New Moon of Rowan
Feb 4, 2019
2:03:27 p.m. Mountain Standard Time

Greetings All:
I hope your releasing and reversing is in the forefront of your awareness frequently. I also hope your creative impulses are guiding you into delightful adventures. Every day I hope you are discovering a New Light Frequency within you that you recognize is your Higher Nature.

This is and can continue to be an exciting year. I, once again, find the flow of creativity exciting and so joyful I can hardly contain myself. I awaken with the “get up and go” that is the power to absolutely live the joy. (LOL, and I must confess I started a new program this week of a delightful protein drink that is also boosting my energy.)

Enough about me, let me move into the exciting “we” as the New Moon presents even more wisdom for using the three states of consciousness. Rowan is a powerful quality within our universe and, of course, within ourselves. As we work with the power of the Divine Feminine, Rowan is a reminder of how to blend our masculine intellect with our feminine intuition. Bringing both together provides us with intelligence! Of course, this is another reminder of forming the state of Union within our selves that bring the greater blessings of harmony. When we use our awareness, we are able to bring our level of intelligence into our Higher Mind, our Transpersonal Self…a quality of Rowan. As noted in our letter last month, we are at choice to purposely work with our Cognitive (intellect), Subconscious/Unconscious (intuition) and our Supernal Consciousness (Divine Intelligence). Rowan’s energy is a great power for mastering this trio, especially if we reverse the trend of believing we are less than the Holy One.

Below are the notes of three stages of consciousness we will be using during this lunar month. Be sure you are allowing yourself to let go of just using the intellect, look inward to the powerful energy moving through your subconscious/unconscious self, as well as your dynamic state of being in the Presence (Supernal Consciousness) of the Holy One. Let the three states of you reveal rather than you direct an expected reality of these states. When you learn from these qualities of consciousness, then direct your conscious mind to focus on changes that need reversed and transform them with your intention to know the Higher Truth within you.

Our goal is to reach our higher states of consciousness and this lunar cycle aids that reality. Neuroscientists have found another quality of our Supernal Consciousness and it is called the Gamma State. Below is chart of the brain waves of each state and some data of what occurs when we are within the brain cycles of each level. Ultimately these frequencies are the driving energy to help us gain higher wisdom of who we truly are. Take time to do your own research of these qualities. Research is an action of Rowan and Urania.

Rowan – the Foundation of Cognitive Awareness
Rowan initiates awareness in the realm of our cognitive, beta realm of
thinking. As well allow attentiveness to the function of our mind, realizing how it works in focus or strays, we can take charge and direct a frequency of Transpersonal Focus in our daily reality.

Rowan dictates an energy that calls for clarity via the pathway of truth.
Energy that streams the frequency of a higher mental capacity that is open to Universal thinking. In the stream of strength in Rowan, we can be very much in alignment with the Divine Mind; unless we betray ourselves. How do we do that?

With the essence of Rowan, we can take on the challenge of believing in falsehoods. We may believe we are not intelligent enough. We may look into life with Rose Colored Glasses and believe that everything is great and good without assessment of what is on our path, who is on our path, and how are we assessing the higher good for all. Rowan carries a blessed power for the
highest good for all–a power of working together. However, if we “think” we are on our right path, with the right people, experiencing the right events without doing “right assessment,” we may come further down the path and discover truth has not prevailed and wisdom has not been rightly used.

Ouch! We may then take on an attitude that keeps us on the challenging path without making changes, simply living through and hoping for a more positive events to occur. We won’t take responsibility to transform and transmute. This is self betrayal. It is also a betrayal to others, our jobs, or other realities of our existence.

Oh, my. We then must use the greater frequency of Rowan that calls for attentiveness, honesty, and clear decisions made without judgement of self or others. It is a time to live in the field of Detached Compassion that allows unconditional love and purpose to exist. Rowan does offer this blessing, particularly when we take off our Rose Colored glasses.

Thus, the foundational cognitive consciousness brought forth by Rowan is the power to clearly understand our mind and how it can drive or abort our inner awareness. Rowan is a power that allows us to focus on the future through a state of clear planning. Setting the goals with a knowing there are stepping stones to follow to reach any and all goals is a benefit. Sometimes a goal is met in days. Other times in weeks, months and years. It does not matter in the power of Rowan. What matters is conscious awareness with an intentfulness that is clear and full of light that guides the greater intention of our journey.

Living in the conscious power of truth allows us to reverse trends that are false and end self betrayal or betrayal to others. Living in the power of cognitive clarity, we can most definitely reflect the Divine Intention to manifest on all levels, that which is for our greatest good. This, of course allows us to reverse trends of limitations and brings us into a greater interaction with our creative knowing, drive, and production of positive outcomes.

When we are in this state, we are in the best place to truly formulate our Vision Board. Thus, if you have not started creating a vision board, do so this month. Allow yourself to work with the three states of consciousness to help your cognitive awareness grow in the strength of the higher truth of your self and your life path.

There is a blessing to aid us in remaining cognitive this month. It is the blessing of the Universal Law embedded in the vibration of Rowan. It is the Law of Illumination and Luminosity. Most of you know that is the power of release the energy and light frequency of our Chakra’s. Meditation on the Chakra’s, following the blessings of Tibetan Chakra Therapy, and other modalities can aid you in aligning your Chakra’s. Here is a familiar list (I post it every year). Take time in meditation throughout this month to honor the Light Emitting Frequencies of your Chakra’s.

Chakra Awareness reported in lunar month of Rowan, 2019:
Rowan calls for us to particularly focus on our 7 personal Chakras so we may keep them clear, receptive, and active, not bogged down in fear or feelings of incapability. To work within our Chakra fields aids our ability to notice when we are in challenge or in a state of clear action that each field provides in the healthy and vital unit of our self in relation to our Divine Self. Here is a reminder of the blessings of each field of the 7 personal Chakras:

Root Chakra: Light of Living in Matter. The field broadens and the Light directs every manifestation you are to experience throughout the year.

Sacral Chakra: Spiritual urges so intense it feels like sacred intercourse with the Holy Spirit. It creates a desire to follow the devotional intent to fully focus and create outcomes of soul purpose.

Solar Plexus Chakra: Divine urge to take action with desires, fully knowing they are sanctified by the Holy Spirit. Her ideas flowing through each of us are to be fulfilled.

Heart Chakra: Divine Glory, blessings and the loving desire to fulfill the Dreams of Source through our individual qualities. A softness that lives out these dreams with the devotion to live them in saintlike respect to the Holy Spirit.

Throat Chakra: This Chakra expands with the vibration of Sound of the Holy Spirt. Her words creating “right speaking” to all we talk to and will blessed vibrations coming through the tone and timber of our voices.

Brow Chakra: Clears personal mind and illusionary visioning and thinking. Ability to know the truth and focus on the truth in action in all that we think and do. A more centered mind of intelligence and intuition.

Crown Chakra: A light of Glory flowing through whole being. The power and wisdom of the Holy Spirit glorifying every cell of our human body/human experience.

As you continue this year’s work with Rowan, I encourage you to create an Affirmation that confirms your clarity and awareness is constant and a blessing.
Your Affirmation: _________________________________________________________

Urania’s Active State of our Cognitive Consciousness
Ah, this partner of Rowan is a great stimulus for our cognitive awareness. Urania activates the wisdom of clarity each moment; actually, perhaps a femtosecond (one-quadrillionth of a second). Spontaneous wisdom can flow when we choose to use the deliberate focus of Rowan. The foundation of focus allows the flow of insight to move with clarity moment-by-moment. Instantaneously, the power of Urania brings forth new, unique, and even unusual ideas that we can focus on and cultivate into our daily living as creative beings.

The gift of Urania is most noticeable when we have reversed our trend,
consciously, of being limited in any form. This blessings opens our awareness to fresh ideas that inspire our actions. We spontaneously move forward with complete faith and conviction.

As you view this picture of Urania, you can see quite plainly that “there is more than enough.” Plentiful images reveal this. The symbols fulfill a message of the universe that we have

As this is the field of “either/or” in the essence of Hawthorn’s existence of the Subconscious/Unconscious, we may receive a quickened feeling that immediately stirs a choice. Will it be positive or will it be the challenges of imprinted memories? The answer depends on our will to choose to be alert and awake to the True Will of our nature. However, we can know when we are dancing in a challenge because our I mind spins and spins and spins. No clarity exists and decisions often create further disturbances.

In the cauldron of our subconscious have we created the way to release limited and challenging beliefs? Have we stirred in the power to evolve without personal judgement? Does the ingredients of our subconscious encourage the open awareness to our soul conscious through our free will to choose?

Yes, we must understand our great power to make choices by noting the impulses that rise from our inner thoughts and feelings. Urania brings them forward so quickly we may not recognize them. In our subconscious level we must be continuously vigilant and realize when we are quickened by memories of destruction so we may immediately transform them; ultimately, transmute them.

Our inner consciousness is the fertile ground of creativity, thus whatever we have planted within it, the power of the spontaneous action of Urania will immediately help it grow. It is up to us to make the choice to keep the memory bank clear of negative beliefs. When we do this, we open the door to the unconscious fertile ground of our soul and the vibrant energy of Urania brings forth the universal wisdom to create the intentions we were born to cultivate and experience in this lifetime.

The Universal Law of Love in the form of Urania will aid in our love of growing the seeds of our soul or the mysterious love of continuous challenges. What is your choice?

Ivy is the Foundation of the Supernal Consciousness of Rowan Cycle
Rowan is a power of truth, light and the Transpersonal Region of
Consciousness. It is the vibration of attraction and action of the Divine Mind to impulse our personal reality. To aid this power of Rowan in the essence of Ivy which is an immediate flow of incredible intention To Be!

In this Supernal Consciousness of Rowan lies the perfect essence of the intentions of the Holy One—The Law of Cause and Effect. The Holy One activated Itself in a Causal way to initiate Its Allness into multiple existence. In this way, the Effect is Universes, Galaxies, Stars, Planets, and Solid Matter of expressions of Itself. The Holy One chose to embed the Law of Cause and Effect into the individuated qualities, thus giving us (an individuated state of the Holy One) the power to use causal energy to create and effect in our lives in this realm of human existence.

Again, realizing that our subconscious is the part of our inner essence that corrals our experiences in life and sets them up as memories to be used, we must use the potent power of this years messenger of Plutonia, and transmute memories of limitation, fear, or false perceptions that hold us back.

Hawthorn is an energy of the sacred imprint of existing with Free Will and Choice. It presents us with the will to choose. If we are glued consciously and unconsciously with the memories of limitations, belief that we “can’t have,” and the instance of incapabilities, we will not free ourselves to the choice of using the Will to Be the Abundance of the Universe. We must let the Sun shine in and reveal the Light of Truth that Rowan presents, allowing us to reverse trends and hang upside down on that Yew Tree for a while, so we may learn of the power of the Hawthorn Tree. We have the power of Choice!

We can choose to use the liabilities of limitations or we can choose to use the power of recognizing our subconscious is filled with impulses that reveal possibilities, opportunities, and abundant choices that can fulfill our life and bring us joy. As our Subconscious receives personal events and creates memories, then we can use the blessings of Hawthorn to create the choice to find the positive memories and knowing how to communicate to our cognitive state the blessings of creative and abundant opportunities. These opportunities lay in a fertile place to be cultivated and brought forth.

In the Unconscious level of our inner being we also know it contains the power of our soul. During this lunar cycle, we have the blessing to choose to listen to the frequency of our soul and have a dialogue with it. Hawthorn provides the stage for a dialogue as it is the basis of communication. We can experience the soul oration of the desires to be fulfilled in 2019. We can form a dialogue through our inner presence to discover what is being communicated and join in the discussion through our will to choose to listen to our inner most soul intentions. Recall in our discussions in the lunar cycle of Birch, we spoke of the number 20 relating to Plutonia and the Law of Soul Evolution, while the number 19 relates to Suil and the Law of Regeneration. Our soul voice, through the power of Rowan and the assistance of Hawthorn, is reminding us that it is time to move in our evolution and regenerate the light of our soul by choosing to listen and allow soul thoughts to surface into active feelings calling us to cogitate on its wisdom and readiness to evolve. With the connection to the number 12, it is a blessing of our soul that know the power of reversing limited trends, for it knows exactly how to reflect the glory of the Divine that is within us/is us. With the 3 of the year, our soul encourages our imaging mind to see the blessing of Divine creativity expressing through us. And once again, through our Free Will to respond to the soul, we shall manifest the great abundance that is intended to be utilized in the realm of our life.

Urania’s active state in our Subconscious/Unconscious
The excellence of the Unconscious, is an activating quality within us that releases the dynamics of the Divine Mind and stirs the quest of our soul. However, before working with that state of our inner being, let’s begin with our personal storage of wisdom or challenges in the subconscious.

Recall, the dynamics of Subconscious is the storage house of what we imprint as we grow through this lifetime. Memories are used and often feel like “true intuition.” Quick responses occur with Urania. Abundance is recognized, shall we allow awareness to occur in our daily experiences of the Subconscious/Unconscious.

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