Conception Chart

In the remarkable wisdom of astrologers and the realm of the Divine, the importance of one’s conception reveals another “code of life” embedded in our soul. These charts are proving to be incredibly insightful and each recipient is reporting how they know and feel the “truth” of the wisdom provided. It has been encouraging them to “step up,” with the ideals they have felt, but have held back from feelings of “unknown” origin. Now, they take the chance and step into their deeper knowing.  There is a realization they are feeling a communication from their soul!

Please Note: When you sign up for your personal astrology reading(s), Katherine will be contacting you personally by email. She will want to obtain your Date of Birth, the City and State of your Birth, and the Time of your Birth. She will also let you know the date she will begin working on your chart.   She will weave the information of your life into Your Story and present it in written form via a PDF file.  Please be patient…it takes a few days to complete.

Katherine Bell, PhD, DD, is a continuing member of the San Diego Astrological Society (SDAS, and former Vice President), and holds a doctorate degree in Holistic Astrology, and often uses one’s astrological charts in counseling sessions.