God Mantra Class – online class

This powerful mantra is used to unify Heaven and Earth, and thus, manifest! However, it must be used in an exact manner. Feel, Touch, and Sound are very important. Yet, so is visualization and knowing.

In this class we will discuss how to make a deep energetic connection to the inner Alchemist. Learn how to increase the focus of your intention. Enter the power of Sound and the great purpose in verbalizing the Mantra. Refine your use of this mantra, if you already know it!

Are you in need of:

  • A new career
  • Starting a business
  • Money increasing
  • Health/Healing
  • Relationship/Relationship Harmony
  • Writing a book/song/script
  • Finishing a project (home, yard, business, etc.)
  • Something else?

Open the Channel to All Possibilities.

The entire course was recorded live on 8/21/21 and is now accessible to you to watch and re-watch anytime, along with the course content and workbook

Rev. Katherine Bell learned this Mantra over 35 years ago. When applying it, she discovered an incomparable success in manifesting. She has also learned the need to aid people in defining and refining their use of this powerful mantra.