Tree of Life Codes – Your Last Name

Deep within the recesses of your lineage lies sacred wisdom. It is revealed by frequencies of light and sound that emerges in color, sound, numbers, and sacred knowledge within Hebrew letters. All of this is encoded in the soul conscious of the First Born carrying the family name. It is reproduced through generations, and decoded by each family member through their life. Every soul of the family holds a deep abiding need to understand the mysteries of existence, guided by frequencies of the Universal Tree of Life. Each person examines, evolves, and blossoms through everything they do and experience, bringing to light the Family Tree. A foot print is left for generations thereafter.

Dr. Bell presents you with a written report and picture of your coded Tree of Life. You will find it enriching and mystical. Using several decoding methods, she helps you understand your indwelling wisdom. Tibetan Numerology, five major points of your Astrological Chart, colorology, Hebrew letters, and musical notes associated to the Hebrew letters are revealed in your Tree of Life.



Please allow 2-4 weeks delivery time