Hello everyone:

We have come to the time period that reveals the prominent axis from which all experiences have rotated this year. Many shafts of energy, being both dark and light in frequency, have been revealed. The power of 2020 is in this lunar month of Reed. It is Pluto/Plutonia, the energy of the century, and most assuredly this year. It reveals imploding and exploding energy causing transformation and transmutation. It is a provoking intensity insisting on great alterations in body, mind, and spirit. Those changes are not just of the outer world that we see playing this out. It is most particularly, for every individual, our inner world. Plutonia’s power is known to tear everything down, pull the foundation of life from under our feet, and appear to present us with events the seem unsurmountable. It is an ego-busting, mind-shattering, emotional-disabling, and spiritual- faltering process. Yet, it is the most empowering, life-altering event that guides us into a wiser, more compassionate, loving and spiritual being, if we allow it. We will review and hopefully align with Pluto’s great power as we move into and through the lunar month of Reed.

Reed’s lunar cycle does begin on October 16th when the Moon connects with the Sun. They remain in the sign Libra. However, by 11:06 p.m. Mountain Daylight Time, the Moon enters Scorpio/Reed and likely will cause some deep dreaming as it will glide through the Nadir of the Cosmic Wheel for most of us (4th house). Also to note, Mercury will be in retrograde in Reed, having begun her descent through the shadows on October 7th, definitely retrograde at New Moon. She will be noted as direct on November 4th, but does not come out of her shadow until November 17th. This is a long ride through the dark field of Scorpio for Mercury and thus our mind will be dipping into our emotions and our psyche (soul). May we use this as a positive opportunity, and not be treading emotional waters into the shadow-side of our selves.

Reed’s lunar cycle does begin on October 16th when the Moon connects with the Sun. They remain in the sign Libra. However, by 11:06 p.m. Mountain Daylight Time, the Moon enters Scorpio/Reed and likely will cause some deep dreaming as it will glide through the Nadir of the Cosmic Wheel for most of us (4th house). Also to note, Mercury will be in retrograde in Reed, having begun her descent through the shadows on October 7th, definitely retrograde at New Moon. She will be noted as direct on November 4th, but does not come out of her shadow until November 17th. This is a long ride through the dark field of Scorpio for Mercury and thus our mind will be dipping into our emotions and our psyche (soul). May we use this as a positive opportunity, and not be treading emotional waters into the shadow-side of our selves.

Likely 2 or 3 a.m. in the morning a dream was occurring that was strong, forceful, and was an underworld reality. It was dark, and yet corridors held fiery lights. They appeared to be burning from tree roots jutting through the deep, rich soil of the cavern I was in. They were far away from each other, thus light was not bright enough to reveal the way I was traveling. Nothing was stable in this cavern. The pathway rolled and coiled. There were many turns to take, no straight route. The walls undulated, waving in and out. The Earth beneath my feet moved up and down. I was listening to the Divine Mother, not through a voice speaking in my ears, mind, or heart, but through Her voice oscillating within my cells, stimulating my thoughts, and activating my knowing. She was providing wisdom of my soul, the soul of every individual, truly, the universal soul. Her wisdom was guiding me, us, the entire universe, to comprehend a greater understanding of the transmuting quality of consciousness that everyone and everything is undergoing in this present universal moment. We are changing.  Soul is turning inside to outside.

As the waves kept a massive fluctuation, I realized there was a powerful gift and opportunity to gather sacred knowledge being offered. I recognized The Universe is causing an incredible understanding within us of the power that we can use as we advance in our evolution. I came to a realization that She was providing me information to be shared with the students of the Faces of WomanSpirit; with all people who are moving into and through the wisdom of soul awareness. In fact, as we comprehend the process in which changes are occurring we will and are advancing consciousness to an increased quality of being who we truly are, and in full awareness. SHE was revealing how we are the Living reality of Spirit in the Essence of Soul using the realm of Matter to

Be; and no longer to forget or live in constant negative cycles of separation of our wholeness. At first I noted this is nothing new; yet something new was emerging. She was sharing a deeper wisdom of Reed and Plutonia. I spoke to Her, requesting how She might want me to teach this message. I questioned if individuals are really ready to go to the place of this consciousness She was explaining as necessary to enter into and live in order to exist in this true quality of being as we evolve in unfolding stages of evolution. Yet, I knew we must be or this would not have even been experienced in the level of lucid dreaming I knew I was in.

I became partially awake attempting to cognitively realize what I was receiving. However, I was not awake enough to get up and write the dream down, nor expand on the wisdom. The rolling, undulations of consciousness were magnetic and kept drawing me to the realm of the underworld. I continued to rotate into and out of the lucid dream state. Awake, I could not claim all that I experienced. I have had to let go and allow the wisdom to flow. I let go to the trust that even as I write this letter, more will come, because I cannot recall all that was taught. It will unfold as it is released within my cells. However, I hope what I offer in this letter stirs wisdom within you, as well as within me.

This I do know, the knowledge given is all about Soul living, differentiated from personal living with our daily desires, dreams, and passions. Within the wisdom is a call, or shall I say, an opportunity to shed the layers of outer beliefs in what we think we need to make our lives comfortable, increasingly wealthier, and enriched in many levels of human desire. What I was learning in this excursion of the lower world is that we haven’t a clue how wonderful we can live when we clear our illusions built as a living truth within our subconscious. Yes, it is a continuing message of clearing the subconscious so we may live within the higher wisdom of the Unconscious consciously.

Does it mean we have to live like the hermit somewhere in the desert or high on a mountain top? Does it mean we have to become celibate, or without ornamentation in every state of our life? Do we need to live in a monastic community or convent? No it does not. In today’s world, this would be our escape route and not the way to allow our quality as Spirit-Soul to explore the avenues of creation and creativity.

It is true that we have to understand how we mostly rely on the physical and outer experiences to prove to us that we are alive, worthy, talented, exceptional, and capable of being seen. These “outer emergences and expressions” keep us from knowing and living our true self. They may seem wonderful when we find them making us feel important, successful, loved by another, etc. But, as many can attest, there just always seems to be something missing. The underlying unworthiness is a bugaboo poking on us at low levels of our emotions and mind, and levels leading to angst and depression because we simply believe we are losing out in life’s opportunities and abundance.

The earthly qualities of the essence of nature or human expressions become more than optimal experiences when we know their Core Substance is Source-Soul, rather than personal hard work. Our physical self is the container that is the Grace that allows the Core’s vital quality to reveal

Its Golden Glow of Perfection by allowing our self to live in the wisdom of knowing who we are. We are the everlasting Spirit-Soul. We are not the Human body, human ego. Need we truly be reminded our physical reality is temporary? Do we require a repeated note to remember that endings are a constant on earth that allow us to cultivate the proliferation of new versions of Divine Essence that are ready to be seen in the realm of Matter?

If I’m making any sense, I hope you are gathering the message of the underworld (the world of the Soul) is that we are moving in our evolution of consciousness into the realm of Soul Consciousness where we can live at a higher order of awareness. Yes, we have to “shed” more of our misconstrued beliefs of being less than the Divine we are. The Reed/Plutonia cycle can help us and the Inner Builder carries a tremendous amount of weight in guiding us through the corridors of the Underworld (also known to us as the Lower World). In my dreams, I was not in the well lit areas of this world, I went further into the left, lower field of darkness and discovered the sensate wisdom, the very sacred knowledge of soul living.

Lose Yourself to the Great Emptiness

The Law of Transformation. This law expresses the potential and power to surrender that which is completed and trigger the movement of energy toward a higher state of existence.

This law indicates Source is releasing Itself into the Individual Soul, as well as into the human body, knowing Source’s Great Work can only be completed by the individual state of consciousness. Therefore, Source Transforms Itself through the individuated self. This law indicates that a birth occurs at a new vibratory alignment with each soul and that which has been hidden becomes revealed in matter. That which has been the dream becomes the manifest. However, before the manifest can come, the dream has to be surrendered to trigger the movement of energy toward the next higher state of existence. Source surrenders Itself into Soul and then into Matter, instigating the power of Evolving into Higher Expressions of Itself!

No matter how we look at it, transformation is a constant reality in the ebb and flow of the Universe. Each day is a transforming day. We have an internal mechanism that calls us to transform, especially when the potential of one level has completed its cycle and must expand to new levels of expression. Only our fears and avoidances rebuke the new states and appear to create static living. Nothing is static, so we are only living in the aches and pains of the avoidance (false perceptions, frustrations, angers, judgment and false justification).

In the challenging state we may think there is no change, but there is change going on nonetheless, as nothing can remain the same (one day to the next, one hour to the next, even one minute to the next).

Reed: Active Conscious of Lunar Cycle – Power of the Law of Transformation

Reed creates a foundation that stabilizes as well as provides the stage in which we act out our realities to express the power and blessings of transformation and transmutation. This conscious state provides us the substance of courage to mentally, emotionally, and physically put to an end to our life as we know it. No, it does not mean that we have to literally die. We truly have the life, death, and rebirth cycle within this foundation. Reed is the ultimate time of the year to LET GO and enter the GREAT EMPTINESS. (Whereas, Ash, who carries the Law of Life, Death, and Rebirth, calls us to let go and enter the realm of Allness.)

Reed gives us the outline, the architectural drawing, if you will, to completely let go of all the conditions we carry in our intellect, emotions, and beliefs that keep us in the realm of a human being living less than the Spirit-Soul we are. How do we see that in the picture? The symbols of the sunset, the skeleton being covered for final burial by the gnome and elf, the reeds that become compost, and the fiery flames on the forehead that reveal purification and transmutation of one’s consciousness.

At the same time, symbols also depict in the architectural drawing what is the continuance of life, as well. The river, the cauldron, the ever flowing water falls, the cycling moon, that is revealing the balsamic level yet will once again cycle through all phases. Of course the soul symbol of the grail cup which also carries the depiction of dying and birthing via the cobra and eagle, the fey that sings the song of the soul, the web of the spider that is built and rebuilt always to obtain and sustain life-fortifying nutrients, and the ever present symbols on the cauldron: the sign of infinity and the spiral of involution and evolution, and the fiery flame over eye and forehead.

Fire is a symbol we can all use to aid the pathway of a greater change within our personality of human needs, as well as clear fears, and limited beliefs. As it consumes wood and brings it to ashes where it can no longer be seen as what it was, we can use the fire of Spirit to guide us in emptying out, yet using the nutrients released in the ashes to rekindle life.

Oh, I know we are good at symbolizing emptying out. We write about what we no longer want to have in our life, feel in our emotions, or allow to be rampant in our mind. We may create affirmations to define what we want instead, but in doing so, we are just filling up our mind and emotions with “more of the same” beliefs of being less than we truly are. If we are Spirit, what do we need to affirm? We already know! So, how do we empty out?

Some of you might speak of “feeling empty” from the essence of being unfulfilled or being lost in the knowledge of how to fulfill your desires and all things you need. Our lack and losses, as well as desires that got cut short by disappointments can surely leave us feeling empty. But that is not the emptiness I am speaking about. Using ancient wisdom teachers, I can share the terms: Be in the Moment. Desire Nothing. Honor present expressions and experiences in a state of gratitude and no expectations. I can also simply say. Be in the sustained essence of No Thing; nothingness. Lose yourself in the Emptiness of this state of being. Practice it without noting time. Flow in Nothingness.

Eventually, Lose yourself to the Great Emptiness. What does that mean? Lose yourself to the Unknown Oneness; to Ultimate Spirit. No Time, No Space, No Form. In fact, at least once a day allow yourself to do this.

What will evolve from this field? True knowing of Spirit and the formless form of your Soul. In the power of your Soul is the incredible expression and expressions of multiple talents to be lived by you, presented into the realm of form, through your personality, and displayed in giving and receiving modalities in the manner of Divine Substance and Abundance the likes you, nor I, can define in our personality consciousness. In fact, when we do define it through our personality, we limit it. We are called to live Spirit-Soul and simply allow our personality to be a conduit not the actor. Let Spirit-Soul act through you. Feel Spirit-Soul using your mind, your emotions, your personality, your body, your life.

Another action to perform: When you are doing tasks of the day, pause long enough to allow Spirit-Soul perform the task. Let your personal self observe.

With Reed, go fallow with your personal self. Enter the realm of Soul-Spirit allowing the reversing essence of Spirit-Soul to express in Matter. Prolific creation awaits the pipeline to be open in order to present new versions of Divine Essence that are ready to be Seen in the realm of Matter.

Activator of Reed: The Outer Partner – Plutonia, The Law of Soul Evolution

As I mentioned in the beginning of this letter, Plutonia is the prominent axis from which all experiences have rotated this year. This energy has been revealing imploding and exploding energy causing transformation and transmutation for all of us. Surely through me, and I imagine through all of you, it is the provoking energy insisting on great alterations in our body, mind, and spirit.

What is so significant in this lunar cycle is to note the Law associated to Plutonia.

The Law of Soul Evolution. This law states that every soul is guided by the Divine Principle of Evolution that encodes each soul with the drive and desire to grow through many incarnations, preparing itself for emergence to its original state of Perfection. Each incarnation allows for experiences of polarities, wholeness, Allness. While the physical world is so dense, not all experiences of the Divine may be expressed in one lifetime. Each soul is encoded to adhere to, and blend into Wholeness/Perfection.

We are not stuck! We are evolving. Even in the shadowy experiences we see through our human eyes, we are transforming. We can aid our transmutation by adhering to the principle of going fallow at the personality state. With the aid of the cycle of this lunar month, and the assistance of our Divine Awareness that is encoded in our Soul, all will aid us to re-member our Spirit-Soul original state.

Plutonia’s message calls us to realize the polarity of shadow and light that provides the excursion through the realm of matter. It is troublesome at times. It is easy at other times. It is always creative modalities being explored through the agency of our humanness. In the picture of Plutonia we also see the boat moving into easy flowing water…the center-point. The return to union of Spirit-Soul and the agency of preparing for the birth of a new state of consciousness in human existence.

To express this teaching in a deeper manner, I will use the Hebrew Letter associated to Plutonia. It is “Shin.” It holds space in two places on the symbolic Tree of Life. One at the very top of the Tree, “Crown/Kether.” The White Sphere; the place of Spirit preparing to move into the polarity needed to express Its multiplicity. It is in the position of Shin within the 4th world of this sphere we recognize the Law: Soul Evolution, as the initiation of individuality.

It’s second position is noted on the path between the Orange Sphere of “Splendor/Hod” and the fully manifest realm, “Kingdom/Malkuth,” at the bottom of the tree revealing the colors of green, russet, yellow, and black. The soul enters the field of embodiment. It carries Perpetual Intelligence (Divine Knowledge) into the containment of the Human Temple, Malkauth.

Shin is one of three Mother Letters. Mother letters are Primary Letters, or Life Giving energy. All letters descend from the Mother Letters which are Aleph – Air, Mem – Water, Shin – Fire. Thus, all life descends from the Mother, the unseeable Great Void. Shin is also known as the Soul Mother, the Shekinah. All Mother Letters are known as a prism: that which transforms The Light into Rays of Light. (Source into Souls.)

The letter, Shin, is mostly seen as a three flamed letter. They represent the three fields of life: Active, Passive and Neutral (neutral balances all existence). This letter is also created by another Hebrew letter, Vav, drawn three times. Vav, if you will recall, means Nail or being always connected to Source. It correlates with the Inner Builder, Willow, and the Law of Life Mastery!

From the Hebrew masters we have more wisdom to interconnect with the gift of Shin/Plutonia. Its first two letters also are the beginning of the words: Shalom which means “peace,” Shabbat, which means rest, Shanna, which means year or wholeness, and Shush, to become silent.

Shin is also an activator of the Pituitary gland and aids in integrating the right and left brain. It stimulates a clearing of ancestral memory, karma ingrained in cellular memory, and ultimately presents a harmony of intuition and logic, so we may raise our consciousness to a higher level of awareness. In this reality, we can use its literal meaning of “Tooth,” to chew on and digest the wisdom of the Universe as it presents us with unfolding knowledge to transform and allow our human transmutation. In so doing, we allow ourselves to move from limited beliefs of human conditions to Spirit-Soul living in Matter.

Shin is the fiery element of the Holy Spirit descending from ITs formless field into the formed formlessness of soul, and the impressive form of matter. It integrates Spirit-Soul and Matter and all circuitry of beingness. It is the Cosmic Fire within and around all existence. The fiery flame is revealed on the face of Reed–the cosmic fire of the Holy Spirit.

This fiery essence is burning out the dross of our old paradigm and we are in the midst of it watching from our human perception. We truly can align with the ancient activator of Reed, which is Marsella/Mars, and continue to use the Single Eye of the Divine to focus on the inner realm of our True Being and aid the purification of our soul evolution: We can let the nature of fire burn down our old roots of beliefs, and lose ourselves in the Great Emptiness.

Shin, will aid our Inner Builder as our Inner Builder will set the inward pathway for clearing illusions of our humanness being in charge and allow fresh nutrients set the field of our soul voice to emerge singing the tones of the Vive Voce: Spirit-Soul ready to oscillate our personal, physical cells into a rhythm of harmony and living in a prolific level the likes we cannot (and, perhaps should not) imagine.

Willow- the Opposer of Reed – the Inside Builder – Law of Life Mastery

Reversed to aid us in looking inward and feel the energy of the internal soul wisdom. Our mind shifts from the outer world in order to recognize the polarity working within. Willow holds the tone and timber of our soul voice.  If we don’t recognize it, or hear it, we become lazy, stuck and stubborn. Set in old ways, we live in illusions we absolutely believe are truth.”  The reversed mode is the prescription (M) for the perfect synthesis of the Outside and Inside coming together to build our reality for 2020.

Law of Life Mastery. The Conscious Mind and the Subconscious mind work together and function in harmony. This harmony empowers and creates the ability to express skill and proficiency in one or more areas of life. Life Mastery is the process of becoming harmonious, skillful and proficient in all areas of Life. The aim of the soul, through the human form, is to Master its 3rd dimension reality. Yet, can we Master all dimensions?

Life Mastery occurs when we create a functioning harmony between our conscious mind, our subconscious mind, and our Superconscious mind. This opens to the power to develop individual levels of proficiency and skillfulness used to navigate our life. In so doing, our human form is able to Master its 3rd dimensional reality and learn more of our multi-dimensional existence.

Willow is, of course, part of the axis of Soul consciousness with the realm of Reed. She is a great teacher of cultivating inner wisdom to be used in the realm of matter. Thus, as Spirit-Soul consciousness is the new paradigm of the higher state of living in Matter, Willow is a great foundation of our inner consciousness this month. Consider this the soil of the soul, rich with the wisdom-seeds of Life Mastery. Mastery guides our internal knowing and enriches our daily activity when we allow no self-illusions to decide how we guide the day.

When we allow ourselves to use the power of Reed/Plutonia to go fallow, quiet our mind from trying “to do, figure out what we must do to achieve, get, and have,” we will be able to let the Inner Master of our Soul Consciousness prepare the soil of our soul evolution. The true intuitive qualities rise as guidance of our personal consciousness, emotional desires, and activities. Our personality doesn’t have to do anything.

In this field of Willow we can rest in our garden of Gethsemane. Oh, yes, I know this is where the Master Jesus prayed before he was arrested and crucified. It is also near the place he ascended in consciousness. This area is noted to be the land filled with Olive Trees where precious and sacred olive oil was and is created. An oil of clearing, purifying, healing, peace, movement from fear, and soul confirming.

What can we clear in the Willow inner chambers? False beliefs of our worth, for sure. Do recall that Willow is a field of consciousness where we can get caught in illusions that appear to be so real we can taste, touch, and absolutely believe they are the ultimate truth of what we desire, need to have in our life, and must manifest. There are times when we are in illusion and from the get-go we know it. There are underlying feelings that keep nudging us to “check this situation out before we follow through.” Then, there are times when we do not feel any nudges. We are so caught in a belief that this is what we really want to manifest or have, that we cannot hear the soul nudge of “this is not the way to go.” Only later do we realize, “oh darn, I could have saved time, heart ache, money, etc., if I only would have paid attention to reality.”

So, what is Willow going to help us with as our inner teacher this lunar cycle? How to move away from the false beliefs that we are limited human beings that can only live according to the script of human dictates. Willow is a bout mastering by listening to the voice of our soul. As we are willing to learn in the evolution of consciousness, we are called to evolve more and more in the awareness that we are Spirit-Soul living in matter. We are the Divine. Thus, we are able to learn how to move out of the illusion that our humanness is in charge of our living and live as Spirit-Soul using our human mind-emotions and embodiment to create a fascinating realm of manifestations that are beyond what we have ever created. We are called to learn that our human mind and emotions are not creators they are receivers. We are to receive from Spirit-Soul, then aid in the building of the inner master by responding and allowing the power of synchronicity to guide the way.

After all, we can see that we are manifesting in ways we did not expect because our unconscious levels of fear and frustrations keep repeating old patterns. Let us Let Go and get lost in the Great Holiness of Emptiness and allow the Creator to Create within us. When we experience the emptiness we are receptors and magnets attracting the Holy One’s Architectural Designs to implode within our container and explode within the world of matter through our field of intelligence. Creative ideas will abound and we will feel the nature of ourselves as the Creator Creating.

The active energy of Willow, Plutonia is the very powerful influencer of our Inner Builder’s qualities of this lunar cycle. Yes, Plutonia is the great imploding and exploding expression. If we allow ourselves to turn to the Shin aspect of Kether while moving through the inner builder Willow, we will also allow ourselves to be “connected” to the Center Point of Creation releasing to the power of the Mother of Love – Aleph in the realm of Air as thoughts, and enter the field of the Mother of Water- Mem, Reversing and Reflecting the Highest Nature of Creation as IT births new realities, while the Mother of Fire – Shin, Perpetual Intelligence birth in us, Malkuth- embodiment, the recognizable state of Spirit-Soul. All will undulate, wave, and manifest through the agency of our human reality with a force the likes we have never known before in written, oracle, or spoken memory. Yet it is our

Will to Be the Oneness that is a call to our ability to say “Yes, I AM That.” Of course, we, the human being, must make the choice to live our higher nature–Spirit-Soul!

May you explore this wisdom with sacred intention, deep contemplation, and willingness to understand well beyond the words written in this letter. As this whole year has offered, we are in the realm of great change. It is a range of transmutation that is inexplicable. I often question, Can we? Will we? Are we ready to Let Go and live in the realm of the Great Emptiness in order to allow the Great Creation to Evolve the New Paradigm promised?

May this month offer you much more, for as you all know, this is the time when we note the veils of consciousness are thin. May we not only honor this, but live this truth in order to maintain the thinness of the veils of consciousness that they never need be closed nor sealed again.

May you form a true relationship with your soul that you may know Spirit and the blessing of the Union of Spirit-Soul expressing in Matter. May your personality be the true evidence of the new paradigm expressing through the uniqueness of your human container.

New Moon Love and Blessings,
Rev. Katherine Bell, PhD, DD

~Lunar Phases of Reed~

New Moon – Oct 16 Crescent Moon – Oct 20 First Quarter Moon – Oct 23 Gibbous Moon – Oct 27

Full Moon – Oct 31 (Sun Scorpio, Moon Taurus) Disseminating Moon – Nov 4

Last Quarter – Nov 7 Balsamic Moon – Nov 11

November 15, 2020 – Elder New Moon

Please know these are not exact dates, but very close.