration of vital health, vital clarity of the mind, and vital expression of the Higher Heart-Mind. It opens the channel of Soul Consciousness to be fully released in the realm of matter, thus allowing Spirit-Soul union in action through the human endeavor of a soul incarnation. The Woman in the card has one foot in the Ocean of Consciousness. She is always connected to the Divine.

As I do every year, I encourage all to enter the realm of your Seven Personal Chakras, clear debris, open these sacred points of light to the Nadis, and experience the Glory of Oneness. How? Meditation, of course. Particularly meditation with a focus on each Chakra.1


6. As we see the correspondence of Rowan through its symbols on its card, there is more to consider. What is highly noticeable is the Flowers around the face of Rowan. Whimsical they may be, but they represent so much more. They do honor the activated light of the personal Chakras. They also represent a Celtic Goddess, Blodeuwedd (Flower Face) who teaches about truth or betrayal; particularly self- betrayal. She also teaches how to align with the Universal Matrix (Nadis) via the portal of higher truth which is gleaned via our Higher Heart-Mind.

Other prominent messengers in the card of Rowan are: The owl landing on the Earth: Wisdom grounding for right use by all creatures of the Earth. The White Bear in the Cave: Awakening and preparing to live the dreams of the soul; receiving a healing; being a healer. The Woman over the Blanket filled with numbers: Conscious attention to soul direction for future outcomes. The Salmon: Constant flow of Wisdom. The White Pig: Our ever present companion, Cerridwen, the sister of Cailleach, guiding all through the shadow into the light of our Higher Self. Stag: interconnection with Spirt. Turkey: something is coming; give thanks for your talents. (Just to name a few.)


Let’s meet the Consort of Rowan.


Urania – Consort of Rowan


“I am the birth of a new world. The gift of freedom. The beauty of Oneness. The celebration of perfection. I Am the free spirit of all. ”

Excerpt from: The Faces of WomanSpirit, A Celtic Oracle of Avalon.


Rowan sets the foundation of Light. Urania activates it! “ the flash of lightning, Urania moves energy quickly through your soul, and passionate inspiration to your heart- mind. She stirs the urging of freedom. She calls you to faith within. She leads you to the age of union and reminds you that all souls are your friend.” Excerpt from: The Faces of WomanSpirit, A Celtic Oracle of Avalon.

(For those who do not know, I do offer Tibetan Chakra Therapy.)

Earlier in this letter I spoke of Urania (as well as Ailm) being related to the “A” in the alphabets of Hebrew Letters and Celtic Letters. This letter is most sacred as it vibrates within the Universal Law of Love. This ultimate vibration of the universe moves in us, through us, and as us. More and more we are called to be aware of it, feel it, and radiate it, as well. This consort of the Mind-Heart of Rowan is the activator of the higher quality of love. It is also the activator of the very stirring of soul individuation.


What are the Qualities Urania offers?


  1. Urania is noted as the first emitting light initiated from Kether, the Crown (White Sphere). It is the Light of Aleph. It is the first Act of the Universe to Reveal Its multiplicity. This light extends to Chokmah/Wisdom (the Silver Sphere) and nestles into the Fourth World of Chokmah, the Manifest World. It is in the Sphere of Chokmah where the initiating idea of “soul consciousness” is created. The seeds of souls are instantaneously released to be embed in the gamete of the Divine Womb (Binah). The DNA of the Divine is in motion. Every soul reveals the refracting Light of the Divine moving through a prism expressing multiple rays of existence. Thus, in the blessing of Aleph, we recognize the initiation of Soul Consciousness and Soul Expression. Urania, like the essence Tav we explored last month, is revealed in the Highest Triad of the Tree of Life: The Supernal Triad. In the Realm of Chokmah/Wisdom, each soul is embedded with All Wisdom. It is time we live with awareness of all wisdom meshed within us as a great consciousness of Heart-Mind. Remember, Aleph is active energy; the yang. It is not passive. Rowan is more passive as she receives the energy of Aleph to direct the purpose of Rowan’s field of consciousness.
  2. As Urania/Aleph, this energy carries the ultimate energy of the Universe: The Universal Law of Love. This is the love we all seek, and yet it is within us and is us. It is unconditional and its vibration is pure ecstasy. This state of bliss leaves all living in harmony, carrying no doubts, fears, neediness, or limitations. We are Divine Love; Divine Love is Us. And, Divine Love is always creating. Urania in Chokmah is the manifesting field of the Creative Chaos of Chokmah. What will you create and manifest as you dwell in the essence of Urania/Aleph?
  3. As noted, Urania/Aleph is the activator of the foundation of Rowan/Aquarius. Love stirs all creation and produces all manifestations we seek for the greater good of self and all. How are you choosing to use Love to create your manifestations?
  4. The symbols of the Urania card represent the instantaneous, free flowing energy of the Universe being presented and present in all beings. The electrical currents allow us to know we receive in an instant. Life is initiated, Spirit is released, the Soul is free to explore a destiny of experiences. Yet, there is more in the electrical activity as it reveals three-in-one: the unmanifest, imminent manifestation, and manifestation. The lightning-bolt presents each of us with a nearly unbearable love and compassion as well as a knowing of infinite power that resides in our Spirit-heart. When we bring our Mind to our Heart and surrender to this broad, ribbon-like ray of light we become love, unconditional love.   As you peruse the picture, you realize you receive everything you need: Base needs (food, clothing, etc.); Interpersonal relationships (all the people from young to old); Everyone is important and each is needed to empower another (young, old, King, Queen, etc.); There is always one to lead, one to be lead; one to create and one to use the creation; one to share and one to receive. And all of this is reversible. The one who receives shares; the one who uses a creation creates, and the one to be lead, leads. All are important and no one stands out as better than or less than another. This is the power of living in harmony in all relationships.
  5. In Tarot, we find Urania/Aleph to be reflected in the Fool card. Again the being we see is the soul free to explore. It has everything it will need, seen by the full nap sack. It has no fear (stepping off the cliff into an unknown, unseeable world). Symbols on the inner shirt are Yod Heh Vav Heh, the Name of the Divine: The Soul is the Divine and carries the wisdom to create as it enters the unknown realm. The Dog is the natural instinct that guides one through life. The many mountains reveals the terrain of challenges and rewards to be explored. The White Sun is Kether, the guidance of the Higher Heart-Mind.


Rowan, without her consort, would be left in the dreaming and planning state, and the state of conscious that is the hoping and wishing upon a star to fulfill soul manifestations in the realm of matter. A foundation is not useable without the consort of action and Urania provides that with the whimsical nature of higher knowing that all is ready to be cultivated and brought into the realm of matter through focused attention, living truth (not hiding in our fears), and knowing the great power of Being is the Source- DNA noted in the very cells of our being. It carries All Knowledge and Ultimate Love. It is a power of the Yang meeting Yin (Active field of the Divine meeting the receptive field of Matter). In turn, we must use our Yin/Yang qualities: receive and multiply the energy, insights, desires, and take action now. No more focus on the past, or the future. Be Here Now. you will then be inspired to take steps to soul-respond and be the Divine Manifestor.

May you  receive  many moments  of instant inspiration. May you feel the blessing of awareness in new ways as you work with the highest intention to Be the Living Tree.


Warm blessings and love,


Rev. Katherine Bell, PhD, DD


~Lunar Phases of Rowan~

New Moon – January 12, 2021, 10:00 p.m. MST
Crescent Moon – Jan 16
First Quarter Moon – Jan 20 Gibbous Moon – Jan 23
Full Moon – Jan 28 (Sun Aquarius/Moon Leo)
Disseminating Moon – Jan 31
Last Quarter – Feb 4 Balsamic Moon – Feb 8

New Moon of Ash Feb 11, 2021

Please know these are not exact dates, but very close.


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