Hello Everyone:

The corridor of Reed is long. It is dark. Yet our lunar cycle of Ivy taught us we are not alone, though in darkness we may feel we are. During the cycle of Reed we meet the shadow of the year, the shadow of our inner self and the darkness of the corridor that leads us to the remarkable state of our highest nature, and the greatest light within.

As always, Reed’s time calls on us to go fallow and let the fertile ground of our soul-soil recoup from the growth and harvest of the year. In fact, it is a time to honor all endings and praise the life that was. We all know it is a time to celebrate our loved one’s who have passed and the soul’s of our ancestors. Samhain, is the Celtic Festival. Of course, you may find a ritual and the cosmic notes of the month on the website: www.katherinebell.org.

On or around the 31st October in the northern hemisphere, 1st May in the southern, Samhain is the festival of the dead, a festival of remembrance and honouring of our dear departed friends and relations. It is said that at Samhain the veil that separates the worlds is at its thinnest. So our world, the world of Faerie, and that of the dead, blend as one. It is no wonder then that this night has become so wrapped in superstition. It is a night of wonder and magic. On this night the Cailleach (the Crone) comes to strip the leaves from the trees, to quicken the decay of the flesh of the year, so that it may feed the new life to come. We can also ask Her to take the unwanted aspects of our personal year away, so that these too might be transformed. Yet even on the darkest night of Samhain, whilst our minds ponder our mortality, if we listen carefully, we can hear the sound of a new-born child crying for its Mother’s breast, for soon it will be Alban Arthan, the Winter solstice, and the Wheel will turn once more. From the Order of Bards, Ovates, and Druids

I must honor the Sacred Silence workshop we held this month. It was a continuance of clearing and unifying. The women who attended were incredible in their personal work and group work. They defined “blessings.” Their support for each other was beyond wonderful. We all, once again, left the circle saying…. “Best one yet. How can we top this one?” I don’t know, but I can tell you it topped other events by the interaction and interdependence of the attendees. Their hearts and sacred intentions were palpable.
May you be blessed as you enter the cycle of Reed!

Reed – The Foundation of Consciousness for this Lunar Cycle

A powerful state of consciousness with Reed can be incredible when we have done our clearing, and quite frightening when we have not. This field of energy is intense. Looks quite dark, and is! For it is the doorway to Great Mystery. It is first the entrance into our fallow land and our human nature seems to not like the realm of doing nothing. Yet, somewhere in our cellular memory we do know how to move through the cycles and phases of life and trust the power of releasing, letting go, and relaxing into a cycle of nothing. How do we do this in our daily busyness that erases what the core of our being knows?

We create quiet times, restful times, and fallow times. Each opportunity provides states of renewal of our mind, bodies, emotions, and most of all our spirit! Reed reminds us to do this. We can create times when we write in our journals all we have accomplished for the year, what we are willing to stop doing that keeps us devalued, and all endings we know we must complete. We can take time to give honor to our life and what we have sown in our gardens of creativity and what we have reaped abundantly and joyfully.

Reed’s challenge in consciousness is the continual looking and feeling as though life has a grip on us and we don’t have a grip on it. The darkness of our mind can trip us with thoughts and beliefs that repeat that we can do nothing to create positive changes. We are lost in the darkness with no deliverance. Our lower ego fights us with a lack of esteem that has no gumption to make the changes we need…to let go of the fight and surrender to the higher reasoning power of the Divine within.

When we are beyond the challenge and have surrendered, Reed’s blessing is prolific, creative thoughts and impulses that encourages us to thrive occur. Our willingness to transform presents the foundation for new directions to show up. We let go of old patterns, beliefs and ideas that we have truly proven to ourselves don’t work (or we finally figure out they are not working). We are open to a change we thought we could not do and we simply do it.

Conscious Action- Plutonia

Using this action, Plutonia provides us with more than courage. This is the passion of our soul in its evolution. With a conscious intention, we are more than determined to get to the center of the roaring river of our mind and emotions. We want the change so badly, we can taste it! We know we have to make the change and we know the Divine is the ultimate guide. We are willing to cross the messy emotions and the most difficult reality of our life, if that is what it takes. No more wishing, waiting, hoping, or praying. The time of the change is now. The intensity of the desire within us is so strong that it forces the change. We do it!

The Subconscious/Unconscious World of Reed – Ash

The subconscious world of Ash creates the use of illusion. We put on our rose colored glasses and believe we are just fine in our misery. We feed our fears with false perceptions and dwell in the land of our addictions. We remain addicted to living in the manner that harms us, drains our resources, and syphons every ounce of our will power to change. We live in the delusion that our self inflicted negativity is okay to live with until something better comes along….but we have no effort to swim toward the better reality and we have no life jacket to buoy us from sinking to the depth of our own despair.
However, at the Unconscious, soul level, Ash has more to provide us. Within this field we carry the power to swim into the depths of the sacred ocean of consciousness. We have the gift of discovering the cellular memory that has driven us into our challenges. The greater blessings is the swim into our Soul Memory to meet with our higher power and learn of the wisdom to come out of the challenges. And we can do this in the Zen way of Balance: Mindfulness, Meditation, and Devotion.
Of course, we have the action of Plutonia. How will she guide the Subconscious as well as the Unconscious level of the Soul?
Plutonia as the subconscious action may keep us in the jerking waters of distress and the darkness of the deepest part of the corridor of our subconscious. This field of our subconscious will cause the steaming hot fear to overwhelm us. We will believe that the negative karma of our unknown past has stepped in and taken over. Believing we have no control over any outcome, we give way to the wickedness of our emotional corridors and traverse what appears to be a doorless cavern of negativity.
We absolutely believe we are not at choice. We think what we have is better than the unknown future or what we can create. We don’t have the time, the money, the support, the….
Ultimately, we believe we cannot create anything more than what we are in the midst of and nothing exists beyond our misery. Oh it is a wicked, wicked place. Our ego is steeped in discontent and “less than” beliefs.
However, Plutonia at the Unconscious/Soul level is at its highest strength. The Universal Law incorporated in the energy of Plutonia is SOUL EVOLUTION and we constantly make note of Plutonia each year as her number is 20 (20-19 and next year is all Plutonia: 20-20) . Oh, my goodness, the power is the action of the Soul and we can certainly surrender to our soul level! What is within this Plutonia Soul power during the month of Reed? The power to move beyond our fears and transmute the patterns of our life. The power to traverse the dark corridors because we know we have avoided putting light into them by our dodge the search and use of our higher spiritual nature and soul intentions! Courage, fortitude, and inner knowing that we can choose to gain the wisdom and know-how to traverse our shadowy chambers is within us. The vibrations of Plutonia assists this journey! We have the right to use our gumption to be the persistent nature of Plutonia! We are the one to put on the light in the enclosures of our fears!

The Supernal Consciousness of Reed – Oak

The pronurturing state of Divine Consciousness, Oak, guides us through the dark channels of Reed. Oak’s Celtic name, “Duir,” means Door. As we travel the dreaded channels of our psyche, the nature of our Supernal Consciousness holds us in an All Healing State. This is the Mother tending the fetus of our new self which will soon be ready to birth. All that is needed is already contained within us. We must open the gate of our highest nature to realize it, that is true. However, our work with our challenges, our saboteur nature, and any karmic realities is part of our ability to go learn and then go fallow and allow the seeds of our new creation to occur. The work is the key to unlock the gate. The pronurturing of our true nature is what we can do to get beyond the challenges. Within our highest state of consciousness we know the purpose of our existence and we know how to live it, nurture it, develop it, feed it, and grow beyond every trial and tribulation, growth and development. We know how to dream and live our potentials. We know how to allow our soul to realize every purpose it plans to create and live during an incarnation.

Active power of Reed in the Supernal Consciousness with Oak

Reed, Oak, and Plutonia are incredible vibrations to work with at the Supernal Conscious level. Plutonia is conjoined with the element of Ultimate Creation on the Tree of Life in the Center Point of the Divine Triad, the Sacred Trinity. In Kether, the Highest Point, it is the 4th world, which is called Assiah – the manifest realm. It is the action within our kingdom in which we build our world. We can note that the Divine intended for soul expression as well as the individuated soul purpose to evolve based on the Law of Soul Evolution imprinted in the forth world of Assiah/Plutonia.
Reed, as well as Plutonia are imprinted with the intense creative power of the Divine to procreate continuously and intentionally. Oak provides the container for the development of each creation as well as the gateway for each expression to be delivered and made manifest.
During Reed’s lunar cycle and Plutonia’s role of action with Oak, we can discover the perpetual intelligence of the universe and use the greatest wisdom held within us. We can become passionate about our soul purpose and constant rebirthing of stages of our existence. We can seek to understand the shadow and the light as one continuous flow of passive and active energy that is needed to create anything and manifest everything.
Plutonia’s active blessing with Oak provides the transmutation that can bring forth the true essence of Source (or Oneness awareness) within ourselves. Our blessing is the awareness that we are birthing what is naturally within us, the alchemical process of Spirit and Matter. We have within our individual nature the All Wisdom of the Great Work of the Divine.
Working within the Supernal Consciousness we have the opportunity to grasp the vision, voice, and expression of our soul. We have the ability to know the power of the great unknown can be known. Even during this time of going fallow, we have the opportunity to reap one more thing from the garden of 2019–The Light of Awareness that the Power of the Great Unknown is within us and we are always able to use it!
May you be aware that your darkness is the richness of the soil of your soul, the depth of your higher nature, and the doorway to the Light of your true Eternal Being. May you open the door so you will recognize your true and sacred nature when you go fallow!
May you find blessings in the corridors of your inner consciousness. May you discover the rich fertilizer in the fallow state you allow yourself to enter. May you be blessed by the values of learning of your highest nature through the doorway of your Divine Mind.
New Moon Blessings,
Rev. Katherine Bell, PhD, DD

Download the PDF version of the Reed 2019 New Moon Letter