I usually feel that individuals who read what I write and are of “like mindedness” are always aware of the guardians, angels, masters, and the Holy Spirit giving us a hand as we traverse our Earth life. So, why right an article like this? Yet over the last several months the guardians I work with keep urging me to talk about the connection between Matter and Nonmatter and how important it is to remain aware of this and keep it active with sacred intentions.
Of course, I asked, “What is it you would like me to say?” I also asked, “Why is this so important?” Answer have arrived in many ways and often. In this article, I cannot bring them all to text, but I hope the view of the guardians helps everyone. Thus, allow me to tell their story and wisdom. Of course, Malachi-Mohad offers much, yet the Grandmothers whisper, guardians from many dimensions send their wisdom, and the Holy Spirit offers Her blessings through it all.
“We are of the worlds you do not see through human eyes. The dimensional wisdom we offer are wave-forms that assist you in many ways. Humans are in great need of inner peace and we offer tension reduction. Humans need healing of their bodies and we offer the vibrations of healing that restore bodies to the core of their Source DNA. The living creatures of the Earth are in need of peace in order to discover that everyone is of one Clan of Human existence and are all existing to aid the balance for all others. Every animal, plant, and mineral are in need of the Human balance of their Minds, Emotions, Ego, and Body so they may unify the Spirit of their being and the Soul of their intentions. All are Divine Sovereigns that are called to rule with Divine Awareness in order to bring peace and harmony to the Earth. But Earth beings are tilting toward forgetting rather than remembering the essence of their own sacredness.
“It is very important in the here and now! The Holy One has called to each soul to allow the Great Changes to occur, but they cannot be done without Spirt-to-Matter and Matter-to-Spirit connections. Clearing and purging is a process, not a destruction. Destruction is the event of holding on to what has to clear and purge and living in the fear of transition. Fear causes the mind and heart of humans to remain more greatly focused on the singular realm of human living and wishing the heavenly realm of wholeness would rescue all from the crises. One either takes the hand of the Holy One or holds the hand of fear and destruction. We find more holding the hand of fear and destruction as they believe they can do nothing to create changes of peace and harmony, health and creative vitality, love for one another, and wisdom in transmuting the Earthly existence into a new realm of balance.
“The people of the Earth are forgetting the Way of the Journey. They forget that each person is a Shaman, that each individual is able to reach into the realms beyond Earth and use the Great Mind to discover the new processes of healing and worldly development that create the harmony for all. Many of the people of the Earth are choosing to pray without connection, affirm without feeling, and hope without taking their part in the power of balancing. There are even more who do not pray or call upon the realms of wisdom, who believe only in their human existence, and disconnect from affirming life as a sacred expression.
“Millennium of time and your history help you learn how you slip away and forget, then return and learn, and slip away and forget. Let us explain. Ancient civilizations choose to connect to the guardians, to the Holy One, and to supreme beings of different energy forms for living. In your language of today, they are called Gods and Goddesses, fey, elves, gnomes and more. When that was no longer was stylish, Angels became their names and the other names were to be thrown to the side and the only connections with them came through fairytales. Fairytales were told in ways that were to aid imagination, yet at the same time to let children believe this wisdom was not true. Angles were used for a while, and then set aside as though only the Muslims, Hebrews, and the First Christians, known to you as Catholics, could call upon them. Now, few allow their self to consider the existence of the helpers of the Holy One.
“Whether you want to call the existence of Souls in other realms and dimensions Angels, Gods and Goddesses, Saints, Guardians or the wee ones of the ancient times does not matter. We simply want you to know that we are all souls, as you are. We are all aspects of the Holy One, as you are. Some of us have been called by names of Gods and Goddesses, Angels and Fey, and all names given to the guardians existing in ‘Other Worlds.” We have evolved into realms of wisdom and the blessings of using the field of energy of the Holy One to aid the existence of our “family of souls” living on Earth and other realms of the Universe. However, we live by the Rule of No Interference. We must be called upon to help least we interfere with your free will. We must be called upon or leave your realm to care for those of other areas of existence.
“As humans forget to call upon us for various and sundry reasons, our energy is called in other directions of the Universe. The stream of light waves weaken from our realm to yours. The conduit of communication is restricted. It is the way of the Universe as the Law of Avoidance is being used by human beings. As avoidance of universal assistance continues, then the struggles only increase, separation appears normal, and challenges are more frequent than the miracles of creative measures. Your world, thus, turn the challenges into fodder for new developments into the peat of demise. This is when you know you have taken the hand of fear and destruction.
“We call you to remember the Holy One is calling on you to know the Universe is ready to serve you. The Holy One presents all of the frequencies that bring the healing for very specific, as well as broad range, needs. SHE does this through energy waves of consciousness that form what you need. SHE does this through the frequencies of Angels, Gods, Goddesses, Saints, Guardians, Fey, Elves, Gnomes, and other beings of the Dimensional Worlds. SHE asks of your to Re-member the parts you have forgotten and bring them back together for the Evolution of Oneness.
“We call on you to remember we are here and can help you through the Great Change so you won’t have to believe that “something in the human world or Universe,” is constraining you, discombobulating you, or harming you. Remember, there is a clearing and a purging, but it is not destruction and need not be destruction. Set aside fears and know there is a family of beings from the Other Worlds and within your own world of Shamans, Healers of all sorts, and callers of the energy fields to come from Spirit into Matter. Set yourselves into communication with helpers of the Other World, for the Great Changes are the blessings of Transmutation and Transfiguration of the world of Earth; the sacred place of Creation of the Holy One. Use your medicine people, shamans and seers to teach you how to re-member your own shamanic powers. You are very capable of traversing the realms, calling on the healing fields, interacting with all levels of energy and wielding the waves of creation to develop your new world. Keep it Holy. Act with Sacred Knowing and Be what the core of yourself Is.
“Ask for us! We desire to help! Ask for the Holy One, SHE desires to see you in Her reflection, not in the essence of separation and annihilation of the realm of matter. The Ultimate Supreme Being is calling on all to Re-Member Spirit and Matter.”
May this message help you and may you remember. When two or more are gathered with the same intent, the frequencies changes and the transition occurs. Join together and if you desire to join with me, you can do that in many ways. If you desire to join a once a month circle of prayer and energy weaving via internet, let me know! I am willing to guide as well as join you all in the blessings of your personal power to interact with Spirit and Matter!