This message was instigated by a student asking me if I would talk about the Rays of Color that psychics see in the aura of another. It is one of my favorite messages. I have been able to see colors in many levels of a human’s aura since childhood. These are Rays of light that reveal their Self Power, their mental activity, emotional expression, physical vibrations, soul intentions, and so on. The Self Power color is often the entrance into knowing and understanding a client I first meet and helping them understand their own self.

The Self Power color is a vibration of one’s spirit that is intended to maintain a vibration throughout one’s life. It carries a frequency of their higher nature and their personality. Today, I am going to offer what several colors provide to a person from their spiritual quality and their personal reality. This is but a tidbit of information. As I noted in the first paragraph, colors radiate throughout the aura and may be more specific to emotions, the mind, or physical needs. There may be a radiance the soul puts out as impulses for evolution. In one of the books I am cultivating, OUR COAT OF MANY COLORS, The Vibration of Rays of Light Within our Aura, I write, in-depth, to reveal the levels of consciousness being presented through the Rays of Light emitted by the Universe and used by us during a life cycle. I not only show what is occurring at the level of the Self Power color, but how each color effects the energy of the mental, emotional, physical reality as well as the soul and ego center. For now, perhaps you will find the Rays of Light emanating from you in this condensed message.
Red: When seen in the aura of another as their Spiritual-Personality field, an energy of a very active person can be noted. Although this color is not seen frequently in this era, there are still souls who will choose this as they enter this realm. It is used to survive, to present a drive to go forward and evolve. A person with this field of energy can reveal them selves as leaders to motivate and activate others to get on the path they need to create survival on personal levels and group levels. They are very active physically. They are loudly passionate (for life, sexuality, and determination in achieving their own success, and more). Their personality qualities will prove to be assertive, outspoken, and a motivator. If they work from their shadow, they are aggressive, egocentric, and disruptive. They speak to others in such an offensive way that others want to stay away from them yet feel their attitudes can harm them in the path of their own success.

Pink: This vibration presents a gentle yet strong personality. The gentleness may fool people causing a need to assist the person who radiates pink. However, these gentle folk can perform actions of self preservation that surprise most. They want to express the need for compassion and the desire to live love. From the shadow of this color comes the impression of care and love, yet they live with selfish motivations often hid from others. They close off emotionally, and can appear business-like, yet cold and uncaring.

Green: This color within a person carries an intention to cultivate their life in such a manner as to develop a foundation that creates opportunities for many. They can be caring and nurturing. They provide creative processes to stimulate value in others. They can perform many tasks, evolve as masters of abundance, and can reveal the power of living from reality rather than illusional practices. Their shadow reveals hoarding, intolerance, jealousy, lack of worthiness, possessiveness, and using others to get what they want. Illusion can create a power of unrealistic realities that they firmly believe are true.

Orange: With this color you will find one who lives on the edge of life. The gift of this is the willingness to take risks to achieve. They show others how to take a risk. They enjoy playfulness, song and dance. They can live in innocence and provide inspiration. Their shadow can reveal incompetence, lackadaisical attitude, inability to focus and make inappropriate choices.

Yellow: This active energy can drive the field of Spirit to higher resources of the Divine Heart/Divine Mind. It can reveal a leader who carries a highly intellectual quality. They stimulate others by what they say, write or create. The inspiration they release create an action, intention, or “aha” moment in others. They are often spontaneous, perceptive and positive thinkers. Their shadow quality brings out a strong lower ego, judgmental attitude, self-critical, fear of failure and over analytical processing.

Blue: Ones who carry this color are often caretakers (nurses, doctors, healers of all types). They live with their emotions in check, revealing a calm and responsible demeanor. They are trustworthy. They wish to make everyone comfortable and are wonderful in being a second hand person to bosses, spouses and friends. They are committed (from a very early childhood) to the Divine. Their shadow is co-dependency and trying to make sure everyone has what they need to the detriment of their own self. Doing too much for others, they leave a legacy for others to believe they are not capable.

Violet: This color vibration is used by the souls of those who have chosen to advance in consciousness of spirituality and live in the Transpersonal Reality of our world. They carry the power of compassionate detachment. They can be caring, but not to the extent of co-dependence for they believe everyone has the power within them to take care of their own self. They reveal the power of independence, uniqueness, and the drive to ascend into the dimensions of a higher consciousness. Their shadow is detachment to a level of non-caring or being unaware of the needs of others that requires their attention. In fact, they can be quite unaware of their own needs (mentally, emotionally and physically). They can spin in negative emoting and thinking. They ramble and reveal the field unfocused realities. They fight through the edge of misunderstandings and the lack of clarity reveals a lack of awareness of truth. They live in the ethers more than bringing heaven and earth together when in their challenge.

Tan: This field is a highly responsible field. It is one that is grounded, focused on achievements, and concerned about family and friends. This being wants to make sure that what he/she does is for the good of all. Practicality and Purpose are good key-words for this color. They are great in the corporate world to take positions of management. They are very good in the world of community development (contractors, community leaders, etc.) Similar to the blue, the shadow of this color may cause the individual to work to hard, too much, and in co-dependent realities that keep family and friends locked up in dependence. They can become sloppy and slovenly.

Crystal: Although this field is transparent, it has enough sheen to be seen and most certainly is felt. Those who are birthed with this field of energy are transmitters of Source Energy as it is to be used by all others. They are a gift to humanity. They will be reflectors of others minds, emotions, spiritual qualities and physical realities. They are deeply sensitive. They often choose lives that carry illnesses (to help the medical world discover healing modalities). They choose life conditions that call for compassion and love. They are bridgers of light leading humanity from one level of evolution to another. Their shadow is the experience of being overwhelmed by the energy fields of Earth, other people, and universal downloads. They become weak mentally, emotionally and physically when they give away their own self and become drained by the energy of others. They must learn to clear their auric field at an early age.

In 2009 a new cycle of energetic colors and soul intention of the universe as well as those souls entering this realm began to occur. Of course, we call them the “New Children.” As my guardian, Malachi began teaching of these souls, he deemed them the Shimmering Silver Pearl Children. Their vibrant souls carry a higher evolution of Mastery and they are hear to help humanity rise in awareness and advance in Oneness Consciousness as we cultivate a new world. Their color is definitely transparent, shimmering lights. Their colors, though written in our language, are not on our color pallets as they are so “other worldly” transparent frequencies. Their silver tone within this shimmering, sparkling lights is a representation of that which will call the Master, Avatar, or Christed Self. It is a vibration that holds their soul intact with their higher purpose while entering the Earth that is so challenged with Egotistical levels of separation.
These Pearl Children are forerunners, helping us turn the corner in our own spiral of existence and evolving soul consciousness. They will subtly, yet profoundly, bring changes to the physical body. They will subtly, yet profoundly, reveal changes of intelligence. They will subtly, and again profoundly, reveal emotional balance. They will reveal more use of the intuitive, telepathic qualities of the mind as well and excel the logical consciousness of our collective field–reaching for Divine Intelligence. They will rely more on Knowing rather than memory. The only memory they desire to rely on is Source Consciousness. They will imprint the automatic mind with Source knowledge versus ancestral knowledge of the Human conditioning. They will utilize the genetic coding of Source versus genetic coding of human bloodlines. These Souls will be moving us through the spiral of evolution of the new coding over eras and epochs. We will live with many of these pearl children in our lifetime and perhaps return to be a part of the evolution by aligning in the patterns of the Pearl Conditions of living in a future lifetime.

More is written in the book, Our Coat of Many Colors. I have written other, more formal articles about them. However, here is a bit of information of the color spectrum within the pearlized field of light these souls use:

Turquoise – Mystic, Healer
Electric Blue – Healer, Community oriented
Ultra Violet – Healer, Global and Galactic oriented
Soft Yellow – Architect, Orator
Gold – Leader (Spiritual, Community, Government), Candid
Coral – Teacher (at all levels), Wise
Pastel Green – Healer, Architect
Ruby – Activist, Leader
Pastel Rainbow – Galactic, Mystic, Dimensional Guides

Again, this article only brings a “pinch” of wisdom of Rays of Color we carry in our aura. I hope you have found a color you recognize within you. More to be presented through the book I am writing. Keep me posted on your interest in knowing more….classes will be available soon to cover the great power of color, why the rays stream through our aura, and how we can be more aware and use the gift of colors we carry at a higher level of our own intentions.