Releasing the Soul

I must admit I am still behind in sending messages. I finished my book, wrote class material for the annual workshop, and am writing the booklet for the new classes starting in LA. I am enjoying the colorful activity, but I know it puts me behind. I am grateful to those of you who have asked for more of these newsletters. Thank you for your patients.
As I was working on the booklet for LA, I realized I could share a message of the soul with all of you. Thus, I present that message to you. Enjoy this contemplation of Soul:
The mystery of the soul unfolds within us. What is its mission? What is its essence?
The Soul is an individuated light ray of the Whole Universe. It carries purpose into an incarnation as it evolves from Spirit-to-Matter and Matter-to-Spirit. Contemplate its meaning by the use and mysteries within the letters that spell Soul, and uncover this wisdom and more:
Our Soul emanates from the Single Point of Light of the Holy Spirit and begins its journey through many incarnations. Soul knows it must adapt to the frequencies in the world of its birth and it must awaken by cognitive desire of its incarnate self.
The soul carries the power to remember the multi-dimensions of higher existence. It intends to impress our personal mind of its physical experience to learn to see Divinity in people, places, and things through our human eye; which include our self.
Soul intends, through personal living, to remember its connection to Holy Spirit. To recall allows soul evolution to occur. Our soul explores self mastery through its earthly achievements that open the door of awareness to aid its recall of holiness. From a deep memory, our soul releases waves of worthiness and turns on the power of creative qualities to used in our human endeavors.
Insights occur as our soul traverses life in human form, educates through experiences of family, peers, teachers, and a life of self learning. Self awareness leads our personality to explore its soul-self and its holiness in matter. Thus paring soul and personality and forming a union that explores wholeness.
Our soul uses the Law of Cause and Effect to learn how to cultivate true harmony and manifest its desires. Revealed during our lifetime are Soul intentions, encoded in our deep unconscious. The Law of Cause and Effect, or Karma, is the work of our soul to explore events of life that effect every aspect of its being. Karma is the blessing and the challenges provided to encourage mastery. Karma is the grace to see the mysteries of the Holy Spirit that are innumerable and multidimensional. It is the grace of wisdom that teaches us we are not alone and angelic support helps guide each level of one’s evolution as we adapt and realize we are Spirit in Matter-and our Matter quality is just as important as our spiritual quality.
S = Law of Adaptation and Angelic Support
O = Law of Living (multi-dimensionally) and seeing Divine through Human Eye
U = Law of Life Mastery and connection to Holy Spirit
L = Law of Cause and Effect (Karma) and the Grace of Creativity
May you wander with awareness connected to your Soul Consciousness.
Love and blessings,
…Until Next Time.
From My Heart to Your Heart
Love and Blessings,
Rev. Katherine Bell, Ph.D.,D.D.
©2017 Katherine Bell