New Moon – October 8, 2018 9:46:45 p.m. Mountain Daylight Time

From the Underworld to Redeemer!

Greetings everyone:
It is time to stabilize the journey inside. The Autumnal Equinox has passed, and most assuredly the nights are longer. Still many to pray for as earthly disaster are occurring. Storms, fires, and continuous falling back 100 years or more in our social growth. We need to truly work with the power of our Spirit to form the harmony in our Physical realm. I pray that this end-time energy of the next few months help everyone stop clashing with the old and return to honor all life. It most certainly is our motto and I pray all of us keep that Will to Honor All Life in the daily reality of our being.
It is Fall and Autumnal Equinox is also considered the door opener to Winter, thus, we are walking to and through its door. It is a continuous time of letting go, being grateful for what we have, and opening our unconscious to the greater path of our psyche. This cycle with Moon Mother Reed and Plutonia call for this! Of course, Ivy (Libra) is still providing energy as we enter the New Moon. A blessing to help us keep our balance in the dark corridors of our inner being.

During our journey through this next lunar cycle, we will also experience the Celtic Celebration of Samhain. October 31 is the date to celebrate and you will find the ritual on the blog page of You will also find the Cosmic Influence notes on that page.

As we enter the realm of Reed/Plutonia, we are entering the experience of a great and powerful energy flow. It an energetic field that guides and supports us to move through the final clearing of the things we have done this year, while at the same time dropping seeds for our next cycles of existence. However, we are required to truly let go, let the fallow point of our clearing come into existence. It is time to take our brooms and put them into the gear of sweeping out what truly cannot serve our growth and soul evolution. It is time to clear out the old karmic trends and allow for the purest form of Cause and Effect to be used.

Reed – Guide to the Underworld

Oh, yes, now is the time to go deeper into the dark realms of our being. Reed carries the gift and the challenge to do so. The lunar cycle can bring on more agitation and dissolution. Yet its ultimate gift is the clearing that can happen, the resolution of past
pain and suffering that we have experienced. When we use the greater wisdom in the secret underpinning of this universal energy, we can return to levels of our true self that support our life rather than continue the patterns of destruction.
Reed is most certainly another field of Karmic expressions. It is the realm in which we can discover the periods in our lives when certain causal events sent us into spins and challenges that were the effects of being lost in “others’ power,” and not our own. These are times when we appeared to have no control. In fact, it may have been from lives past rather than this pertinent incarnation. Reed is one to aid in the discovery of those lives, if we so choose to go deeper into our own perilous psyche. For we may find we were the victimizer then. We may discover we were a victim and we simply have not had the ability to change the influence of beliefs that we deserved everything we then and now experience. Our greatest focus in the here and now is to realize that we have to continue to dig deeper into our psyche to cut out, clear up, and refresh our darker points of consciousness so we may flow in the river of life with our greatest creative abilities.
Reed asks us to reach in, clear out, and clean up. We are asked to see the dark portions of our psyche as the greatest point to examine so we may turn to the true Light. When we enter that field, we have a flow of creativity for the greater good occurring. Our lives change. Prolific processes of our soul intentions encourage us to act and present positive qualities to our personal life and the world of others. When we enter the true field of the underworld, there is nothing terrifying. We find the secrets that mystics have been sharing for centuries. We find the true and deeper blessings of being aware of the Oneness we call the Supreme Being, the Divine Feminine or Divine Masculine (Goddess or God). We find the true Creator.
Reed tells us to dig to the bones, bury what is false by clearly knowing it has no power, and encourage the new growth of self in the cauldron of wisdom. Yes, by working with the Reed vibration of energy, one can travel the underworld of daemons, fears, and false beliefs. One can be raped by the psyche’s darkness of defiled memories or come to a completely new level of self.
Reed can lead us to the “black hole” of our unconscious. It is so mysterious we don’t know that in meeting this place of our unconsciousness we are at the doorway of a whole new universe of our self. In fact, to do so, to be at this point, we are meeting our Redeemer!

Plutonia – The Redeemer

Yes, this wonderfully active partner of Reed can reveal the power of the Redeemer within us. Plutonia reveals the working of our inner mind that has led us through the polarities and dualities of our existence. She will not only reveal the nature of the blessings of polarities and the wisdom of duality, she will reveal they are the foundation of creation and the power to stir the waters of the great Divine Unconscious state that is filled with the plans for all existence. We will find that the power of duality allows us to see this and that and share with others that appear different than ourselves. The power of polarities allow us to realize that the ability to recognize Yin and Yang is also the power to unify these energies for a greater experience to occur.
When we are in the path of change, willing to reach into the darkness, able to capture the prolific shadows that have captured our imagination and kept us in victimhood, challenges of unworthiness, and a willingness to believe it all, we can turn to the Redeemer within the frequency of Plutonia. We can transmute the processes of the deep psyche challenges. We can meet the hag of transmutation. We can decide there is nothing to fear, especially when we take command and use our higher wisdom. We truly all have, in the corner of the darkest places, the sacred wisdom that we are the particle of a greater whole. We are the master of our reality. We can choose to be the master of transmuting false beliefs. We can choose to be the master of our underworld and get down to the bones of truth. We can choose to be the master of our whole self and find the strength to take charge of what we truly can, our own fears, phobias, and false perceptions of who we are. This is the power of the Plutonia

Reed and Plutonia Guardians of Cause and Effect

It is clear that these fields of energy stir all events in our psyche that we use to be either dark and fearful memories of cause and brutal effects that stop our lives or haunt us for years. Yet, they are both Redeemers. By using the power of Reed to clear out and the action of Plutonia to seek the deeper and greater truth, we provide a new and fertile field to create a more harmonious self. We ride the waves of life in the center of our being, choosing when to use challenges and rewards to stir our strength and guide our higher purpose.
We can recognize that the fear-based teaching of darkness has us all lost in the past, swimming is losses, fears and beliefs in incapabilities to make things different. In fact, even in our language (often said with Reed/Scorpio messages), “We have things beyond our control and things we cannot avoid like death and taxes.” We surely know we will die of our body one day, that is a time scale of our soul journey through matter. In fact, this timing is under our control as we set its frequency before we were born with the guidance of angels and the ultimate Creator. So, it is a choice and not beyond our control. Oh, yes, we do have to pay our taxes. However, that too has been our choice. We have voted taxes into our system of governance. We can change many things if we vote. In the realm of mysticism, we also can change the course of cause and effect, often times called Karma. We can make choices that are the fodder that encourages our positive living. In places of our lives where we have experienced harm from others, we can make the choice to stand up and speak out and not simply accept it. However, we don’t have to swing the pendulum and do the same to that person or any others. We can learn the lessons and live in the power to change, transform and transmute and bring that as the fertilizer for all to use. Ultimately we can use the vibration of universal love by living in mindfulness of the Love moving in us, moving us, and moving through us to others.

I offer an excerpt for Reed: The Faces of WomanSpirit, Sweet Mystery, Katherine Torres, 1998.

Reed – Ngetal

Then the Mother, in Her passion to birth,
Created the powers in the molten earth.

Cycles of life, journeys of the soul,
Life and death, and rebirth made whole.

Fire and water, emotions to flair,
“Learn of the Self Within,” She declared.

“Open to the Shadow, where healing occurs
and the Light is not blurred.”
WomanSpirit, The Goddess so bold,
placed this call within our soul.

Anger and challenges She did see
would bring Her children out of complacency.

Healed and cleared our passion awaited,
No longer would our soles be gated–
From Sweet Mystery~

This is the cycle in the wheel of the year when we are asked to go into the darker regions of our self and heal our fears, anger, and frustrations. It is a time to meet the same old energy that grips our power to be unwilling or frees the power of our true will. As always it is up to us to get over the false beliefs that we have no power. Power to change is embedded in the dynamic wisdom of our soul. We simply have to seek and seek, and seek again until we are willing to give up the ties that bind us in our false beliefs. May you find yours. If you already have, may you continue to create the blessings of your creative self and ability to help others.
Have a wonderful Samhain ceremony and a time of blessing those who have moved into other realms of this greater Universe. May they use the thinned veil between earth and the heavenly spheres and share experiences of the greater whole with you!
Love and peace,
Rev. Katherine Bell, PhD, D., CEO/Founder
SPICA – Way of Light
P.S. For those of you searching for the book and deck of THE FACES OF WOMANSPIRIT, A Celtic Oracle of Avalon, please visit the this link:

~Lunar Phases of Reed~

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