The days begin to prove we are moving deeper into the darker time of the year. The Sun goes down earlier and rises later in the morning. Humanity has given such a scary message of “dark” that we even fear the loss of sunlight. However, even more so, we fear our own inner dwelling place. This time of year calls us to enter our sacred habitat and it has no light, except what we bring to it.

The lunar time of Reed Moon Mother also causes chills and expectations of challenges. Plutonia, the cohort and active energy of Reed’s foundation, reminds us of the animated dark that lurks with expectations of “tilting” our personal world. We want to avoid the emotions that may erupt our normal illusion of peace. Yet, the power of this inner clearing is strong with the intent to open to the true essential attributes of our self. It provides us with the energetic field of creative wisdom that will partner our personality self with our Soul-Spirit Self. However, we must be willing to let go, release the old, and even go fallow for a time in the dark regions of our unconscious.