Natal Astrology

What is the meaning of our life?  Astrologically we begin to answer that question by researching the blueprint of our cosmic patterns imprinted at birth.  Katherine offers a review of the cosmic patterns set at birth.  One learns of their personality, their sense of value and how they handle money.  Relating to others from childhood to adulthood is discovered.  Moving into the world as a team member or one who “goes it alone” is explored.  Education and spiritual endeavors as well as the significant fields of work that inspire soul fulfillment are also recognizable.  Who are you?  Work with Katherine and discover more.

Yearly you can also uncover the progression your soul intends you to follow through a Progressed chart.  Transit charts can assist you in knowing challenges ahead or opportunities to assist you.  The stars in the sky may seem like a mystery, but Astrology holds the key to unlocking the knowledge of energy guiding you.

Please Note: When you sign up for your personal astrology reading(s), Katherine will be contacting you personally by email. She will want to obtain your Date of Birth, the City and State of your Birth, and the Time of your Birth. She will also let you know the date she will begin working on your chart.   She will weave the information of your life into Your Story and present it in written form via a PDF file.  Please be patient…it takes a few days to complete.

Katherine Bell, PhD, DD, is a continuing member of the San Diego Astrological Society (SDAS, and former Vice President), and holds a doctorate degree in Holistic Astrology, and often uses one’s astrological charts in counseling sessions.